Rise of White Terrorism Inevitable Response to Nonwhite Invasion and Terrorism, Says New Zealand Mosque Shooter Manifesto

The mass shooting in a Christchurch, New Zealand, mosque by a self-identified white terrorist is the inevitable result of the orchestrated global campaign being waged to destroy white people through mass immigration... Read more »

Australia Becomes Latest State to Reject UN “Compact on Migration”

The government of Australia has become the latest state to reject the United Nations’ “Compact on Migration”—which seeks to justify the mass invasion of white nations by nonwhites—joining the US, Israel, and... Read more »

Australia: Another 3 Muslims Arrested in 18th Major Terror Incident Since Nonwhite Invasion Stared

Another three Muslims have been arrested in Australia for plotting a terrorist attack in the eighteenth major terror incident since 2005, all directly linked to the establishment’s promotion of mass Third World... Read more »

Melbourne Somali Knife Attack Terrorist Son of “Refugees,” Brother Arrested Last Year for Terror Plot

The Somali-terrorist invader who carried out the knife attack in Australia’s Melbourne city center today is the son of fake refugees from Somalia—and his brother was arrested last year following a... Read more »

NZ/Australian Politicians Argue over “Refugee Back Door”

The Prime Minister of Australia and the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand have taken contrary positions over proposed legislation which will bar “refugees” in New Zealand from automatically qualifying for entry... Read more »

New Zealand to Increase its Fake Refugee Influx, Government Announces

The Government of New Zealand has announced that it will double its intake of fake refugees from “wars and disasters” at a cost of NZ$100,000 per invader, plus at least another NZ$38... Read more »

Australia: All Invaders Captured from First Invasion Boat in Four Years

All the nonwhite invaders aboard the first invasion boat to reach the Australian shore in nearly four years have been captured and sent to the offshore illegal immigrant processing center of Christmas... Read more »

Katter’s Australian Party Backs “Final Solution on Immigration” Senator’s Speech

The Katter's Australian Party (KAP) has doubled down on its support for its only Senator Fraser Anning—whose speech earlier this week about limiting immigration caused a controlled media uproar when he used the... Read more »

Australia: 100 Africans Attack Melbourne’s North-West Taylor’s Hill Suburb

A large gang of more than 100 Africans attacked the suburb of Taylor’s Hill in Melbourne, Australia, throwing rocks, smashing a police car and fighting with law enforcement officials in the latest... Read more »

Melbourne, Australia: Africans Commit 128x More Violent Robberies, 68x More House Invasions

The African “refugee” invaders living in Melbourne Australia are responsible for 128 times more violent robberies and 68 times more house invasions than natives, an Australian newspaper has finally admitted, confirming that... Read more »

Australia: New Immigration Rules Slash Migrant Levels

New immigration rules in Australia—including the demand to speak English, prove a stable work background, and lowered welfare payouts—have succeeded in bringing immigration levels to well below the government’s set target, that... Read more »

213 White South Africans have Applied for Asylum in Australia

A total of 213 white South Africans—farmers and their families—have applied for asylum in Australia following the earlier announcement by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton that he would “fast track” applications from... Read more »

Number of Third World “Athletes” Attempting to Invade Australia after Commonwealth Games Reaches 100

The number of nonwhite “athletes” and “officials” from Third World countries who are attempting to invade Australia by “vanishing” after the Commonwealth Games in that nation is as high as 100, the... Read more »

Australia Commonwealth Games: “Athletes” from Rwanda, Uganda, and Sierra Leone also “Vanish”

Africans pretending to be “athletes” from Rwanda, Uganda, and Sierra Leone supposedly taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Australia have also now gone “missing,” joining their fellow invaders from Cameroon in... Read more »

Cameroon “Athletes” Vanish at Commonwealth Games in Australia

In yet another example of how nonwhites use any opportunity they can to illegally invade white countries, at least a quarter of the “athletes” from Cameroon taking part in the Commonwealth Games... Read more »

Australian Foreign Minister: No Special Treatment for South African Farmers

Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop has said that there will be no special program of humanitarian visas for white South African farmers, and that all applications will be subject to the usual... Read more »

200 Fake “Refugees” Rejected by Australia moved to US: 1,000 More to Come

At least 200 nonwhite invaders whose “asylum” claims were so bogus they were rejected by Australia, have already been “resettled” in the US and at least 1,000 more will soon be on... Read more »

Australia: Africans Terrorize 10 Premises in Renewed Melbourne Crime Blitz

African criminals living in Melbourne, Australia, appear to have stepped up their rampage through the suburbs of that city with at least ten major incidents over the last two days, according to... Read more »

Australia: Tribalism Holds up Appointment of African Crime Taskforce

Disputes between tribesmen from the Nuer and Dinka tribes—originally from the Sudan and Ethiopia—have delayed the setting up of a special taskforce supposed to “deal” with the rampant African gang crime rampaging... Read more »

Fijian Invader Jailed after Fake “Refugee” Story Exposed

A Fijian invader who made up a story about being a “persecuted Bangladeshi” seeking “asylum” in New Zealand has been jailed after his fraud was exposed—but the drama has revealed the establishment’s... Read more »

Second Group of Fake “Refugees” Leaves Manus Island for US

A second group of 58 nonwhite invaders pretending to be “refugees” have departed Australia’s offshore detention centres for the US, joining the first group of 54 who have been rewarded for their... Read more »

Invaders Target New Zealand after Govt Makes Manus Island Offer

At least three boatloads of nonwhite invaders pretending to be “asylum seekers” have been intercepted while heading to New Zealand, seeking to exploit that country’s offer to take illegal invaders from Australia’s... Read more »

Australia: Melbourne Residents “Installing Bollards on their Driveways” as Nonwhite Crime Plague Bites

Residents of Melbourne, Australia, have been forced to resort to anti-crime measures such as installing bollards on their driveways—to protect themselves from the rampant nonwhite crime sweeping the city, a direct result... Read more »

Australia: 7 “Apex Gang” Members to be Deported—Including Sudanese and Maoris

One Sudanese African invader member of the criminal violent nonwhite “Apex” street gang which has been terrorizing Melbourne is soon to be deported back home after having his visa an and at... Read more »

African Gangs Rampage Melbourne, say Police

Australian police have formally admitted that African immigrant gangs are rampaging through the city of Melbourne, causing destruction and chaos in a crime wave which is the direct result of the policy... Read more »

Muslims “Resent Australia”

Muslim “refugees” resent Australia and are more prone to terrorism, a Bangladeshi-born psychiatrist living in Australia has told the Daily Mail in that country. Read more »