Zimbabwe Farm Eviction: No Outcry

The violent eviction of yet another white farmer from a farm in Zimbabwe has proceeded without a murmur of protest from any of the world’s governments—in contrast to their hysterical response to any act which can be used to condemn whites.


White farmer Rankin watches as a Zimbabwe police track carts away his furniture.

As reported in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, a white Zimbabwean farmer, Phillip Rankin, was handcuffed and dragged off his farm by police in order to make way for the farm’s new owner, one Sylvester Nyatsuro.

What makes this eviction even more striking, is that the new owner is currently living in Nottingham, England—running a medical practice specializing in weight loss procedures. Nyatsuro is also apparently a dual national—holding both British and Zimbabwean citizenship, having been resident in the UK since 2002.

At dawn last Friday, the Telegraph reported, police dug their way under the fence around the Rankin’s homestead, and banged on the side door, telling Rankin that they would force their way in if he did not open the door.

Eventually he let the police in, who proceeded to take all his furniture outside the house and loaded it onto trucks, then drove away.

As Rankin was getting into his vehicle, more police grabbed him, dragged him out, handcuffed him, and drove him to a police station nearly 60 miles from the farm.


The new owners of the farm, Nottingham, England, based doctor Sylvester Nyatsuro and his wife.

According to an October 2015 report in the NewsDay newspaper in Zimbabwe, Nyatsuro is also a close relative of President Robert Mugabe’s family. This might explain why he, as a Zimbabwean living abroad, has been allocated ownership of the farm ahead of many local blacks.

Land seizures form part of a process made legal in Zimbabwe in terms of a law titled the Gazetted Land (Consequential Provisions) Bill, first enacted by the Zimbabwean parliament in 2006.

That law allows for any land in Zimbabwe to be turned over to the state after being “gazetted” or proclaimed to be state land, and makes it a criminal offence to “occupy or to continue to occupy land without lawful authority after it has been gazetted.”

This law forms part of a long-standing effort by the Zimbabwean government to ethnically cleanse white people from that country.

Rankin had been ordered to hand over the property to the government in 2000, at the height of the land seizures launched by the Zimbabwean government which had destroyed that country’s agriculture and economy.

He has avoided being evicted until now, mainly through a combination of legal processes and sheer incompetence from the black government’s side.


Rankin and his wife with the now abandoned crop, for which they had taken out a bank loan to plant.

Rankin is just the latest of about 4,000 white farmers who have been driven from their family farms in Zimbabwe since 2000.

About 20 white farmers have been murdered and many more assaulted during the land invasions which saw around 90 percent of white-owned farms seized. There are now less than 300 white farmers left.

Some would suggest that Rankin—who started farming six years after Mugabe took power, and, like the first white farmer to be murdered in 2000, appeared to have been a supporter of the new regime in that country—has now been faced with the inevitable consequences of a policy which he endorsed and underpinned for so long.

However, the real issue at stake in Zimbabwe is the fact that a black government can enact openly anti-white racially based measures—including murder—and escape even the slightest condemnation from the US and UK governments.

This behavior is in strong contrast to their policy toward the nations of Rhodesia and South Africa when they were under white control. Although none of the former white governments enacted policies anywhere near to what Mugabe has enforced, both those nations were subjected to sanctions and often military threats.

They hypocrisy is blatant: if whites do anything to advance their interests, they are attacked and subjected to pressure, but if blacks do anything to advance their interests, no matter how racially-based, then they are either encouraged, or, at the very worst, ignored.

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  1. Murder, eviction and nobody mentions a thing, a child drowns while trying to enter Europe illegally the western world goes into over drive with emotion and all politicians trying to out compassion the next.
    I guess the whites are the second class citizens in this world.

  2. Despite having ‘their’ own country of Zimbabwe the natives are still coming to the UK for a better life and making the most of any benefits we have to offer.

  3. Just how does a bankrupt state like Zimbabwe afford to purchase a Scania truck like the one pictured?

    The answer is so-called ‘foreign aid’ money ie British taxpayer money.

  4. Having spent several years of my life being brought up in African countries and returning to my European roots I do know that there are many differences between races that no mount of positive discrimination or attempts at genocide will eradicate. And this is probably the crux of the problem – liberal elites and post-colonial African leaders cannot deal with that reality.

    And when we consider differential human performance we know it occurs all across the globe – and it’s not a black and white issue. What liberal elites do is look at inequalities in outcomes like employment, academic success and socio-economic status. They blame the observed differences on racism, inequality of opportunity or nepotism. However, the underlying cause are well understood by ‘everyone’ which is why we see such violent reactions by people like Mugabe and his cronies. All thy need to do is look in the mirror to see the truth. But unfortunately there are no real solutions as the truth is too uncomfortable but unless the world faces up to it we will never overcome the problems that differential human performance thrust down our throat.

    1. First time in a while I’ve seen Mugabe and truth in consecutive sentences. The Blacks, lead by Obama, don’t actually have to do very much to get rich, merely feed off the self loathing whites who want to throw it all away. If there were an overall God, I’d have to be suspecting that he was bored and exercising his sense of humour.

      1. If we include God in this discussion I think you’ll agree that if he/she created humans he created them with different attributes – for good reason. The whole problem with Africa, in my opinion, is that Europeans introduced modern political economies and infrastructures using their advanced technical and organisational powers. Africans, who had not yet invented the wheel or developed written language in the 1800s, worked with them in a complementary way, and indigenous populations increased dramatically because of modern medicine such as vaccines and the likes of Tsetse fly barriers, introduced by white settlers. African leaders, supported by Communist agitators and their expanded populations, were led to believe they only had to rise up and replace the white populations and the standard of living of whites could be enjoyed by all Africans. Of course we all know what happened after that – The Rhodesian Dollar, for example, had parity with the US Dollar before independence but by 2006 inflation was 1000% and the economy wrecked/currency-less. The demise of Zimbabwean Airways is an example of how incompetence and oligarchic tribalism can ruin once thriving countries (or Central African Airways as its predecessor). Africans and whites clearly have to work in a way that recognises their strengths and weaknesses (differences) to benefit everyone in a country, but I think the African side of the equation cannot work that reality out – one aspect of intelligence is using the skills and attributes of others to further your own position (although acquiring foreign aid from developed countries through pleading poverty and fabricated historical injustice does appear to work).

  5. Soon the farmland will be just weed and the idiots will starve even more, and demand even more aid from us, the despicable whites. And our liberal-left will demand that we pay.

  6. 157/23 Vienna Declaration and Program of Action. June 1993. All people have a right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status, and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
    The time has come to bring to justice those people who see fit to interfere in the lives of minorities and foreign nations, in particular those that violate this declaration. The punishment is obviously to deprive the criminal of all his possessions with the exception of their rights of subsistence so ensuring tobacco and tomatoes are available in the local supermarket. ( 1514(XV) Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples and 21/2200 Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Article 1.2

  7. Vienna declaration is pie in the sky when it comes to Africa. The white population has been targetted for eradication in Southern Africa as well as the Western countries.
    The only remedy is to turn back to God. The alternative is that sooner or later the white races will be subjugated and finally exterminated. This is a simple war between good and evil, as are all the problems the world over. Without God there will be no victory.

    1. The UN has always tried to look after the rights of minorities, this includes a right to their own schools and other institutions at their own expense and a right not to be held in servitude. Trashing the UN and its Treaties, Conventions, Declarations, Covenants and Statutes is in my jargon a Crime Against Peace, Humanity or War Crime and God never set an advised speed limit of 120 km/h in a crowded school playground to distinguish good or evil with regards to throwing sponge balls around..

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