Zwickau: Invader Degeneracy Closes Sauna

The Glück-Auf swimming hall in the German town of Zwickau, Saxony, has been forced to temporarily close its prized facilities after a swarm of nonwhite invaders repeatedly defecated in the children’s paddling pool, masturbated in the sauna, and sexually harassed girls and women.


The latest outrageous Third World behavior in Germany by the “refugees” follows weeks of serious sexual attacks and violent criminality which has erupted across Germany since Angela Merkel declared her country open to anyone who could get there.

News of the events at Zwickau only became public after an internal report on the incidents, prepared by office manager Rainer Kallweit, dated January 19, 2016, was leaked to the newspaper Bild.


According to the letter, an “asylum seeker masturbated in the hot tub and ejaculated into the basin. This is also recorded on the surveillance camera . . . the lifeguards threw him out.”

“The asylum seeker came back with his friends and with their cell phones, started taking selfies in the hot tub,” the letter continued.

The day before, it said, “eight foreign men” harassed women in the sauna, with the result that in the future when women are in the facility, it will be closed [to asylum seekers].

The letter continued with a litany of outrages: “A group of “young, unaccompanied women and children with caregivers came to the swimming hall on January 9. Since none of them could swim, they used the training pool” (what in English would be known as the “paddling pool,” or children’s pool).

“The refugees defecated in this pool while using it, forcing the native Germans to immediately leave the area,” the letter said.

“Furthermore, the lifeguards have to protect women and girls from the asylum seekers. Young men tried to forcibly enter the dressing room reserved for the women and girls.”

To add insult to injury, the “refugees” had all been given free access to the swimming hall—unlike the German residents—but had been required to pay for the sauna.

However, it transpired that they refused to pay for access to the sauna, and used their numbers just to push past the barriers.

“When prompted while checking in that they should pay extra, they just turned around and laughed, and went in,” the letter said.

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  1. in our state, we had huge influx of Chechen people…… so it is the well known situation for us: sexual attacks + the rejection to pay for public services…. poor Europeans… very sad….

  2. Oh I do pray every day for the collapse of the EU and its political masters along with their bloody stupid political correctness crap and all their silly diktats.

    1. Mother merkyl has created a nightmare those poor people sorry I know I’m not supposed to promote violence but look was being done to those people they don’t deserve this, they need to go home

  3. My thoughts are with the people of Germany who have been told to accept these people whether they like it or not. Merkel is guilty of failing to manage her country on behalf of those that paid their taxes. This invasion is not over and unless deportations are not carried out with no appeal procedures, the population of Germany should demand an election within 3 months and change their government.

    1. Germans are guilty of not being able to assimilate what is happening. Most other democratic countries would have removed her by now. Europe Union is at stake.

  4. Such sickeningly disgusting incidents may actually work in our favour !
    TPTB will find it increasingly difficult to keep quiet all that`s happening as invaders spread their filthy habits.
    Hopefully the filth will soon start to affect those areas where `Welcome` luvvies live.
    Their `welcome` mat will soon disappear once “refugee reality” arrives on their own doorstep..

  5. Brock:

    Merkel and her liberal “do-gooders” have by their stupid, misguided actions ‘sown the wind’, and will harvest the whirlwind as the whole of the West will never recover from the illegals’ onslaught.
    The majority of these ‘untermenschen’ are thugs; not Syrian; are not refugees; and many of them come from other countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, etc. – how are these getting in and being given the red carpet treatment?
    ALL Moslems are intolerant of other religions, especially Christians – the ‘kowagers’ -(infidels/unbelievers).
    Why isn’t Turkey stopping the traffickers? They’ve had enough Western cash thrown at them to stop the trafficking. Who supplies the boats, outboard motors, lifejackets, etc. – the Turks?

    1. Turks are driving a harder bargain for more cash. They know Merkel is desperate to pretend to be doing something to stop the flow. Got to keep the German constituents thinking that she is working on a solution which will only be ‘six times more’. So, so devious. She is the ‘Great Pretender’.

  6. If the German people are too gutless to the right thing & get rid of that trecherous Merkel & her government then they must suffer the consequences.

    If they act now & expel ALL the invaders they may just have a chance of saving their country & culture.

    I also believe it would motivate other counties in Scandinavia & the Continent to act as well.

    The UK could certainly do with a total clean out.

  7. Citizens of Germany need to just suck it up and not complain.Remember to keep saying to yourself ‘the fuehrer is always right’, ‘the fuehrer is always right’.

  8. BBC says tonite that Herr Cameron will be allowing and encouraging unaccompanied “refugee” children to enter UK – what happens when later, their parents demand to join them?

  9. Why didn’t the pool attendents have that savage who masturbated in the pool arrested. People like him should NEVER be allowed to use a public facility again and should be deported. They can’t behave like that – and as for defaecating in a public place especially swimming pool – that’s dangerous and disgusting. Deport them immediately. They shouldnot be allowed to use these facilities if they can’t behave in a decent civilised manner.

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