Attempts to Ban NPD Faltering

Several German Constitutional Court judges have expressed their doubts that the German state’s attempt to ban the National Democratic Party of Germany (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, NPD) will come to pass, as the legal case against the party appeared to falter during the third day of hearings.

Although the judges, sitting in the Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, said that the NPD’s policy program contained “anti-constitutional” elements, this alone was insufficient for a ban.


The proceedings against the NPD opened on Tuesday this week, after the governments of all the federal German states launched a joint application to the court to have the party, first founded in the 1960s, banned as “unconstitutional.”

NPD leader Frank Franz was grilled today on his party’s citizenship policy, creating a cross-questioning scene, which one media source described as “rare” in that court.

Franz was asked if, when the party program spoke about the “national community,” it meant all nationals or just the “ethnic Germans.” He said that a “nation is defined by a common language, culture, and history, and that the members of a nation are not interchangeable.”

Pressed further, he said that a “national community comprises citizens,” and that the NPD based its definition of citizenship upon the 1913 Citizenship Law, which is based upon the Jus sanguinis (“right of blood”) principle, in terms of which citizenship is not determined by place of birth but by having parents who are citizens of the state.

Judge Peter Müller then quoted from a training brochure for the youth wing of the party which said that an “African, Asian, or Oriental can never be German. A German is someone who has German parents. Being German is an issue of birth, and is not acquired through the adoption of citizenship.”

He then asked Franz the question: “If a child has an Asian mother and an African father, can it [the child] be German?”

Franz’s answer: “I do not answer hypothetical questions,” did not seem to satisfy the judge, who then pointed out another quote from the brochure which said that “Integration is genocide.”

Franz admitted that this was “bold language,” but went on to agree that the party’s program called for the exclusion of land-owning rights to foreigners, and their exclusion from health and pension insurance.

Furthermore, he said, the NPD would withdraw citizenship from migrants who had been granted that right, and would immediately completely halt the “open borders” asylum policy. The only time Germany under a NPD government would consider giving anyone asylum he said, was if that person had “rendered outstanding services to the country.”

Other judges questioned the federal states’ representatives over their allegations that the NPD was “dangerous,” pointing out that the central state intelligence service’s own reports indicated that the party was tiny in numbers and was politically insignificant.

Judge Müller quoted from several of these reports, asking the prosecution: “Where is there a danger for democracy?” He was met with silence.

Court President Andreas Vosskuhle also asked the prosecution to provide evidence of the claim that the party engaged in “destructive behavior which threatened the free democratic order.” Once again, the prosecution could provide no evidence.

The Constitutional Court will now examine in detail the arguments presented during the hearings, but first, the NPD has a six-week deadline to submit further comments. After that, the prosecution will also be granted six weeks to respond, which means that a decision is not expected in the case for several months.

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  1. Germany is a Democracy?? Yes it is until a Marxist leader comes along !

    What people have forgotten is the full name of the Nazi party.
    Translated= National Socialist Workers (Labor) Party.

    Freedom of speech is frowned upon, organising an opposition political party (particularly a conservative one) is a definite No,No.

    This is how socialists work. If you do not agree with us we will ban you.

    Ask the people of The former USSR how it works. Many remember how the Nazi party worked.

    So what is the difference between Merkel, Hitler or Stalin?

    If the German people can’t see what’s going on they deserve whatever is coming their way.

    The French too have a socialist government threatening to arrest Marine LePen because her Conservative party is overtaking the Hollande Socialists.

    Europe the warning signs are very clear. Do something about it

    1. Whether intentionally or not, you are still largely under the Jewish world-view imposed thoughout the 20th century and earlier. The jewish world-view is that Hitler was evil; the reason is that he wanted to remove Jewish money-power. In view of the fact that Jews seem genetically unable to prevent themselves damaging host countries, and in view of the fact that the Bank of England and the Fed etc in the USA, allowed Jews to print money for nothing, Hitler would appear to be entirely correct. It’s only the panic and terror of Jews at the thought of being denied their parasitism and cruelty that caused all Jews worldwide to unite and demonise Hitler, as they are still doing.
      Whereas Stalin was a front man for ‘communism’: he owed all of his position to jews. without Jew violence in Russia, secretly paid by jews in Europe and the USA, Stalin would have just been hanged as a common criminal. He was nothing like Hitler.
      Merkel is of jewish extraction, in Poland. The Poles had huge populations of Jews, one reason of course why it was poverty-stricken and had continual disputes fanned apparently from nowhere. Merkel is simply following her genetic inheritance, like ‘Jews’ generally: she wants Europe ruined, and whites ruined: that sort of thing is her inheritance.
      ‘Communism’ is not ‘socialism’ – socialism was a genuine white movement in reaction to monopolies caused by technical increases in travel and so on. There’s deliberate confusion: the Jewish technique is to dangle a carrot to get allies, who are dropped as soon as possible. The ‘Labour Party’ in Britain for example worked for Jews. ‘Democracy’ in the 19th century promised votes for increasing numbers of people; but there was never any intention to allow ordinary people to vote on anything serious, as is surely obvious enough. The First World War was touted as a ‘war which will end war’ – obvious nonsense, aimed at gullible idealists. The EU was announced as a way to prevent war in Europe by trade etc; makes a lot of sense, but the Jewish aim was to get control of money and install a set of puppets with no voting rights. As has been done. Women were offered the votes and in effect used as ‘useful idiots’; they face homelessness, rape, invader violence. And so on.
      PLEASE don’t just accept the Jewish lies about all these subjects. They have spent generations in perfecting their techniques of lying. I’ve done my best to give a guide in with two other files, one giving translations into the real meanings of catchphrases – democracy, liberalism, socialism; and another of articles on subjects like Trump, eugenics, the two-tier money system, Jews supporting the migrant invasion, etc.
      PLEASE LEARN about Jews. If you don’t understand these issues you’re like a modern person who doesn’t understand electricity or food or housing. You’ll still be backing Churchill and the ruination of the most civilised parts of the world.

    2. Reductio ad

      You really need to ask what the difference between Hitler, Stalin and Merkel is ?
      Well here’s a tip, Hitler, unlike Merkel, never flooded Germany with non Germans and granted them citizenship, or turned a blind eye to the suffering of the Volk when the invited ‘guests’ began raping German women.
      Stalin, via Ilya Ehrenberg, also sent his henchmen into post war Berlin to rape German women whilst the alLIES turned a blind eye.
      Hitlers fight was against Marxism/Bolshevism which is International Socialism. NationalSocialism is something else entirely and recognises the reality of race. Something which the Internationalists call a social construct.
      Not all Socialism or Socialists are equal.
      You cannot have a society without some kind of socialism.
      The question is whether you want International Socialism or NationalSocialism.

  2. The NPD is not a threat to democracy because there is no such thing in Germany. Seven decades after the last democratically elected German leader shot himself, there are still 37,700 American troops stationed in Germany to ensure that only pre-approved members of the cosmopolitan elite are allowed to stand for election.

    As Boss Tweed said, I don’t care who does the voting as long as I get to do the nominating!

  3. More articles on this please.If they ban the N P D then the only hope for Germany is that the citizens engage in open revolution against what is clearly a Merkel dictatorship

  4. Actually Merkel is a threat to democracy in Germany. Eventually when the invading Muslim army is sufficient there will be much lawlessness as they invoke Islam. German government reaction will be to suspend all democracy in Germany, Eventually Germany as wll all the rest of Europe will be run in the same fashion as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Turkey etc.
    Non of these countries are democracies. Say anything about Ergodan or the Saudi aristocracy and one becomes imprisoned are executed. This is the gift Merkel has bestowed upon Europe, a barbaric future.Look at the world today . History speaks for itself. That will be Merkel’s legacy. In the future Merkel will be despised by all surviving enslaved Europeans. She will be considered more evil than Hitler or Stalin. That is my prophesy.

    1. “History speaks for itself”.
      If that was true we would have put the hoax in the memory hole by now, Hitler would be exalted and the German people would not be turned into a minority on their own soil.

    1. No they won’t ban UKRAP , as UKRAP is a pro Islam, pro Jewish multicultural party. Just what the establishment want .

  5. As this is a Friday, and the day in which in Saudi Arabia, executions take place at mid-day after the main prayers are over, it is worth stating that this could happen if these invaders take over countries. Mrs Merkel has started the ticking time-bomb that could explode in the future unless the people of Germany get rid of her quickly.

    1. I would advocate every European country audit their leaders for illicit money IF THEY ARE trying to silence criticism of the EU in face of all the migrant scandal taking place. I question
      why Cameron promotes staying in the EU when most citizens are skeptical of a Union that lines up the invaders as was done in Calais France. I question why Hollande wants to ban Maria Le Pen and National Front. I question why Merkel keeps trying to push a belligerent agenda of forcing migrants on the rest of Europe when she possesses no powers to do so. I question why the German press has lost their voice for democracy In Germany after millions have been invited .I question why all the countries that are suffering from this mass migration have lost their voice to report the crimes committed by these migrants. Something is rotten not just in Denmark.

  6. Unbelievable that a frumpy German Frau has managed to become, in fact if not name, a dictator deciding much of Europe’s future. How the hell did people allow this to happen? The Commies taught Frau Merkel all the ins and outs of subversion and domination extremely well, it would seem. The conniving Subversive hasn’t forgotten anything, and Europeans are paying a steep price for her destructive actions.
    The first step in saving Europe from the Merkel-engineered Islamic invasion is to REMOVE the evil Frau. Without her the EU’s collapse would be an almost certainty. Patriots can then move in and reclaim their homelands from all the other traitors currently selling them out! Remove the Frau!

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