“F**k Your Racist Borders”

“F**k your racist borders” is one of the slogans which has appeared in recent weeks on Greek-government provided accommodation units in Indomeni housing nonwhite invaders denied entry into Macedonia because they are fake refugees.

Other slogans include “United Pakistani + Somali + Lobnane + Ghana + Bangladeshi … Let them cross the border,” and similar exhortations to allow the invading hordes  to enter Europe no matter where they come from. (“Lobnane” appears to be a misspelling of Lebanese.)


This latest development—of blaming white people because the nonwhites are upset because they have no right at all just to move to Europe at will—is a further indication of how the “open borders” invitation by German chancellor Angela Merkel has been interpreted by the Third World.


The problem has been exacerbated by the controlled media and far left activists who have deliberately invited the invaders onward.

The most recent example of this came yesterday when journalists from the controlled media and far left activists set up and staged a “border crossing” invasion on the Greek-Macedonian border—but only succeeded in causing the drowning deaths of three of the invaders, with the rest all being arrested and put back across the border.

The staged invasion, which was a deliberate attempt to generate public sympathy for the fake refugees, was sparked by the distribution of a leaflet in Arabic which told the invaders of a route which could be followed—by foot—to avoid the blocked border crossing between Indomeni and Macedonia.

The leaflet contained a map for the invaders with the route marked, and the following text (translated from the Arabic):

The Greek-Macedonian border is closed and will remain closed.

– There will be no buses or trains that will bring you to Germany.

– Those who remain in Greece, brought back to Turkey.

– Those who can follow the illegal route through Eastern Europe may continue and will have the right to stay because Germany still accepts refugees.

– Most likely the camp in Idomeni will be evacuated in the next few days. It is likely that you will be forced to go to other refugee camps in Greece, and from there you will be sent back to Turkey.

The solution:

– The fences are just there to make you think that the borders are closed. But the fence ends just five kilometers from here. There is no fence to stop you entering Macedonia there, and you can cross the border there!

– If you organize yourselves into small groups on the road, the border control or the military will be able to stop you. They will bring you back to Greece.

– If thousands march off together, then the police will not manage to stop you or return you.

Our plan is, on Monday to meet at 12 am at camp exit and then then jointly cross the border. Please have a look at the map, where the route is marked out, and the meeting place. Please tell all your friends and relatives of the action.

Please hide this leaflet. Neither the police nor journalists should see it. Good luck!

map-01More than 2,000 nonwhites, having read the leaflet, made a rush for the crossing point, which included fording a river. There, at the river, waiting, were dozens of journalists, and a handful of other far leftists, prepared with ropes and materials to aid the crossing.

They formed rows and passed babies, screaming women, and more, all for the benefit of the rolling cameras and photographers.

A group of thirty Afghan invaders had got lost, and tried to cross the river by themselves at another point. Three were drowned.

Even though it was clearly their own fault, the controlled media distorted and twisted the events to make out as if this was “Europe’s migrant crisis” which was at fault.

About one-and-a-half thousand invaders made it over the river—only to be arrested by Macedonian army and police units and deported back across the border.

Although the controlled media gave great publicity to the crossing attempt, none, of course, pointed out that it had been staged, just as they have blacked out the “F**k your racist border” slogans and other overtly anti-European sentiments expressed by the nonwhite criminal invaders and their allies.

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    1. And there is only ONE way to deal with an invasion, and it isn’t sitting on our backsides at the computer and neither is it making silly little petitions or protest marching. That time is long past.

  1. Whenever you see signs written in English in eastern Europe, yopu can be sure that the jowled pig-eyed insane Soros is behind it.

  2. About time a few law abiding locals made a few citizens arrests of those deluded traitors aiding and abetting the criminal offence of illegally entering a country.

    1. Saw them on TV ,young English accent traitors. Throw them in jail with some Macedonian ‘Bubbas’
      Then deport them after 60 days to Syria so Assad can do the same thing.

  3. The last time an agreement mentioned an obligation to reciprocate was in the Chaco Peace Treaty Article 8 July 21 1938, but that had been discarded in the Versailles Peace Treaty which had stripped Germany of its assets with punitive reparations. Article 7 mentions a linked issue, ” The Republic of Paraguay guarantees the amplest free transit through its territory and especially through the zone of Puerto Casado, of merchandise arriving from abroad destined for Bolivia to be embarked for abroad through the said zone of Puerto Casado; with the right for Bolivia to install customs agencies and construct depots and stores in the said zone of said port.
    The imbalances in trade and financial crisis Greece faces with its creditors and importers is similar to what happened in Paraguay and Europe after the Versailles Treaty and this crisis will take its course with blackmail and war to appease those who want to dump Chinese goods anywhere and get paid with tradable currency.

    1. Here is what happened after 1938 with respect to the idea of reciprocating in trade. Article 82 d2. of the Italian Peace Treaty February 10 1947 “The foregoing undertakings by Italy shall be understood to be subject to the exceptions customarily included in commercial Treaties concluded by Italy before the war: and the provisions with respect to reciprocity granted… shall be understood to be subject to the exceptions customarily included in commercial treaties…”
      It looks like a situation that the victors have a right to find cash in an empty bucket, under the provision that they personally do not look but demand that their victims perform the act or die and f**k your borders.

  4. EU just need to copy Australia asylum system to stop this mess. Unfortunately, they want to escalate to a level for Turkey to join EU and install a radicalised muslim as EC president. EU is in the hands of oil barons long ago. Europeans are screwed. Their pensions will be raided.

  5. It was clear watching the BBC representation of these people (mainly young men) fording the river that there were an equal number of helpers wearing Hi-vis jackets and waistcoats and Journalists/cameramen assisting. You’ve got to give applause to the cameramen: it must have taken a lot of effort and time arranging the invaders to focus on the very few women and children present!

  6. I knew that this must’ve been staged simply because of all the pictures of this supposedly dramatic border crossing that came out yesterday. If you look closely, that river is only knee deep, and yet three of the invaders still managed to drown because most desert nomads can’t swim. Also, that “rope” they’re all holding on to is just a clothesline, and I can’t understand how a clothesline could hold that many people. THEY (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) think we’re so stupid that we’ll take anything in the media at face value anymore?!? No, our problem is not that we’re not smart enough. We’re just not enraged enough.

  7. Why do they want to live with us?? If they hate us so much. Are they Jews?? Does all the garage of the world want to be Jews?? Do they all want to sponge off of us??

    1. There are now that many parasites sucking away at white lands, we are becoming weaker and more anaemic through sheer blood loss.

    2. Jews and Muslims follow the White race wherever they go. We are the race with both a work ethic and intelligence. Jews and Muslims should remain in the Middle-East. There is enough room for them

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