Zimbabwe: Chinese Given White Farms

Farms built up and created by whites in Zimbabwe—and forcibly seized by the black government in an anti-white racist frenzy—are being handed over to Chinese “immigrants,” it has been revealed.

The farms—large-scale operations which were previously the backbone of the Zimbabwean agricultural industry—have collapsed after being seized from their white owners.

According to a report in Britain’s Telegraph newspaper, farms “just north of Harare lie fallow amid broken fences, fields scorched by fires and scarce livestock. There are few surviving indigenous trees as many were felled by new farmers who could not afford coal to cure their tobacco.”

The Chinese farmers, the paper said, are taking over the “former white-owned farms in Zimbabwe to cash in on tobacco” crops. Tobacco—along with many foodstuffs—grow easily in the country’s warm climate and rich soil, but appear to be beyond the Africans’ ability to manage.

The Telegraph reports that the Chinese farmers are investing millions of dollars into tobacco production on farms “that were badly managed for nearly 20 years, after Robert Mugabe’s mass seizure of white-owned land . . . in the hope of reaping a potentially huge reward.”

So far, at least five farms have attracted Chinese investment in the Mashonaland Central region, located to the northwest of the country’s capital Harare.

The Chinese have “poured money into machinery and are taking advice from international experts,” and have become the “largest investor in Zimbabwe, the economy of which is still reeling from the land seizures of 2000 and hyperinflation,” the paper continued.

Currently, unemployment in Zimbabwe is running at about 90 percent and the government is so short of money that it cannot pay teachers or civil servants.

The Telegraph added that “experts believe that the five Chinese-run farms will, despite their limited experience, grow and cure about 1,500 acres of tobacco this year. They said the new infrastructure, including equipment manufactured by U.S. company, Valley Irrigation, must have cost at least £7 million.”

An insider in the tobacco industry said the Chinese company would be paying a hefty rental for the land they are now using to the “political” men who now own the farms. “The Chinese will pay a percentage of the income from the tobacco as rent,” he said.

Earlier, the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper revealed that China had come up with a US$5 billion “financial rescue package for Zimbabwe” to fund agriculture and housing projects ahead of the 2018 general elections there.

The Chinese money is designed to trump the International Monetary Fund’s “Lima process”—so named because it was decided upon at a meeting in Lima, Peru—which aims to provide Zimbabwe with US$2 billion in aid to “clear its creditors.”

According to the Zimbabwe Independent, the Chinese bailout was consolidated recently when President Xi Jinping made a two-day stopover in the African country on his way to the China-Africa summit in South Africa.

“Diplomats say like the Western package which underwrites Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ascendancy, the Chinese deal also has political agendas. It is largely designed to shore up First Lady Grace Mugabe and her Zanu PF faction’s political ambitions.”

All of the “aid” packages—from East and West—of course ignore the overt anti-white hatred and violent, murderous racism of the Zimbabwean government.

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  1. Our wonderful David Camoran gave millions to Obama to give the chinese for this project. Britain would be more wealthy now if our evil governments stopped giving tax payers money away including 65million to ISIS in Syria. What a disgrace these alleged elite are and poor excuses for human beings.You can see why they did away with the traitor laws.

  2. Yes exactly WM. The Chinese have no qualms about firing automatic weapons into every last one of the stupid black idiots who thought whitey was so evil. And when they are in business with the Chinese they will look back fondly at all the whites who were so solicitous for their rights and welfare, even though they were useless at farming.

  3. The hordes of Africans that the Chinese need to get rid of are currently invading Europe along with hordes from the Middle East.

  4. The problem is they are all coming here. I think it leaves no doubt what out governments intentions are towards us native brits.

  5. The Chinese government has stated that they need to get rid of hundreds of millions to relieve overcrowding on the mainland. And the Chinese are anything but politically correct. The Chinese killed more than 50 million of their own under Mao, and the Chinese are some of the biggest racists on the planet. The Chinese won't hesitate to destroy any Africans in the way of land and resources. The Africans deserve what happens to them!

  6. Chinese are not whites, if their businesses are affected they will kill half of the population and Zimbabwe and the rest will comply.

  7. that's the way to do it. white liberals got what they asked for, i.e. equality, freedom, education for the people who were not ready for it. Chinese are much more pragmatic, get profits, share a bit with top degenerates and starve the rest.

  8. Ultimately they had to get someone in there who could take the deserts that used to be richly-productive farms, and get them producing again. They hate whites too much to call in the ultimate experts, so the Chinese are invited in.

  9. The Chinese are buying up property all over Africa. They may well be more successful than white settlers as they take the precaution of bringing their own security. I think Chinese paramilitary guards will be more than a match for the locals!

  10. It's just a matter of time before the blacks revolt against the "racist" Chinese as well, violently take the farms back, and end up starving again, because of their own inferiority. Africa should be abandoned by the First World and left to it's own devices.

  11. Before Mugabe, the country supplied many other countries with the food they needed in whatever shape or form they grew. Because there's no oil, no-one did anything about it, not the UN, the EU so there are many questions about what constitutes a crisis that needs outside intervention. The Chinese should be very, very wary, because history says that their security should not be taken for granted.

  12. Pffft….how long will it be before locals say they're taking it for themselves & are "colonialists"?

    White's were more considerate to the needs of the blacks, but as far as the Chinese are concerned, they'll make them for every penny…they won't care if the blacks stay poor & starve.

  13. No doubt this will be a re-run of when white Europeans ran the farms there very successfully and the country`s economy was thriving. Then the blacks decided to take over `their` land again but as time proved – they destroy all they touch and ran the country into the ground yet again. They are totally incapable of creating and / or maintaining a successful economy.
    The Chinese would do well to think long and hard before committing themselves and getting their fingers seriously burnt . Far too risky a project …. learn by the mistakes of others.

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