Australia: 100 Africans Attack Melbourne’s North-West Taylor’s Hill Suburb

A large gang of more than 100 Africans attacked the suburb of Taylor’s Hill in Melbourne, Australia, throwing rocks, smashing a police car and fighting with law enforcement officials in the latest outbreak of nonwhite violence to sweep that city since large-scale Third World “refugees” were allowed into that country.

According to a report in Australia’s The Age newspaper, “terrified residents” watched as the African gang gathered at a basketball court and complex in the suburb.

“Residents were told to stay inside, lock the doors, and also to park their cars off the road and in their garages if possible,” the report said.

A police spokesman said: “A number of projectiles, believed to be rocks, have been thrown and a police vehicle has been damaged.”

Riot police went to the scene and the police continued to patrol the area as the Africans—described as “Sudanese youths” were moved on a short time later, the spokesman said.

The report quoted one resident of Bronte Way who said that “more than 100 Sudanese youths had been across the road in the park and basketball court complex.”

He said police were roaming the area and a helicopter was flying overhead when he came home as well as officers from the special operations group. “This has happened multiple times… but it hasn’t happened for a good four or five months,” he said.

With several small children at home, the man –who spoke to The Age through the glass of his front door—said he was extremely concerned for his safety and was considering moving.

“That’s the reason we have roller shutters now. I’m not opening the door. I was told by police to get inside before.”

Another couple, who live opposite the basketball court with their two children aged under ten, said the groups of teenage boys and girls started gathering just before 7pm.

They said some of them were still wearing their school backpacks and looked to be aged between 12 and 18.

“I heard some kids coming down Bronte Way and I looked out the window and I heard another lot and the next thing I knew there was sirens. Blue and red sirens,” the woman said.

“The [police] dogs were out there, that was a bit later on, it just got full on. My neighbour on the corner said they were throwing rocks at her fence. I popped my head out and the two police officers said stay inside.”

She said one neighbour had been told by police that two groups of people had planned to come down and meet to start a brawl. Her husband said they had bought the block and built the house in 2007, but the past couple of years had been troublesome.

“We’ve been here nine years and this is the worst yet… You build a nice house in a nice area… you don’t want to start seeing things like that, where is it coming from?” he said.

Australia has allowed tens of thousands of Africans to enter that country pretending to be refugees, and now large parts of Melbourne have succumbed to the inevitable crime wave which always accompanies a large Third World population.

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  1. Who let them in? Tens of thousands, that’s an entire city. They come from crap holes and now
    Australia will bcome one too. Wait until they start
    reproducing. Soros and obama must be elated.

  2. “Cultural enrichment” in full force aye
    Need to start deportations, what’s the thing ummmm oh yeah something to do with “character”

  3. Aussie politicians must be bought and paid for (or/and blackmailed) because they allow this to happen – and allow it to continue to happen.
    The UK, and most of the EU are in the same predicament.
    Israel and the USA are the usual suspects, when it comes to undermining other nation’s governments.

  4. Isn’t Australia the place that passed a sweeping series of anti-gun laws? Hmm, must be some sort of coincidence.

    By all means, let the police take care of you- it has been working beautifully everywhere else!

  5. The Labor Party/Socialists threw the borders open in order to obtain grateful future voters….or so they thought. We are gonna need a lot of rope.

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