Trump: For America, the “Stupid, Endless Mideast Wars are Ending!”

In an announcement which has panicked Jews worldwide, US President Donald Trump has defended his decision to pull American special forces out of Syria, tweeting that the “USA should never have been... Read more »

Trump Administration Agreement with Mexico Brings 56% Decline in Nonwhite Invasion

The Trump Administration’s policy initiatives and international agreements with Mexico has led to a 56 percent decline in the nonwhite invasion of America since May this year, according to statistics released by... Read more »

Israel Confirmed as Origin of Trump White House Cell-Phone Bugging Devices

An official US intelligence service investigation into several ISMI-cellphone surveillance devices found near the Trump White House and other sensitive locations around Washington has concluded that they were planted by the Israeli... Read more »

MS-13 Gang Murders Highlight Extent of Nonwhite Invasion of US East Coast

The recent charges against a Mexican and five Salvadorans—all illegal aliens—for a gang-related killing in suburban Baltimore County has highlighted the extent of the mass nonwhite of America over that nation’s southern... Read more »

Massachusetts University Sci-Tech Symposium Bars Whites

An upcoming science and technology symposium slated to take place at Massachusetts-based liberal arts university Williams College will showcase “new” voices in the field—but only from nonwhites, and has specifically excluded white... Read more »

900,000 Fake “Asylum” Cases Overwhelming US Court System following Border Invasion

The ongoing mass Third World invasion of America over the Mexico border has resulted in a 900,000 backlog in fake “asylum” applications clogging up the court system—meaning that the nonwhites making... Read more »

Chicago: Nonwhite Crime Disaster Shuts Down Hospital after Mass Murder Weekend

One of Chicago’s major hospitals was forced to temporarily shut its doors to new patients last weekend after being overrun by wounded victims following a record-breaking nonwhite gun crime spree which saw... Read more »

Mexico Murder Mayhem Continues: 17,608 Homicides from January to June 2019

The Third World murder mayhem in Mexico has continued unabated, and jumped in the first half of the year to the highest on record, to 17,608 homicides from January to June,... Read more »

Texas Walmart Shooter: Hispanic Invaders, Corporations, Corrupt Politicians “Have Destroyed America’s Future”

The Texas Walmart shooter—who killed at least 20 Hispanics in a racially-targeted attack yesterday—said in his online manifesto that America’s future has been destroyed by a combination of mass Hispanic immigration, corporation-driven... Read more »

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society again Demands US Take in “Refugees”—But not in Israel

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society—the Jewish organization targeted by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers on account of its pro-Third World invasion activity—has launched a petition signed by over 1,400 rabbi demanding... Read more »

US-Guatemala Sign Invader Deportation Agreement for Fake Asylum Seekers

The United States and Guatemala have signed an agreement to allow the US to deport nonwhite invaders falsely claiming “asylum” if they reached the southern U.S. border by crossing through Guatemala. Read more »

US Has Built 205 Miles of New Border Wall since January 2017

The US Customs and Border Protection has completed construction of approximately 205 miles of new border walls along the border with Mexico since January 2017—despite the Democratic Party’s determined efforts to block... Read more »

New US Data: Third World Immigration Lowers Wages, Depresses Economy

Mass Third World immigration has caused an overall decline in wages in the low-skilled work sector in America, and has forced a drop of nearly 10 percent in the national labor-force-participation rate—which... Read more »

Trump: If Illegals Unhappy with Border Conditions, then Don’t Come to US

US President Donald Trump has dismissed claims of “poor conditions” for nonwhite invaders being held at the US’s southern border by saying on Twitter that if they are so unhappy with their... Read more »

Nonwhite invaders from 45 Third World Countries Demand “Asylum” at US Southern Border

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees from 45 nations across the globe have demanded “asylum” in America this year so far, marking a dramatic uptick in the Third World invasion of the... Read more »

Rampant Chinese Theft of White Technology Prompts US DOJ to Creates Special Unit to Oppose Threat

Chinese theft of white industrial enterprise from America is so rampant that the US Department of Justice has set up a special division just to try and deal with it—with the latest... Read more »

Agricultural Output in Central America Triples, But Controlled Media Continues “Climate Change Refugee” Lies

ricultural output in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala—the three Central American states producing the largest number of “refugees” demanding asylum at the US border—has more than tripled since 2000, exposing as lies... Read more »

US Jewish Lobby Setback as State “Anti-BDS Law” Struck Down as Unconstitutional

The Jewish lobby in America has suffered an important setback in their attempts to stifle criticism of Israel with the striking down by a US federal judge of the “anti-boycott, divestment and... Read more »

Poway Synagogue Shooter: ‘White Genocide Causing White Terrorism’

White genocide—the extermination of the white race through the flooding of European lands with Third Worlders—is the primary cause of the rise of white terrorism, according to the manifesto of the Poway,... Read more »

Trump Administration to Block Illegal Invader Access to Public Housing

The Trump administration is moving—at last—to block access to public housing by thousands of illegal invaders who have been parasiting off the US taxcpayers for years by claiming “public housing assistance.” Read more »

Third World Free-For-All Invasion of US: 100,000 “Border Enforcement Actions” in March

US Border Patrol agents have carried out more than 100,000 “border enforcement actions” in March 2019 alone, reflecting the vast nature of the Third World free-for-all invasion of America over the border... Read more »

Trump Says Israelis Should Be Immune from International Criminal Court Prosecution

US President Donald Trump has announced that Israelis should be immune from any prosecutions launched by the International Criminal Court (ICC). Read more »

Orthodox Jew Convicted in America’s Greatest Health Care Fraud Described as “Parasite” by Investigators

Miami-based Orthodox Jew Philip Esformes has been convicted of America’s largest ever health care fraud which saw him steal more than $1.3 billion from American taxpayers, has been described as a “parasite”... Read more »

AIPAC Jewish Lobby “Full of Lies and Liars” Says Council for the National Interest

The recently-completed American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Jewish lobby has just completed its annual summit in Washington—and was packed full of lies and liars, according to president of the Council for... Read more »

Latest Trump H-2B Increase Again Betrays American Workers, says CIS

H-2B visas, granted to foreign workers to come to the US and perform temporary nonagricultural services or labor on a seasonal or intermittent basis, have reached an all-time high, causing the Center... Read more »

New York County Declares Emergency as Orthodox Jews Spark Measles Outbreak after Visiting Israel

Rockland County in New York have been forced to declare a medical state of emergency after vaccine-refusing Orthodox Jews brought the disease back to America after visiting Israel, state officials have confirmed. Read more »