Aleppo: Syrian Army Cuts Rebels in Two

Syrian government forces have split the U.S.-backed Islamist terrorist forces in Aleppo into two, marking the latest development in their campaign to recapture Syria’s largest city by the end of the year.

Bashar Al-Assad’s forces are backed by the Russian air force, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Iranian and Iraqi army units, Palestinian Al-Quds and Fatah brigades—and are in alliance with Kurdish armed forces.


According to the Syrian Al-Watan newspaper, the Syrian forces have taken nine neighborhoods in the drive to split the terrorists into two sectors.

The terrorists consist of an alliance under the command of the Fatah Halab (Conquest of Aleppo) organization. Amnesty International reported in May this year that Fatah Halab “repeated indiscriminate attacks that may amount to war crimes,” and “had deployed chemical weapons.”

Because Fatah Halab—and its subsidiary organizations, the Free Syrian Army, the Jaish al-Fatah (the “Army of Conquest”), Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly known as the al-Nusra Front), and the Jabhat Ansar al-Din (“The Supporters of the Religion Front)—are all formally backed, armed, supplied, and financed by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France, and the United States, there has been no “outcry” over their use of chemical weapons.

Al-Watan reported that the government forces were advancing quickly through the city, and that the next stage of the operation would be “to divide the remaining area into security districts that will be easily controlled and to capture them successively.”

The advance would then “push the gunmen to turn themselves [in] … or accept national reconciliation under the terms of the Syrian state.”

Al-Watan also revealed that controlled western media claims that there are hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped in the city are exaggerated and that the terrorists made up the majority of the inhabitants of the newly-occupied areas.

“They are populated heavily by militants, suggesting that the number of people who are still residing in the insurgent-controlled areas are far less than [terrorists] have claimed via the media, [all in order to] play on a global humanitarian opinion to support their territories, and to gain world public opinion for their presence [in Aleppo] which has lasted more than four years.

Other dramatic news revealed by Al-Watan was that some of the Palestinian Al-Quds Brigade fighters had defeated a militia calling itself the “Sultan Murad Group” which had received its orders directly from the Turkish capital Ankara.

In expectation of the coming fall of Aleppo, the Syrian government also announced its plans to restore civilian rule, public services, and efforts to regenerate the city’s infrastructure after its four-year-long control by the terrorist forces.

The coming fall of Aleppo will be one of the biggest military setbacks to date against the neo-con inspired plot to bring down the Syrian government.

The Syrian government has only been able to withstand this attack thanks to the support from Russia, Hezbollah, and Iran—all of them objects of hatred from the controlled media and the neocons who have, until now, been in control of U.S. foreign policy.

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    1. I was telling my friends I think that is why Obama never called them “radicals” because he is de facto supporting them and then he would be admitting to supporting terrorists. That is also why the people wanted Donald Trump!

  1. Get the USA out of Middle East & stop interfering in every countries domestic affairs.
    Let Assad retake control and quell the rebels. Problem solved. Assad won’t have sufficient funds to cause trouble for many many years, unless of course Soros gets up to his old tricks.
    He’s not long for this life anyway.He’s old & looks more dead than alive. Trump will have take steps to sort out his ” OPEN SOCIETY “!

    1. Assad never caused problems in the first place. His country was alright, until the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia started arming mercenaries and extremist groups to wreak havoc in that country, and creating false flag attacks to sway public opinion against Assad.

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