Zimbabweans Trapped in Bangkok Airport

In events reminiscent of the Tom Hanks movie The Terminal, African “asylum seekers” from Zimbabwe have been trapped inside Thailand’s Bangkok airport for two months—because they failed to plan ahead in their attempt to invade Europe, and Thailand refuses to accept “refugees” of any sort.

According to a report in the New Zealand Herald, the family of four Zimbabweans have been living in the departure lounge for the past two months, as they “refuse” to go back to Zimbabwe, but lack visas to either go anywhere else or reenter Thailand.

Their predicament only emerged after a Thai Facebook user posted a photo of himself giving one of the Zimbabwean children a Christmas present.

The post, which explained their situation, was widely shared as questions emerged as to how they had lived at the airport for so long.

According to Thai immigration police, the Africans first entered Thailand in May on tourist visas, which are only valid for 60 days.

After living in Thailand for about six months—illegally—the Africans then decided that they would fly to Spain on October 23, via the Ukraine, where they were obviously hoping to try their luck in invading Europe as “refugees.”

However, the airline with which they tried to book their flight denied them tickets, saying that they had no visas to enter Spain, a member of the Schengen Agreement. A Schengen visa can only be obtained by an applicant in their home nation or the nation of their permanent residence.

As a result, the Zimbabweans were caught out by the Thai authorities when they tried to leave the airport building again—and denied re-entry into Thailand on account of their lack of visas and the fact that they have overstayed their original visa.

An attempt to claim “asylum” in Thailand, based on what one official called their “fear for their for their safety due to unrest in Zimbabwe,” failed after they discovered that the Thais are so dismissive of the “asylum” scam that they do not even have an application process, much to the chagrin of the United Nations and similar bodies.

Vivian Tan, a spokeswoman for the UN refugee agency in Bangkok said the UNHCR was “currently exploring potential solutions” for the family but could not provide more details for confidentiality reasons.

The conundrum in which the Africans find themselves at Bangkok airport therefore highlights two important facts:

– Thailand is one of many nations around the globe which does not partake in the “asylum” swindle and does not care what the rest of the world’s liberals think about that; and

– Black Zimbabweans are continually seeking “asylum” even though they are not being persecuted on account of their race or religion—unlike white Zimbabweans, against whom it is open season. No-one, of course, considers giving white Zimbabweans “asylum.”

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