61,697 Invaders Land in Europe: Jan. 2017

At least 61,697 nonwhites pretending to be refugees landed in Europe during January 2017—a figure of 1,991 per day, every day—revealing that the mass Third World invasion is still ongoing and shows no sign of stopping.

According to the newest report from the European Asylum Support Office (EASO), titled “Latest asylum trends — January 2017 Number of applications for international protection in the EU+1,” the 28 E.U. states plus Norway and Switzerland recorded “61,697 applications for international protection.”

Of that number, 93 percent of were “first-time applications” (that is, there was no previous application lodged in the same EU+ country), and 3 percent of all applicants “claimed to be unaccompanied minors (UAMs).”

Of the UAMs, 20 percent claimed to be Afghans, 10 percent claimed to be Eritreans, and 8 percent claimed to be Gambians.

Those claiming to be Syrians constituted only 13 percent of the total of applications in the EU+, meaning that fully 87 percent of all the Third Worlders now invading Europe do not come from that “war zone” (a phrase used advisedly, because the majority of Syria is under government control and there is therefore no reason for anyone to seek “asylum” in any country).

As in December 2016, the report continued, Syria and Afghanistan remained the top “two countries of origin in January 2017,” but Nigeria replaced Iraq as the third-ranked country of origin.

In January 2017, EU+ countries recorded 7,647 “Syrian” applications, 4,915 “Afghan” applications, and 4,417 Nigerian applications—even though there is of course no reason at all for Nigerians to be seeking asylum anywhere.

These top-three citizenships together accounted for 28 percent of all applications lodged in the EU+. Iraqis ranked fourth with 3,703 applicants, while the top 10 list of applicant citizenships for January was completed by Eritreans (2,737), Pakistanis, (2,611), Albanians, (2,092), Guineans, (1,822), Iranians, (1,788), and Bangladeshis (1,493).

The highest increase in number of applicants among the top 10 citizenship groups compared to December 2016 was reported for Eritrean nationals (+17 percent), while the highest drop, after Syrian applicants, was observed for applicants from Iraq and Eritrea (17 percent and 21 percent, respectively).

The EASO report also revealed that in January 2017, EU+ countries issued 93,434 “first-instance decisions,” on “asylum applications,” with a positive recognition rate of 46 percent.

For the third consecutive month, the recognition rate for “Syrian” applicants remained at 96 percent, with a majority of positive decisions leading to subsidiary protection (66 percent) rather than refugee status (44 percent).

About 19 percent of all decisions, or 17,302 in total, were issued to “Afghan” applicants, which included a positive “recognition rate” of 30 percent, even though the EU is currently financing a repatriation program for Afghans in their home country, an indication that there is no need for Afghans to claim asylum in Europe or anywhere else.

In addition, the number of decisions on “Iraqis” stood at 12,267, with a 62 percent positive “recognition rate.” Most “Iraqi” applicants were issued full refugee status (72 percent of all positive decisions), even though over 80 percent of that country is under government control and there is therefore no reason for any of those nationals to flee to any other country either.

Of the 10 citizenships with the most first-instance decisions issued, Eritreans showed the second-highest recognition rate (89 percent), while the lowest recognition rates were observed for Albanians (4 percent) and Pakistanis (7 percent). Even those figures are astonishing, given that there is no conceivable reason why any Albanians or Pakistanis could in any sense qualify for “asylum” anywhere.

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