Austrians: ‘Reds, It’s Your Fault’

Terrorist attacks in Europe are the fault of the leftist parties in Europe—that was the message that activists from the Austrian Identitarian movement carried into the streets of Vienna today in double protests in front of the headquarters of the Green and Social Democratic parties.

The protests—using the sounds of explosions and cries of terror to symbolize recent events—drew huge support and applause from passersby.


The protest actions, cleared ahead of time with local police, saw the Identitarians form up before the headquarters of the two parties—which are in a coalition government to keep out the populist FPÖ—and then, to the soundtrack of a large explosion, all fall down as if dead.

At the same time, a large banner was unfurled, reading “Das ist eure Schuld” (“It is your fault).


A statement on the group’s Facebook page said that the blame for the attacks in Brussels—which left thirty dead and scores injured—was exclusively that of the politicians who pulled down Europe’s borders in pro-asylum “madness.”

“You [the red parties] are complicit in terrorism and the thirty dead in Brussels. Your multiculturalism policy has imported Islamic terror. Your open borders policy has created the Mecca of jihadism in Europe,” the statement continued.

“We call for an immediate halt to all Muslim immigration and a closure of all the radical Islamic kindergartens in Vienna and all Austria. We are against the multicultural terror; we are for fortress Europe—and re-migration,” the statement concluded.

An earlier statement on their Facebook page said that the attacks in Brussels were the “direct result of the misguided policy of multiculturalism in Europe. It’s a shame what was taken from our continent and our countries! We say: Defend yourselves—it is your land!”


The action was reported in the Austrian controlled media, which claimed that the Identitarians had once again engaged in a “scandal.”

“Once again, the Identitarian movement has provided some excitement,” the OE24 news service said.

“The controversial group has already acted out an IS beheading in the center of Vienna,” it said, adding that it appeared to be the aim of the group to “cast the refugee policy and refugees under general suspicion.”

The OE24 article was, however, forced to admit that passersby applauded the activists.

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  1. Excellent! How right they are, the left has an awful lot of responsibility for everything going on in Europe right now. From the stupidity of political correctness onwards.

  2. again…the austrian people voted for this and its for them to remove the coalition that stopped their democracy in its belgium/denmark/finland/belgium/holland/germany.greece..they are all finished…

    1. A lot of Europaen voters vote for Green (melon) parties because they think that they are a safe alternative to the other parties, not realising that green is the new red!

  3. I think it is the fault of EU. EU made people poor and elites rich. EU created a pool of unlimited cheap labor for elites that replaced jobs especially those of non white eu citizens jobs.

    1. It’s not a matter of labour. The Jewish policy is to ruin countries by invasion. Most of these people are unemployable, uneducated, ineducable, and parasitic. The ‘cheap labour’ argument is a deliberate lie. If they wanted cheap labour, they would insist they had jobs to go to, and would keep the accommodation etc cheap. the fact is the parasites get huge funding.

      1. Correct, and if they needed workers to fill the gaps, youth unemployment is over 50% in places such as Spain and Portugal. These people would not fit the agenda though being paler skinned, higher IQ and most likely christian. the agenda being the Coudenhove-Kalargi plan and the Frankfurts school’s musings. Also, the immigrant crisis is a huge industry, employing a lot of people, from HR lawyers, “Charities”, NGO’s, UN hand wringers, open border activists, all in the pay of G Soros and they have no wish to give up their earnings any time soon.

      2. Yes but the problem is that many European leaders are traitors, they can not be so incredibly fool to believe that this type of migrants can bring progress to Europe, they just pretended to be extremely fool to accept the proposal of fat Merkel. They knew what was going to happen. Even a child 10 years old, watching the refugees, realizes they are not useful

  4. With the media being controlled by the all the socialist governments which is the overwhelming majority within the EU, patriotic people do not stand a chance of being able to debate their crass decisions which has led to bloodshed, massive crime figures which are still rising and a total lack of deportation details being published.
    It really is a time for political revolutions across Europe. It is the people’s country, not the politicians.

    1. The decisions aren’t ‘crass’, any more than the decisions of the Jews who took over Russia and called it the USSR were ‘crass’. They wanted slave labour and to kill off all educated Russians. This is the Eu policy too, but luckily Europe is not in the weak state that Russia was.

      1. Not weak yet, but they are facillitating a major recession…we will be weak then…this has been the plan for many years…amd most people are blind to it…!!!

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