Zimbabwe Develops Helicopter

It is little known that an engineer in Zimbabwe built a helicopter in 1994. The incredible aircraft was tracked down and revealed to the world by a news team who put together this report:


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  1. With such a highly developed mind, this brilliant man will surely be snapped up by NASA, if not the Russians or Chinese.
    Therefore I have sent him my life savings of 1,000,000,000 Zimbabwe bongos.
    Onward and upward African technology.
    ‘Per Ardua ad Disaster,’

  2. If this was a spoof it was great, and if sincere even greater! Calling that guy an ‘engineer’ is like calling Koko a linguist!

  3. China this what you are investing in……ha,ha,ha,ha,ha ! Remember China they are killing off all white owners so how will you differ if they remove even the Chinese efficiencies. Zimbabwe is just another nation moving backwards with time.

    1. which proves a statement that blacks do no like to acknowledge RACES DO NOT have an equal capacity to do certain things there are certain area’s that one race will outshine another in certain traits have a genetic side to them which some races have more than others like it or not there are genes for pretty much almost anything as much as negroes hate to admit this if they have a good look at the modern world and the way it has evolved over thousands of years they will find that none of it resembles them in any way shape or form neither does it depict them

  4. also neither did they have any kind of footprint that eventually contributed to the modern world left to themselves the jungle grow back Zimbabwe is not the first case of this the blacks were given a lot of support to uplift themselves and develop separately they THREW that away the moment they decided that Ian Smith wasn’t good enough for them and just to give you guys a good idea about the wonderfull things the Rhodeisan Government did for them click on the website http://www.rhodesia.me.uk/

    1. Interesting read. Rhodes today is hated with a passion, which merely proves that teaching and learning are retrogressing, a man of his time, and for his time, surprisingly not racial prejudiced. Thanks, Mike ( Ex-Pom in Tasmania)

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