UK’s Multicultural Farce: Muslims Object to Homo Propaganda

Muslims in the nonwhite-overrun British city of Birmingham have withdrawn hundreds of their children from a local school in protest against homo propaganda being added to the curriculum—yet another indicator of the... Read more »

Hungary’s Orbán: May 2019 EU Parliament Elections Could be “Fatefully Decisive” on Issue of Immigration

The European Parliament elections set for May 2019 could be “fatefully decisive” and a chance for the European people to state their opinions on the issue of immigration, like those in Hungary... Read more »

UK: Idiot Politician Bunfight over EU Nonsense, Ignore Nonwhite Immigrant Tsunami

British politicians are continuing their idiotic and pointless bunfight over membership of the European Union—to the point where the government is in a serious crisis and could even collapse—while the real threat... Read more »

Nonwhite Invaders Digging Holes under US Border to Lodge Bogus “Asylum” Claims

Hundreds of nonwhite invaders pretending to be “asylum seekers” have started digging holes under the weak parts of the US-Mexico border in order to surrender to Customs and Border Patrol agents. Read more »

Canada: How White Liberals Distort Indian History, or, a Visit to the “First Nations” Exhibit at the BC Museum

I decided to take the kids to the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, BC, last week. Now I like museums, they have a long history of rigorously checked fact-based conclusions.... Read more »

US: House Passes Bill making “Anti-Semitism” Ambassador to Monitor Criticism of Israel

The Jewish lobby’s firm control over the US Government was again highlighted on January 11 when the U.S. House of Representatives voted 411-1 for a bill to upgrade the position of “anti-Semitism... Read more »

South Africa: Water Crisis due to African Incompetence, Overpopulation, and Raw Sewage

The Gauteng area of South Africa—which encompasses Johannesburg and Pretoria—stands on the brink of a water supply crisis caused directly by overpopulation, the pollution of existing water tables by raw sewage from... Read more »

DNA Pioneer James Watson Punished for Telling Truth about IQ and Race

Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson—one of the discoverers of DNA’s double helix structure—has been stripped of several honorary titles by the laboratory he once headed because he has once again dared to... Read more »

Attempt to Refute Holocaust Revisionists Backfires as Danube Search for “Victims” Comes up Negative

An attempt to refute Holocaust revisionist questioning of an unproven “massacre” of 20,000 Jews on the banks of the Danube River in Budapest during World War II has backfired after a sonar... Read more »

Finland: 15 Nonwhite Invader-Refugees arrested in Sex Abuse Gang Investigation

Police in the Finnish town of Oulu have announced that they have uncovered a major sex abuse gang of nonwhite invader-refugees who raped and sexually abused a number of white girls under... Read more »

Mixing between Jews and Non-Jews is a “Crisis,” says Israeli Government

Racial mixing, or "assimilation" between Jews and non-Jews is a “crisis” which is undermining the link between Diaspora Jews and Israel, that country’s official Diaspora Minister Naftali Bennett has said. Read more »

Hungary: Orban Dismisses World Jewish Congress as “Running Left Wing Agenda”

Hungarian President Viktor Orban has dismissed the World Jewish Congress (WJC) as running a “a left-wing political agenda” after refusing to condemn a magazine cover showing Hungarian Jewish leader—and WJC Vice President—Andras... Read more »

Last Fake Charity Invasion Taxi Ship Stops Operating in Mediterranean

The last fully operational fake charity invasion taxi ship, the Aquarius, has had its operations finally cancelled and there are no longer any major pro-invasion vessels picking up Africans off the Libyan... Read more »

Hungary, Poland, Veto EU’s Homo and Trannie Propaganda

Hungary and Poland were the only European nations to vote against a Council of the European Union motion demanding “safe internet space” for homosexuals and mentally-ill “transgenders” at yesterday’s Council meeting, forcing... Read more »

Finland: Third World Invasion Brings Pedophile Refugee-Sex Attack Crime Wave, “Unseen in Country’s History”

At least ten nonwhite pedophile sex attackers—all “refugees” in Finland—have been arrested in the first major mass sex abuse case in what a senior police officer has described as the “most extremely... Read more »

Jews-only State of Israel Seizes Christian Church Land in Occupied West Bank

Israel has ordered the unilateral seizure of Christian church-owned land in the Occupied West Bank—despite official church protestations—as part of their ongoing program to completely ethnically cleanse Palestinians from that territory. Read more »

EU Abandons “Compulsory Migrant Redistribution Plan” as Italy Moves to Expel Invaders

In a dramatic development in the ongoing mass nonwhite invasion of Europe, the European Union has announced that it has abandoned its policy of “compulsory redistributing migrants” from Italy and Greece—just as... Read more »

Jews Angry because New Budapest Holocaust Museum Doesn’t Blame All Hungarians

Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum has broken off all cooperation with the Hungarian government regarding the building of yet another Holocaust Museum in Budapest—because the new museum doesn’t blame all Hungarians for... Read more »

“Cheap” India-Made Contaminated Drugs Spark Lawsuit in America against Walmart, 3 Others

US supermarket giant Walmart and three pharmaceutical companies have been sued by a class action suit which alleges the “cheap” Indian-made blood pressure and diabetes drug they sold was contaminated in dirty factories... Read more »

Turkey Issues Arrest Warrants for Top Saudi Officials over Khashoggi Murder

Turkey’s chief prosecutor has filed warrants for the arrest of a top aide to Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler and the deputy head of its foreign intelligence for planning the brutal murder... Read more »

Trump: “US Troops will Stay in the Middle East to Protect Israel”

American troops will stay in the Middle East indefinitely to protect Israel, despite the fact that other US concerns such as oil were no longer sufficient reason to retain a military presence... Read more »

South African 77 IQ Parliament Adopts Land Seizure Report—as Electricity Supplies Fail Across the Country

The South African Parliament—which has an average IQ of just 77—today adopted a report to seize white property without compensation—at exactly the same time that electricity supplies across the country failed for... Read more »

Congo Capital Chokes on Trash: Garbage Removal Stops after White Aid Program Ends

The capital city of the Congo, Kinshasa, is literally turning into a massive trash heap with more than 9,000 tons of garbage accumulating everyday—because whites from the European Union stopped an aid... Read more »

USA: 63% of “Non-Citizen Households” Use Welfare, Study Shows

At least 63 percent of “non-citizen households” in America use welfare, and pro-Third World invasion groups are “right to worry that the high welfare use of non-citizens may impact the ability of... Read more »

Sweden: Afghani Given “Asylum” after Claiming “Rape” Fear—Goes on to Gang Rape Swedish Girl

A fake refugee from Afghanistan who was given “asylum” in Sweden by claiming that he was in danger of being raped in his home country, has been convicted of taking part in... Read more »

China: “Genetically Edited” Babies Prove that All Human Attributes are Genetic, not Environmental

News that a doctor in China has produced the world’s first “gene-edited babies” has proven once again that all human attributes are genetic in origin, and not environmental, as the race-denying liberal... Read more »