Far Leftist French Government Seeks to Ban Nationalist Groups within Three Weeks

The far-leftist extremists who control the current French government have announced that they are going to “ban” at least two nationalist groups within the next three weeks in a hysterical overreaction to the death of a far leftist thug after he participated in a violent attack on the streets of Paris.

Communist thug Clément Méric died after falling to the ground when he and a number of his comrades attacked a small group of nationalists, some of whom were allegedly members of the Jeunesses Nationalistes Révolutionnaires (JNR) group.

French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault told the French parliament, the National Assembly, that the JNR and another organization, Troisième Voie, will be banned.

Other “groupings” on the far right could also be dissolved, he added, ignoring hecklers from other parties which called for similar treatment for far left groups.

The government will invoke a law first passed by the French Jewish Prime Minister Leon Blum in 1936, which effectively outlawed all parties except those on the left. The law will now be resuscitated to ban the two numerically minuscule nationalist groups.

The law allows any group facing a ban to reply to evidence brought by the government to justify the procedure.

The attempt to ban the groups may yet run into trouble. The leader of Troisième Voie, a Lebanese-born man by the name of Serge Ayoub, was quoted as saying that the JNR has no legal status and therefore cannot be banned.


Meanwhile, new images have surfaced showing Méric taking part in a pro-homosexual march in Paris, wearing a bandanna in an attempt to hide his identity (above).

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