Chemnitz: Germans Attack Nonwhite Invaders after “Refugees” Carry out yet another Murder

Thousands of police have been deployed in the streets of the east German city of Chemnitz after huge crowds of angry Germans gathered to protest against—and attack—nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees after yet another murder by Syrians and Iraqis in the city.

According to a statement issued by the police in Saxony, the crowds gathered after “there were several calls in social media to be in the inner city area” following the attack on the whites by the nonwhite gang.

The police statement said that people started gathering in the city center at 3 pm, and within an hour and half, the crowd had swelled by another “estimated 800 people” who gathered “in the area of the Karl Marx Monument.”

“Even as representatives of the city and the police tried to start a conversation with the supposed leaders of the group, the crowd suddenly started to move,” the police statement continued.

Crowds gather in Chemnitz.

“The group of people did not respond to calls by the police and showed no willingness to cooperate. The persons ran over the Bridge Street and into the Theater Street. From there, they moved into the city center.”

The participants shouted slogans such as “We are the people” and “This is our city.”

By 5 pm, the crowd had become a riot: nonwhites fled for their lives as young Germans attacked them in open view, and police who tried to intervene also came under attack.

Some of these incidents were captured and shared on social media:

The protests—which are expected to continue—were triggered by a knife attack in which a 35-year-old German died. The prosecutor in the city has issued warrants for the arrest of a 23-year-old Syrian and a 22-year-old Iraqi, who were subsequently detained and have already appeared before a magistrate.

They are accused of stabbing the German repeatedly after “a previous verbal altercation in the city center.”

According to local media, the fight took place after the nonwhites started harassing some German girls, and the men came to their aid.

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  1. It is about time the German folk took back there country, get rid of the Zionist Jews who like America and most of Europe is in total control of all the institutions in fact they control your lives from cradle to grave all through the WW 2 which was started by the Jews declaring war and sanctions on Germany on the 23 March 1933 and there puppet Winston Churchill Drunken Homicidal Maniac and you can Google that by the British Historian David Irving and Churchill stating that they would force war on Germany if she wanted it or not. The Germans have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in fact one of the leading Generals stated the Germans were the most cultured intelligent race in Europe and that the allies had fought the wrong enemy So like Ernst Zundell said get off your backsides and take back your country.

  2. This is a good start. Next get a hold of bezerkel
    merkel and her gang of morons who started this
    whole mess and physically throw them out of office. Just let them kick and scream, how enjoyable that would be.

    1. Doubtful it will come here , we are barely allowed to read about it ,just a small paragraph, and we certainly cannot comment.

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