Zimbabwe Election “about White Domination or Moving Forward”—Cabinet Minister

The Zimbabwe general election, held yesterday, was about preventing “white domination,” according to that country’s incumbent “indigenisation minister,” Saviour Kasukuwere.

Speaking to the media prior to the opening of the polls, Kasukuwere also announced his plans, once his party is re-elected to office, to “intensify” the program of “indigenisation” to take over “controlling stakes in banks and other key institutions.”


Kasukewere dismissed arguments that massive nationalisation of private businesses would destroy what remains of the Zimbabwean economy.

“The capital will flow to Zimbabwe, because capital needs a home,” he told dpa (German Press Agency) in an interview.

“We have lots of new transactions coming in,” he said, giving, however, no details of where these investments are coming from.

Earlier, official economic figures showed that three-quarters of all foreign investors, who had remained in Zimbabwe, had left during the first half of 2013.

Zimbabwe has fallen from one of the most stable and wealthy African nations to one of the poorest. The decline was provoked primarily by a racist anti-white drive disguised as “land reform” started in 2000, which saw white farmers murdered and evicted from their legally-owned commercial farms—more than 20 years after direct black rule started.

The cost of basic foods in Zimbabwe, once a self-sufficient country, remains high and unemployment runs at over 60 percent.

The “indigenisation” law, passed in 2007, requires foreign companies to give up at least 51 percent of shares to unnamed black Zimbabweans.

Of course, the majority of these unnamed beneficiaries are cronies of the ruling elite in Zimbabwe—who have also “benefitted” from the farm seizures.

For many years, Zimbabwe has only survived because of the huge tax revenues generated by the Zimplats platinum mine on the Zimbabwean Great Dyke south-west of the capital Harare.

Zimplats, owned by South African-owned Implats  operates both an opencast and an underground mine at Ngezi—but earlier this year, Kasukuwere brokered a deal which saw Zimplats agree to hand over a 51 percent stake in its company to “black Zimbabweans.”

Shortly afterwards, plans were announced to start a take-over of Standard Chartered bank in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s famous runaway hyperinflation, which resulted in genuine trillion Zimbabwean dollar banknotes, became a mockery of the nation until the local currency was officially abolished in favour of the US dollar and the South African rand—which are now both the only official legal tender in this smashed country.

Kasukuwere told dpa that the July 31 vote was “fundamentally a question about indigenisation. It is a choice of allowing for white domination or black control and moving forward.”

Any white politician anywhere else in the world would, of course, be castigated far and wide for making any similar reverse comments—but the controlled media works according to a double standard which means that the “racist” smear is only used against whites.

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