Churchill Conspired with Stalin to Give East Europe to Soviet Union, Secret Documents Reveal

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill conspired with Joseph Stalin to hand over Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union as early as 1944, newly-released secret documents have confirmed.

The Churchill-Stalin pact was drawn up in secret during Churchill’s 1944 visit to Moscow, and has now for the first time been displayed to the public in a new exhibition by the UK’s National Archives, titled “Protect and Survive: Britain’s Cold War Revealed.”

The handwritten document, apparently from Churchill’s hand, also contains a tick mark made by Stalin, showing the latter’s agreement with the distribution of Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union.

Previously, Churchill had mentioned the document in his World War II memoirs, but only in passing and omitting all detail.

According to a report in the Telegraph newspaper, Churchill himself described the pact as “naughty document” and said that it would “come over as ‘callous.”

Furthermore, Churchill said, his American allies would be “’shocked if they saw how crudely he had put it.”

The exhibition’s chief curator Mark Dunton told the Daily Telegraph that this “was the result of late night discussions between Churchill and Stalin, they both had a fair bit of whiskey.

“I think it’s important that this document is going on display because there’s so much significance in that little square of paper.

“It’s potentially incredibly significant—the fate of millions being decided with the stroke of a pen as a result of a casual meeting.”

The note begins by saying that it was written by Churchill during a meeting with Stalin at the Kremlin.  

It reads: 


Russia – 90 per cent

The others – 10 per cent


Great Britain, in accord with USA – 90 per cent

Russia – 10 per cent


50/50 per cent


50/50 per cent


Russia – 75 per cent

The others – 25 per cent .

As events transpired, the Soviet Union seized even more territory than this, taking 10 percent of all the countries listed (except for Greece, which remained free of Soviet occupation) and included Poland, Czechoslovakia, eastern Germany, and the three Baltic states.

Millions of people were displaced, killed and tortured under the Soviet rule during the next four and half decades in Eastern Europe. At least three major uprisings against communist rule followed: In 1953 in East Germany, in 1956 in Hungary, and in 1968 in Czechoslovakia. All three were suppressed with force by the Soviet army.

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  1. Churchill refused to accept any of Hitler’s peace offers in 1940-41 stating that he couldn’t make a deal with a dictator because he claimed to be fighting for democracy and yet here he makes a deal with the dictator Stalin. Hypocrite doesn’t begin to describe him.

  2. That the Western allies were as gruesome as the sovjets is forgotten. 130k deaths in France after the “liberation”in 1944 and 14 million deaths according to demographic studies in Germany. Holodomor 7–9 M deaths, in the west USSR was even on a smaller scale than the starvation in Germany in 1944 under Western occupation.

    The links to Ebooks in this article are priceless. The links to YouTube videao’s are gone as expected after the wave of “hatespeech” censorship on that platform though.

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