Czech Government Latest to Reject United Nations’ “Global Compact for Migration”

The Czech government announced this week that it will become the latest country to reject the United Nations’ Global Compact for Migration because it blurs the distinction between legal and illegal immigration in favor of invaders.

The Global Compact for Migration is set to be adopted by UN member states at a meeting in Morocco in December.

“The Czech Republic has long favored the principle of separating legal and illegal migration,” Deputy Prime Minister Richard Brabec told a news conference in Prague this week.

“That is what the Czech Republic’s and other European countries’ suggestions aimed for. The final text does not reflect those proposals,” he continued.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis had previously stated he was against the migration pact even though it was non-binding because “it, in fact, defines migration as a basic human right.”

The United States was the first to announce it would not join the pact. It was followed by Hungary, Australia, Bulgaria and Austria. Poland, Slovakia and Italy.

The main reason for rejecting the Compact for Migration is that it makes migration a “human right” which “migrants” and their supporters will use in the legal system to claim is their “right” to move to any country they choose.

This is a fundamental intrusion upon the right of any nation to control its own borders.

Even some in Angela Merkel’s ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party in Germany have recognized this fact, as reported by the Deutsche Welle (DW) news service. Marian Wendt, a CDU lawmaker and member of the Bundestag’s home affairs committee, told DW that he “was concerned that the compact did not distinguish between economic migrants and asylum-seekers.

“We as the CDU have squandered our credit when it comes to the issue of migration in the last few years. The trust of the people is not very strong on this issue with us. That’s why we need to do everything to make sure we don’t create the impression that something is being negotiated behind closed doors.”

He and other conservatives will be speaking out against signing onto the UN pact in its current form, Wendt said, adding that the possibility of not signing up to it should be kept open.

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  1. I’m waiting for the UN to state that running its own currency is a human right of any group of people. It may be a long wait.

  2. Please update your style guide to Czechia.

    It’s the official short name of the Czech Republic since May 2016.

    In daily life, short names are being used, so if you use Slovakia and not the Slovak Republic, no reason not to use Czechia.

    Many thanks and best regards


    [Ed. Thank you, in future this will be applied.]

  3. You have to understand how phony this international conference was and how the globalists operate in their efforts at consensus building at an international level. The Czechs were right to object to an agenda that does not discriminate between legal and illegal migration, but this and everything else that was published in the final declaration had been decided behind closed doors before the conference had begun, while the conference itself was a charade to create the illusion that a consensus was being built from the delegates contributions. At last some member states have started to rebel against a UN consensus handed down from above, and I hope that their example will give other governments confidence to rebel against the immigration madness being pushed by the globalists.

  4. If one was to apply “Value for Money” for the UN operation, they may well be struggling financially. In some respects, this could be applied to a lot of governments, the EU and even NATO possibly. It is now generally accepted that politicians are all members of one organisation called “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME!”

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