Fake “Asylum Seekers” Sue US Govt. over “Prolonged Detention”

Nine Third World invaders pretending to be “asylum seekers” from Haiti, Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, and El Salvador, have sued to the US Government for being after being detained while their applications are processed.

According to a statement released by the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, Human Rights First, and Covington & Burling LLP, the suit was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Washington.

The suit claims that Homeland Security has violated US law by refusing to allow entire groups of asylum seekers to be released on parole from prisons and detention centers while their applications are decided.

“Asylum” is an immigration status granted to people already in the U.S. who fear they will be persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality or political views if forced to return to their home country.

Every asylum seeker is interviewed by a Homeland Security agent to determine if the applicant has a “credible fear” of returning home. They are then allowed to make their case before an immigration judge.

In 2009, the Obama administration instituted a policy that made it easier for asylum applicants to be released on parole while their cases are being decided. But under the Trump administration, the number of asylum-seekers granted such parole has dropped to nearly zero in five key Immigration and Customs Enforcement field offices: Detroit; El Paso, Texas; Los Angeles; Newark, New Jersey; and Philadelphia.

More than 1,000 “asylum seekers” are estimated to have been denied parole in those five ICE districts alone.

ACLU attorney Michael Tan said the Trump administration is punishing people seeking asylum.

“The Trump administration wants to make life so miserable for asylum seekers that they give up and return to their home countries,” said  Tan, an attorney with the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project.

“The administration is wielding indefinite detention as a weapon to deter future asylum seekers, which is both cruel and unconstitutional.”

“The United States is trying to send a message to asylum seekers that they need not apply,” he said.

The fact that these “asylum seekers” are clearly bogus—who after all is really “fleeing for their lives under persecution” from any of those nations—appears not to bother the ACLU, which, according to its website, deals in the following issues: “Racial Disparities and the Death Penalty,” “Immigrants’ Rights,” “LGBT Rights,” “Transgender Rights,” “Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice,” “Race and Economic Justice,” “Race and Inequality in Education,” and “Affirmative Action,” among many others.

In other words, the ACLU specializes in every anti-white cause possible, and is dominated by Jews, starting with its president Susan N. Herman down.

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  1. “The Trump administration wants to make life so miserable for asylum seekers that they give up and return to their home countries,” —-Uh, no. That would be Israel.

    Of course, the lawyer pushing this is non-White.

  2. Haiti, Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, and El Salvador…I thought these countries weren’t “s***holes”. Surely if they’re just like the US, they don’t need to come to the US, I’ve seen all the hashtags by celebrities & they’re always right aren’t they?

    It’s all irrelevant anyway. The 1965 immigration act started the rot & Regan’s amnesty in 1985 made it even worse, I don’t see there is anyway back now, the wall will never get built as the Democrats will obstruct it & then when they inevitably get the White House, Senate & House back one day, even if the wall is under construction, they’ll just defund it.
    Neither the GoP or DNC wants to save the US, however one side might talk about it.

    White’s should be concentrating on Europe, Australia & New Zealand, they’re no way back for the United States now, it will become majority Hispanic one day & that will be that.

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