Calais Jungle Invaders Renew Attacks

The hordes of Third World invaders massing at the French port of Calais turned violent once again last night, attacking vehicles and burning at least one passing truck.

The invaders blocked roads with trash, and tried to force their way into vehicles heading for Britain in a night of mayhem, local activists reported.


According to the Les Calaisiens en Colere group, at least one truck was set alight by a gang of nonwhite invaders after it failed to stop for them and allow them to board.

Describing is as a “night of violence,” the group said that there had been “riots” as the invaders attempted to stop trucks heading for Britain.

They piled up rocks, trash, and other obstacles on the side of the road and set fire to flammable materials in their attempts to slow down the traffic.

Their normal modus operandi is to smash open the doors of trucks which are moving slowly and force their way in, hoping to avoid detection at the border control point.

The invader violence is an indication that the French government’s attempts to close down the Calais Jungle have been a failure, as by all indications, the number of nonwhites illegally present in the area has actually grown over the past few months.

truck-fire-02 truck-fire-03 truck-fire-04

According to media reports, haulage companies advise that the invaders are resorting to ever more extreme lengths to smuggle themselves into Britain, with many now routinely arming themselves for nightly raids on the vehicles.

The Les Calaisiens en Colere said that gangs of invaders had headed out and smashed through fencing protecting the dual carriageway leading up to the port.

The group said they then made a huge barricade with logs and rocks, which they set fire to, adding that the migrants also “stoned anything that moved.”

Activists stated that they also set fire to the truck, with video showing a blaze ripping through the trailer of the vehicle, adding that the invaders “were violent.”

Only last week, an invader in the Jungle camp was hacked to death by his fellow nonwhites in what appears to be a drug-related gang murder.

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    1. Ha Russians don’t tolerate such nonsense. Theyd give those savages an education they’d so richly deserve. Frogs are absolutely pathetic Napoleon would turn in his grave. It amuses me how many people want the EU to collapse, I keep reading its on its last legs but no good news yet that its died

  1. OooOooOOooHHH …I know — This must be all that “Islam is the religion of L-O-V-E” stuff …huh?
    {{{ pfffttt }}}

  2. The utter disrespect France’s authorities are showng for European truck drivers. Classism at its worst. If high paid “professionals” would be threatened daily to do their “job,” the police would shoot to kill the attackers on the spot. And that’s what they should be doing here. Arm the truck drivers now, so they can defend themselves and stave off any intrusion.

    1. Have a look at amount of non-European personnel in military, law enforcement, government, etc., of France. Don’t expect them to fight their own. France is done.

  3. The blame must be put on the British governments for encouraging those people to invade Britain. Those invaders prefer Britain to France because they know they will not be sent back to their countries, once they set their feet on the British soil.

    1. Well said Sam. Like the black African Muslim from Sudan who walked (illegally) through the Channel Tunnel. BRITISH judges spared him a jail sentence, and the BRITISH government granted him asylum instead of deporting him. A newspaper followed him from his new house to a visit to the mosque to a trip to collect his welfare payments. He also qualified for immediate free medical care for himself and all his dependents who no doubt are already on the way. Britain makes its own problems on immigration, France and the EU have little to do with it.

  4. The masonic governments doing deliberately everything to create chaos. Kalergi/Hooten plan in execution.
    But the “problem” will always be referred to the native peoples, being declared as right-wing domestic terrorists or something like that, because they didn’t help out the invaders at the jungle camp.

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