600,000 More Invaders Aim for Germany

At least 600,000 more nonwhite invaders are on their way to Germany via the “Balkans route,” a spokesman for the United Nations (UN) has claimed—even as it has transpired that the majority are not “war refugees” at all but scroungers seeking to parasite off the European welfare system.

According to the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, German intelligence services told the government that expectations that the flow of invaders would slow down over winter are wrong. Instead, they reported, the flow will increase even more.

Quoting a UN spokesman, the Welt am Sonntag newspaper said that some 600,000 invaders are already on their way along the Balkan route, with at least 5,000 making the border crossing every 24 hours.

The influx continues despite four Balkan countries having announced that they will not allow “economic migrants” in—meaning that they will only allow those who can prove that they come from “war” countries to pass.

Already, the Focus news service reported that “blocked” invaders have launched protests on the Greek-Macedonian border, with some sewing their mouths shut to try and evoke sympathy.

Others, as photographs showed, just admitted that they were not from war zones, and waved signs saying they would not go back to their home countries (such as Iran).

It is unclear what the authorities are going to do with this ever-increasing number of nonwhite invaders, especially as their numbers build up by several thousand a day, all demanding entrance to Europe.

It was earlier reported that less than 30 percent of all invaders claiming “asylum” were actually from Syria.

If this figure holds true, then there are very soon going to be hundreds of thousands of angry nonwhites banging at the gates of the Balkans, all having been promised a future of milk and honey by Angela Merkel and the other democratic race-deniers.

Meanwhile, the increasing use of fake documents by the invaders to claim Syrian citizenship has been dealt a severe blow by Greek police, who have arrested twelve criminals—three Greeks and nine Pakistanis—on the island of Lesbos for trading in forged papers.

According to Greek media reports, the leader of the forgery gang is a 28-year-old Pakistani, while two of the Greeks owned bookshops on the island, providing the copying facilities for the production of the fake documents. The third Greek was a clerk apparently employed by the “refugee” reception center.

The gang’s modus operandi was to obtain blank travel papers, and adjust them for use by invaders who did not want to register with the authorities. They charged around €200 per document, police said.

The papers are needed to purchase ferry tickets to take the invaders to the Greek mainland. There, once ashore, they just vanish and can go wherever they want to within Europe, with no record of them having entered the continent.

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  1. Has Germany grown a pair of balls yet ? I'm thinking no as the foolish Merkel policies continue.
    Just read Speigel and her thoughts on migration are three months behind mine. Abandon those stupid thoughts on quotas, shut the European perimeter borders and start turning and shipping them back. Germany, grow some balls !

  2. To all of you that voted for Cameron,in the GE, you certainly have been well and truly taken in by his lies, I never thought for one moment, that he would go against the EU, as that is his future, he already had five years to put a stop to the refugees but instead, the numbers increased three fold, so why did people think, that in the next five years, he would suddenly change. The only reason he is having a Referendum, is because of UKIP

  3. How come Czech nor Slovak Republics don't have such problems? There are no Somali women on the streets of Prague 🙂

  4. merkel and her traitors will be ousted out of power soon enough she is a disgace to the real german people who are proud nation but this is total madness germany does not want this or holland or britain or anyone they need to be turned back or ship them to antartica germany keep up the pressure on the goverment or very serious outcome this is eu blunder on big scale

  5. Stop them ? If only !!
    We`d need an actual army to halt an invasion of this size and scale relentlessly rolling across Europe.
    As citizens we have no power to set an army in motion – and our craven politicians are asleep on the job.
    EU bigwigs as usual are too busy dreaming up endless edicts and declarations to do something constructive

    If someone had ever made a film about a similar situation it would have been panned by all as totally unbelievable and beyond the realms of possibility.
    In Merkel`s Realm of Total Madness all really IS possible.

  6. Germany ruined the Greek economy. Now Greeks have set up a business in fake documents to enable the migrants to reach Germany. How ironic.

  7. The best way is to put all of them on an island, like australia, and provide them a tent, bed and basic food. Once the war is over, they should be send back. This will protect them from being harm by some bad people and prevent some of them from harming the local people.

  8. It is the UN purpose to avoid a condition of war. The Resolution 53/243 A. Declaration on a Culture of Peace Article 1 b "Full respect for the principal of sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of States and non-intervention in matter which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any State, in accordance with The Charter of the United Nations and International Law.
    Nigeria appears to respect this and when imposing fines on companies that do not respect their obligations under International Law they respect Article 1(2) of The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966 "…. In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence." The Company I refer to stands to pay the profits of two years for not disconnecting sim card users non compliant with legislation. see the company web sight http:/www.mtn.com A Nigerian Cabinet Minister was abducted and held hostage by a group of terrorists from the north and that led to the tipping point in the legal issue.

  9. This can only end in war, whether it's in months or a few years, nothing else will settle this between the invaders and we who don't want them here.

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