Zimbabwe Tries to Lure Whites Back, Admits Black Farms a Disaster

The new government of Zimbabwe has offered white farmers inside and outside the country a 99-year lease on their properties confiscated during the 2000-2002 anti-white attacks in an effort to restart the agricultural sector, which it now admits has collapsed after the farms were turned over to blacks.

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced that whites will be offered 99-year leases on land if they come back to Zimbabwe.

According to an article in New Zimbabwe news service, the “government’s message to exiled farmers is clear. Come home.”

Government spokesman Basil Nyabadza from the Agricultural and Rural and Development Authority told that news service that “Zimbabwean farmers in Australia should return to home soil.

“We have a lot of capital resource dotted around the world, including Australia,” Nyabadza said.

“We are saying, if you are Zimbabwean, there is now a real opportunity to come back home with your skills and be part of the building team.”

The Government is now offering 99-year leases to white farmers, a deal previously reserved for black Zimbabweans.

Government officials now admit the campaign of farm invasions that began in 2000 was a mistake, the report continued.

“Clearly, the formulas deployed then, left a lot of bad feeling. And more importantly, the intellectual property, left our borders,” Nyabadza said, admitting that agricultural production had collapsed, despite desperate leftist efforts to claim the opposite.

Thousands of white farmers were forced off the land during the invasions, and several were murdered by the black mobs, motivated by an anti-white bloodlust.

“Agricultural production dropped dramatically and the nation once regarded as the bread basket of Africa struggled to feed itself,” the New Zimbawe continued, adding that the “farm invasions have continued over the last 18 years and [new president] Mnangagwa was part of the government which allowed the seizures to continue.

“Now farmers who lost everything are being asked to take the latest announcement in good faith,” the report added.

According to Zimbabwe’s Daily News, at most there are some 300 white farmers left in Zimbabwe, down from over 5,000 before the anti-white attacks.

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    1. It doesn’t matter what kind of “deal” they offer to Whites, ownership or not; the black government will NEVER keep it. Don’t do it! Don’t go back! LET THEM STARVE. It’s the only lesson they will EVER understand.

    2. If you were cheated once and lost everything, why you would believe them. What guarantee you have that in 10 years time they wont change they minds again. If they did not have a regards for ownership of land why they would keep their promise. Only guarantee is to have a white government ruling, police and army. Otherwise you are on their grace.

  1. The trouble is that, no matter how sincere the offer and firm the new laws supporting it, all that could be thrown out the window with a change of government in the future, long before the 99 years is up. And judging from other New Observer articles, the reason European farmers were so successful was that they had built up solid infrastructure, marketing and supply networks during their 400 years of farming in Africa, which has now been wrecked.

    It seems to me that Africans would be better off finding their own way, as they did for centuries before the Europeans and Arabic Muslim Invaders came. Maybe large scale agribusiness with international markets is not the best way for them, and they should focus on supporting small scale African farmers and local markets instead. Europeans would be better off returning to western countries to live amongst their own ethnic group again, where they can live without fear, and help westerners kick out our own invaders.

  2. you have to be a real idiot to ever trust these savages again, what happens when there is a new government? you will get murdered again.

  3. The man of integrity who worked all his life, to stop the ‘ you know hu’ from slaughtering Aftrican elephants and shipping them to asia aka b’jing has just been stabbed to death, in Africa . Cops will not rate it as political assassination, but ‘ community violence’. Any white who goes into that continent is a doomed man/woman. All the tribal blacks have been groomed for the last fifty yrs to kill white farmers. So with this new edict – ‘What could possibly go wrong’. ?

  4. Remember what happened in Haiti in the early 1800’s. The natives murdered all the whites, Napoleon sent troops, who were decimated by yellow fever then the remainder murdered. Then the French were invited back to farm etc as the place was going downhill. They went back, sorted out the mess and then 2 years later were all murdered. Look at the state of the place now. Never go back, never trust a dark person.

    1. I wouldn’t get too excited. “Unlike many of the other, more egocentric memoirs written by white Zimbabweans, Rogers’ book captures the rich humanity of the millions of black and white Zimbabweans trying to make sense of the chaotic country around them. His yarn is not just funny and heart-breaking, but utterly engrossing.” – online sales comment

  5. So for decades, and escalates as of late THEY murder 1000’s of innocent whites in the most heinous manners and now they beg whats left to come back!?
    PLEASE dont go back. Let them live in their own, among their own kind and filth. This and much much more is absolute proof they should not dwell among us. And send the “noble” “proud” african terrorist criminal robbing murderous blacks in America and from all white nations there to dwell among their own kind. PLEASE. Invite Sharpton, Jackson, Oprah, Freedman and all those proud multi-trillion dolla truly racist moochers, THEIR KANGZ to foot the bill!

  6. We should invite all white farmers ,to australia,we need these type of people here,they are hard workers,we should open our hearts to them.and help them get started here in australia.

  7. The new leader in South Africa wants to confiscate white farms so thats the end of that country as well, the white Africans will emigrate and the blacks will invade Europe.

  8. The members of the White race world wide must awaken to the fact that the world wants our ethnic cleansing and genocide. Along with this knowledge the members fo the White race must and shall work together for the protection of our race and our people alone. I for one have come to the point that I will only help or associate with White people and only do business with White people.

  9. Let them starve and die over the next few years – accelerated by a food import shortage from South Africa and no UN aid – perhaps in 30 years time starvation, disease and water shortage will return Southern Africa back to its original state – only then, when there are no more inhabitants then you can go back and claim your land back without any resistance, preconditions or government.

  10. According to Jordan Peterson, if you possess an IQ of 83 or less you are of no use to anyone in a modern society. In fact you are likely to hinder progress because you are too dumb to do anything right. This means that 85% of sub-Saharan Africans (Negroes) are of zero value to a modern society.

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