Czech Republic Halts Invasion

Strict measures imposed by the Czech government have completely halted the Angela Merkel-powered nonwhite invasion of that country, with the number of illegal immigrants crossing their borders having dropped to zero.

In an interview with the Czech newspaper Hospodarske noviny, Interior Minister Milan Chovanec explained how his government had succeeded in stopping the invasion: by making it as unattractive as possible to stay in that country.

Upon arrival, the nonwhite invaders are not allowed to go free, but are placed in one of four reception centers. Here they are kept under lock and key behind a 15 foot high barbed wire fence, and forced to stand roll call every evening to make sure they have not escaped. They are also charged €10 per day for food and subsistence expenses.


This, and strict border patrols, have cut off the flow as the invaders prefer to opt for the “soft” targets of Croatia, Austria, and ultimately Germany.

The overwhelming majority of the Czech population supports the stringent measures, and thousands regularly demonstrate in Prague against the invasion of Europe. A recent survey found that at least 70 percent of Czechs admitted to being opposed to the admission of Middle Easterners and Africans to their country.


Czech President Milos Zeman has also weighed in on the topic, accusing the invaders of bringing Sharia to Europe. He also criticized the invaders’’ use of children as “human shields” to demand entrance to Europe, pointing out that the majority were “wealthy young men with smartphones and deserved no pity.”

Zeman has also publicly accused Angela Merkel of engaging in “false humanism,” and Prime Minister Boshulav Sobotka is so adamantly opposed to the concept of even taking in a “quota” of refugees, that he doesn’t think a referendum on the matter is necessary.

“I am against quotas, the government is against quotas, Parliament is against quotas … I really do not know why we should hold a referendum,” he told media after being asked about the possibility.

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  1. Juncker (Luxembourg) Schulz (Germany) Gabriel (Germany ) are all catholic.
    Perhaps it is part of their catholic penance to go around dressing up and acting like Jews? It certainly would be in the case of Germans, who seem to imitate them.

  2. Best news I've read all day! The Czechs are probably not going to take it because they have so many problems already with gypsies and so-called Russian 'mafia.'

  3. I'm so happy that a lot of people know about this, that they know what's going on! I have to do "clap clap" to my president too, he's the man on a right place! Well done, Milos and keep it in that way.

  4. No doubt Merkel & Co. will give up and are right now working out some devious plan which will force all dissenting EU countries to accept invaders.
    WE can only hope that Orban and other sensible leaders with a similar mindset will refuse to cowed by whatever the madwoman Merkel promises and / or threatens
    Dithering Dave here in the UK will probably buckle before the merest hint of a Merkel / Juncker onslaught.
    Ignoring his 20,000 `quota` he might try to cram in as many as possible as per Merkel`s orders before we cotton on to what`s happened.

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