Controlled Media’s DACA Poster Boy Arrested

A Mexican who became a controlled media’s cause célèbre after being the first Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) deportee has been arrested after illegally smashing his way through the US-Mexican border—after halting his lawsuit against the government, saying that he wanted to remain in Mexico.

According to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Juan Manuel Montes, 23, was arrested this past week near the border town of Calexico in Imperial County, California.

“At around 11:50 p.m., on Monday, agents assigned to the Calexico Border Patrol Station were notified by Remote Video Surveillance Systems (RVSS) operators that an individual had made an illegal entry approximately 3.5 miles east of the Calexico downtown area,” the CBP statement said.

“RVSS operators obtained visual of the subject running north from the international boundary fence. After running about 200 yards north of the fence, the man laid down on the ground. The subject stood up and attempted to abscond by running away as agents approached him to make the arrest.

“After a brief foot chase, agents caught and detained the subject. The man was arrested and transported to the Calexico station for processing.”

The statement added that checks “revealed the 23-year-old man was Juan Manuel Montes-Bojorquez, a Mexican citizen who had been previously removed to Mexico on Feb. 19, 2017, through the Calexico Port of Entry.

“Montes is a prior DACA beneficiary who was previously removed from the country after he was arrested attempting to illegally enter the U.S.

“’Our agents witnessed and arrested Mr. Bojorquez making an illegal entry into the United States for the second time this year,’” said Assistant Chief Patrol Agent David S. Kim. “’Border Patrol Agents will always stop, detain, and arrest anyone making an illegal entry into the country irrespective of their immigration or citizenship status.’”

Montes was booked into the Imperial County Jail on pending charges of re-entry after removal.

Montes qualified for the DACA program—instituted by the Obama administration as a backdoor amnesty in 2012—in 2014 and renewed his status for two years in 2016, granting him protection from prosecution through 2018.

One of the conditions of his “protected” status was that he could not go back to Mexico without prior authorization—for the obvious reason that an ability to travel freely to his home country would negate any need for “protection.”

Montes ignored this simple pre-requisite, and was arrested trying to cross back into the US from Mexico in February this year—with the CBP correctly concluding that he had travelled in Mexico to visit family.

He was then served with formal deportation papers, and sent back across the border—to much controlled media whining about how “oppressed” he was and about how evil Trump is—even though Montes had broken the rules that Obama had made.

Spurred on by the sympathetic lying media coverage, Montes then launched a lawsuit against the US government claiming that he had been illegally deported. Claiming that his enrollment in DACA gave him protected status through 2018.

The DHS however correctly pointed out that Montes “lost his DACA status when he left the United States without advance parole on an unknown date prior to his arrest” by the border patrol on February 19.

A trial was set for Dec. 4, and the Justice Department agreed with a federal judge in San Diego to let Montes back into the country so he could testify on his own behalf.

But in October Montes asked his lawyers to drop the case, saying he wanted to remain in Mexico where he had been living with family for eight months.

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