German Govt. Promotes Interracial Sex

The German government has set up an explicitly-illustrated website dedicated exclusively to promoting interracial sex between the nonwhite “refugees” and Europeans.

The new website, called “Zanzu—My body in words and images”—was set up by the Ministry of Health’s Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (“Federal Center for Health Education,” BZgA) in cooperation with a Belgian-government funded “Expertise Center for Sexual Health” called Sensoa.

In its introductory video, the website specifically says that its purpose is to give “advice on sex and sexuality for migrants who have not been living long in Germany.”


Divided into six main “themes,” the website uses sexually explicit drawings designed to portray interracial sex as often as possible.

In addition, the website also promotes homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, and “transgenderism.”


The website has been prepared in Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, and nine European languages, but the contents of the site and the subjects discussed makes it clear that it is aimed at nonwhites from the Third World.

For example, under the heading “Relationships and feelings,” the website explains in detail what “honor violence” is, and why it is unacceptable in Europe:

Honor means that you are valuable to yourself and society. Some people can choose for themselves how to live in an honorable way. For other people, it is decided by their family or society. In this case, you represent your family. Your behavior affects all your family members. Honor-based violence is forbidden by law.

“Honor violence” is of course an almost exclusively Muslim phenomenon, most often directed against females who in way or another disobey the males in their family with regard to relationships, dress, or behavior.

what is sexual violence

Another part of the site, titled “Rights and law,” even attempts to explain to the nonwhite invaders that they should not engage in sexual violence against women.

As if anyone, from anywhere, actually needed to be told this, under the heading “What is sexual violence?” the website tries to explain it this way:

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is when someone threatens you, uses violence toward you or exploits your defenseless position in order to have sex with you. That is a crime. Some forms of sexual violence are sexual coercion, sexual abuse, and rape. The people who commit sexual violence can be severely punished for it.

It is also a form of sexual violence if someone attacks you with words or actions that are sexual and if someone wants to humiliate you by doing so.

So, for example: someone

makes rude comments about you in your presence,

touches you,

harasses you on the telephone or by email or SMS,

shows you pornographic images or movies against your will.

By the way: women and girls are often affected, but men and boys can also be affected.

In another section titled “Female genital mutilation,” the invaders are advised that “Female genital mutilation is also called female circumcision,” and that even though it is “done for cultural reasons,” it is “illegal in Europe” and “forbidden by law.”


It is however under the sections dealing with “Kinds of Sex” that the true intent of the website becomes clear: nearly every illustration used depicts interracial couples


As the website is specifically aimed at “migrants” and not Germans, the meaning cannot be mistaken: that the nonwhites are being told in no uncertain terms that they are to regard sex with white Germans as the norm.

The implications of this state-funded promotion of interracial sex are astonishing given the background of the nonwhite invader mass sex attacks over New Year’s Eve in cities around Europe, and the ongoing never-ending reports of rapes and sexual assaults which are still occurring on a daily basis.

Even more revealing, however, is the fact that this official government website reveals the true purpose behind the promotion of “multiculturalism” and mass immigration: the physical destruction of the white race through miscegenation.

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    1. Why? That’s the fundamental question, why? I would pray that the German people specifically find out who did this, their names and call them out.
      They literally told the Muslims, white women want them!
      No marriage, no future, no relationship,
      Just raw crude sex!
      They made the German women to be skuts, just like the Muslims think now!
      This isn’t going to change their thinking! How stupid!

      1. Let me explain that for you.
        Germany is a rich country. Some people here think, that us beeing rich causes other countries to be poor. So there is not only that WW2 thing it is also our fault that there is poverty in this world. So of course it is our duty to help poor people by making our economy weaker. How? Well we could just let 1200000 people with low education and an incompatible culture pass our borders. What a great plan! As a German women let me tell you I’m really pissed off because I can’t even visit a public swimming pool anymore. Any YES there will be a civil war here in about a year.

        1. Hopefully ethnic Europeans in Germany and all of Europe wake the fuck up.. You people are a laughing stick and a disgrace to our ancestors right now.. Make the European Americans Proud. Fight back. Embrace national socialism

          1. Marcus, The people are awake, the problem is we have weak, incompetent governments who don’t listen to the people anymore.

        2. Civil war should be now. Why aren’ t the people beating the shit out of these invaders?? This is the only thing they understand. Protests are a waste of time. The Buddists had to fight them and they drove the Muslims out. It seems European citizens are dragging there feet.

          1. To piss off Buddhists that much is saying something about these visitors. I kind of feel bad for the kids, though. Probably, both people’s have been having sex like animals–that is, when their passions are up, they find a bed. That’s the thinking behind the fall of Western Civilization, or it could be a nihilism that started after WW2.

        3. Germany is a rich country ? Germany has debits of 2146 Billion € , and every second this becomes about 539€ more !

        4. Well, I don’t know if I agree with that. One country made another country poor. Not sure how they did that, why didn’t the other country complain and work harder. No one is force to follow someone else’s lead. In my opinion, they are poor because they deserved it. They did not work hard and make good decisions. Poor education and laziness will cause this also. Many times, people chose to be poor. They want to sit around and not work for it.

          That is like, punishing the assembly line in a factory. The packagers are to slow, and packaging is holding the company up. Obviously, they need more packagers, better training, or, have workers who drag their feet.

          1. Do you really think that peaple in romania or bangladesh dont work hard? Really? For example: workers in opel or fiat or toyota factories in poland or in slovakia earns less than 25% of what workers in Germany or in France.

        5. Well, they think the same thing about the US, and while we are still able to go to the public pool without being assaulted, it looks as if our civil war is already beginning. Ours, of course is being promoted by a bunch of sore losers lefties. Hopefully all their crying will wear them out. Since none of them believe in arming themselves and don’t really know what they’re fighting for, other than hating our president, the only thing keeping them going is George Soros’ money. What is taking you so long?

    2. Don’t know where they get the sexual health from, everything I’ve read suggests that they are ridden with sexual diseases, some of which the west hasn’t even heard of!

    3. Germany is down the drain, anyway……and then who cares, Germany is blasted with arrogant “civil servants” – and with a bit of luck the newly arrived intruders will teach them a real lesson….what a laugh !!

    4. It may be worth considering that one of the founding fathers of the European Union was a mixed race Austrian aristocrat called Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, who wrote a book, “Praktischer Idealismus”, which is the basis of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan and the Pan-Europe Movement, both of which are parts of the foundation of the EU.
      In addition, Frau Merkel (2010) and Herman van Rumpuy (2012) are both past winners of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize, given biannually to those who have best promoted the movement towards the version of Europe envisaged in the Plan

        1. Coudenhove-Kalergi, who was active between the two wars, has absolutely nothing to do with Merkel letting in millions of Muslims in 2016. Let’s not be ridiculous, 50 years ago nobody thought of this. The problem is our stifling political correctness, which makes criticizing Muslims or even defending ourselves from them taboo.

    5. when the german real people take back their country they should hunt down all who had a hand in this,right down to the artists and the printers…get the lot.

    6. Merkel’s multicultural madness knows no limits until Germany is completely overrun by Muslim scum screaming for Sharia. You should listen to a recording of Powell – Rivers of blood – a man who during the 60’s already saw the multitude of multicultural madness would bring to the country. The main problem however is not multicultural in general, but the moment Muslims are involved.
      Muslims do and cannot integrate in any society but Islam. They arrive and are quite until enough of them are there and then you experience what people in the UK very well know. You get “no go” areas for non-Muslims and Sharia law. What Europe is experiencing right now, if not an immigrant crises but a Muslim invasion and for the first time in history, an invasion by invitation thanks to slow witted and unbelievably blue eyed European Politicians headed by Merkel. Rapes, killings, frequent attacks of Germans by Muslims, thefts, drug-dealing in plain view of the police who wouldn’t dare make a move because Muslims enjoy a special protection by Merkel and her bunch of leftist Crystal Meth smoking accomplices.
      To put it all into a nutshell, Germany and Europe is in a huge mess and a political shift to the right is inevitable. But even with such a shift, it will take possibly a decade until some sort of normality will be established with Millions of Muslims already in Europe and hundreds of thousands of unknown whereabouts. Terrorist attacks are also inevitable in the very near future once those Muslims have completed their logistics in acquiring arms and explosives.
      Leaving the EU, distancing ones country from this conundrum of incompetence, greed, laziness and straight forward madness should be the preferred option for now. Then the UK can start cleaning up its own mess of Muslim terror and no-go areas in British cities and send most of them back to their home countries where they belong. Multiculturalism when Muslims are involved has catastrophic effects on a countries internal security and general stability.

      1. The EU has nothing to do with extra-EU immigration. Each member state can do what it wants. What EU rules do is prohibit limits on European immigration. But that is not a problem. That’s what the Brits did not understand.

  1. Stand by for a huge upsurge in rape and sexual assault once the migrants get a look at these illustrations. Being illiterate, they won’t be able to read the text – not that it would matter to them. The race replacement project no longer hidden.

    1. Most migrants can’t even read Arabic! They r just going to look at the pictures.
      If I was a German woman, or if you r a German family, sell sell sell, and get the devil out of Germany, come to USA, we have awesome German settlements, they r very nice people. Move! Get out if Germany now, before u or your child is raped or killed!

      1. Hey! Thanks for your Invite, but we will stand and defend our country til the end.
        I promise, this year will be the bigbang where the crowd stands up and take their land back.
        It rumors everywhere right now

      2. thankx for inviting us!
        But it’s not so easy to go to another country outside the “EU” for us germans (compared to the “refugees”… just running over the borders with faked passports…). Wee need money or greencard…
        But I thought already about moving over to Poland…Slowakia … or Hungary to Mr. Orban.

        1. You are very welcome here in Poland We are waiting here for all people wanted to live in peace in “old Europe”. we need also such a people for inexorably upcoming “western caliphate”.

          1. I’m assuming u r polish. Why polish people r so stupid and they want to fight for other countries? Haven’t you learn from history yet??? The same regarding UK and France. As long as they will need us they pretend a friend…..but if they get what they want……u know what happened many times! Protect ur land not the countries who invited this crap. They have what they wanted. Let them enjoy now!!!

        2. Mr Orban is very sensible and cares for and protects his people. What will happen if the EU try to force him to take thousands of migrants? The EU is doomed. Good!

          1. orban should save Hungarian people from himself and his so called government. Thousands of migrants??? It’s all about a bit more than one thousand of them, that we should let in.

        3. Stay where u r and dont run away like a rat. U invited these Muslims so now have fun with them. We don’t want Germans in our land. We don’t need germanisation!!!! U stopped Polish coming to the Germany for 7 years after we joined UE and now u think we will welcome u. U were complaining about Polish and in the same time u welcome all Turkish and others to come to ur country and now you dear to think to move to Poland???? We don’t want u!!!

          1. Listen here! I’m Polish too and you better start realizing that Germans and Polish people have the same blood. Forget about the past, Blame the jews for tricking us into fighting each other…
            European people need to stand with European people if we are to survive the future.

        4. Join us in the uk please. What a shame we have such a history of bad governments when the European citizens all like ans support each other. We are worried about the future of ordinary Germans in the EU, especially now we are leaving… fact we worry about all of you.

      3. Please don’t call these foreign invaders “migrants” without preceding that vague label with “illegal”. Very few of those individual foreign invaders had permission to immigrate. They are flooding in ILLEGALLY.

        People like Merkel claim that each one is immigrating legally, but she has no credible evidence to support that assertion. In other words, she is just another “say anything” politician who is lying to promote her hidden neo-communist, ‘one world’ agenda.

        Look at the pictures of the foreign horde pouring in every day from Central Africa, from the Middle East, and from similar failed countries. There is no accountability for that tidal wave of foreign illegals; there is no orderly immigration process, with each one individually vetted for AIDS and other communicable diseases, or for a needed skill, or for anything else. Instead, they just pour in by the tens of thousands every month; the dregs of their societies, to be parasites on European and British taxpayers.

        That foreign invasion is ‘justified’ by false assertions by neo-communists like Merkel. And now she has authorized the government’s advertising that promotes the sexual exploitation of her own country’s women and girls, by the degenerates she is bringing in. Incredibly, she represents rthose FOREIGN scofflaws over her own citizens! And those foreign dregs will immediately begin to milk her overtaxed citizens. Is there any doubt about that?

        Next, consider that in America, women and girls are able to go about in public almost anywhere—for just ONE reason: U.S. citizens have consistently refused to surrender to the government their right to bear arms. Almost every U.S. state allows citizens to carry concealed firearms—and a large fraction of the population does so. If anyone attempted to molest a woman in public as happens daily in the UK and in EU countries, that attempted rape would end decisively, with a dead perpetrator. The illegals know this, so the relatively few rapes that do happen occur well out of public sight.

        British and EU citizens were extremely foolish to meekly surrender the best personal protection they had. Now they can only make angry comments when their women and girls are publicly raped by foreign illegals.

        If only one in twenty or thirty EU citizens had a concealed weapon, they wouldn’t be the serfs that their parents and grandparents made them into when they surrendered their basic right of self-protection. Instead, they would still be sovereign citizens—and their governments would be forced to sit up straight and pay attention when they made it clear they would not tolerate their women being raped by the foreign reprobates barging into their countries illegally.

        Carrying a concealed handgun for the protection of oneself and one’s fellow citizens is not a perfect answer to this accelerating invasion of foreigners. But it is a far better answer than anything else available to the average citizen. It is the difference between the legitimate pride a free citizen has, and the abject shame that impotent serfs have always had.

        That can be changed. But it requires an unshakeable will. I believe that our EU and UK cousins possess the will to stand up to the Merkels who have insinuated themselves into power. If so, Americans will stand behind them, like we have time after time before. Good luck; you CAN do it.

        British and EU governments must be forced to rescind the laws prohibiting firearms for law abiding citizens. There are currently more than 300 million handguns in the U.S. But the latest numbers show that gun crimes are now at an ALL TIME LOW. Thus, guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is on balance a good thing.

        Finally, DO NOT believe the government or their pet media propagandists. They are lying to you because an armed society is not easy for them to control. And their control of YOU is the entire reason that they have disarmed you.

        Serfs allow their wives and daughters to be raped by the foreign horde. Don’t be a serf! Demand to be treated as citizens, and DO NOT take ‘No’ for an answer—the ones telling you ‘No’ are just self-serving bureaucrats and deaf electeds like Merkel. They want to keep you under their control, as serfs. To hell with them!

        At every future election, demand the right to protect yourself and your women. Or expect to see them repeatedly raped by the dregs of foreign countries, because it is crystal clear that your government is incapable of protecting them. Nor, after seeing the ads here, does your government even want to protect your women! Only you can do that—with sufficient firepower. Demand it!

    2. Perverted sexual education leads to perversions of all sorts – so the law-abiding indigenous are shat upon from both invaders and so-called political elite. That is the sad part. 2 world wars and it appears the ‘political elite’ and I use those words in jest as I consider them all to be dumb – they have learnt nothing. In fact I think they have regressed.

  2. As a father of a 2 year old living in Germany, how can I read this and not go crazy?
    Here in Baden-Württemberg, they are now teaching this to little children. People have been protesting in Stuttgart because of the insanity: teaching little boys about how to engage in anal sex with other boys.
    How could a father read this and not go nuts? I’m serious, any suggestions?

    1. Yes, I have one suggestion, make sure your local politician understands the way you feel, do it personally, and with vio-lence, then his successor may see your point of view, if not, do the same thing to him, and the one after him, Merkel cannot do this to you without their help, you may go to prison, but there is no other way.

      1. Germany is not a sovereign COUNTRY,it is still overruled by the US.
        All that happens here is intended, and executed by Merkels gov.

    2. Alex, I agree that it’s hard not to go crazy reading these things. From a practical perspective though it’s not getting any better in Germany, in fact you can see that it is getting much, much worse. Unless you can homeschool your child starting in a few years, I’d suggest moving or finding a good private school. I’m living in Poland now in part due to the cultural insanity of California. Some radical leftists are pushing gender indoctrination, but parents are up in arms when it happens. I think Polish culture will be able to resist it much better than Germany.

        1. Don’t give your hopes up Daniel, nobody will do anything in GERMANY, otherwise they would done something already the first time when it came out that these salvages raped women and children. Germany will never will act like some countries, like Poland, Hungary etc.

          1. So sad to witness the downfall of what once was a great country. Are there any brave and proud Germans left? If so, what are they waiting for to act and take back their country before it is really too late??

    3. Germans aren’t allowed to home-school are they. Maybe you should agitate for that right after all the government is trampling on all your rights to raise your child/ren according to your morals and values.

    4. It’s quite simple! Get rid of the bloody socialists. Everyone seems to stand around moaning & groaning and doing a lot of nothing else.

      Tis calls for rebellion on a large scale.

      On the other hand the German people may take to it. In South Africa the German immigrant men were known for chasing black women.
      One fellow I knew was known as “the Cadbury Kid”

      So maybe the Germans will welcome this!

    5. hm.. I would gather the other parents and then all go to the school’s director to protest and obtain the cessation of this madness. A group is always more efficient in protests

      1. Alexandre, it is too late for stuff like that, it has gone too far, and Merkel shows no sign of changing her policy, she simply does not care about protests now, Germans need to ask themselves, “what are my childrens lives worth to me?” and act accordingly, and sadly, holding a few banners up and walking down the street is not going to cut it, good luck Germany, you need to find your fighting spirit again.

        1. Things won’t start to be normal until Merkel is locked up in an asylum. Elections are getting rid of these mad Marxist but countries like Germany and France are attempting to outlaw these democratic options as what ‘communist’ do. At worst these countries may just find themselves isolated. In United States and Canada all parties are permitted but they are DEMOCRATIC
          countries and communist parties are permitted but are not popular.

    6. You need to remove all of your children from German schools and move to an area where the invaders have not infiltrated. Maybe Russia.

      1. You mean,everybody who is living in his/her country has to move because of migrants? Where we are living,man? No way to adapt to these people in my own country!

    7. To Alex:
      This is an opportunity to raise your kid with a strong group identification. As your child gets older, explain to them the glory and achievements of the Germanic people. Your child will seek to identify with that tradition. Don’t give negative reinforcement such as hatred of the other racial groups but positive reinforcement of your own. As your child is exposed to the negative reinforcement of the Cultural Marxism they will reject it and embrace the positive reinforcement you provide. Educate them and speak the absolute truth to them. They will soon perceive the lies of the Marxists with the contrast to the truth you provide. Be patient with them if they make friends with nonwhites. Softly encourage them to be advocates of their people. Best wishes to you.

      1. Thanks Bret. The positive encouragement makes sense. I like how you look at the situation as an opportunity, we need to stay positive in the face of all this.

      1. Fight! Your ancestors didn’t run, they fought like warriors.Create a euro wide defence force and help each other. It is your home, so defend your right to exist!

        1. Absolutely agree Ste-G! They will stop these amok only if we europeans are act with power. Police will not protect peoples till the infection of liberals will on the top!

      2. Bloody coward. How can you contemplate not fighting for your cherished culture and homeland? How can you say to yourselves these animals have beaten us? How can you let the incredible culture of Germany go down the toilet and be lost. The loss of Germany would be a loss to the enlightened, sophisticated free world!!

      3. Where are they going to run to? Your enemy will grow stronger in numbers as you flee for safety. There’s going to come a time where you have to stand and fight.

        The screwed up ironic part about this whole situation is that pre WWII as a certaiin German Chancellor took the German people out of post WWI poverty but went awry with power. If the rest of Europee would have stopped him before he gained more military power and momentum, who knows? It is a possibility that WWII miight have been averted.

        But that is all hindsight now. History is supposed to be our mentor on how to do things differently should a similar situation arise.

        You think that it is just Germany whose European head is on the chopping block? Think again. The same sttuff I hear is happening in the other Scandanavian countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden). If you don’t stop it before it gets more uncontrollably out of hand, you will have reached the point of no return.


    8. We have our government in Australia promoting the same things but there has been a massive outcry from normal Australians against the sexualising of our innocent children. The world needs help and more common sense not these one world government idiots.

      1. Tania, I live in Australia. We just had Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival. Unfortunately I do not hear a massive outcry against.

        1. Then you must not have seen the amount of people who signed the petition to have that program investigated or the sites where parents are venting their disgust at the thought of having their children exposed to it. Responses to newspaper articles have been quite a shock to the establishment who thought they could sneak this rubbish in and call it an anti bullying program and no one would criticise it. Very wrong.

        1. Con Ken is right, there are whole German towns in the USA. Very nice people .You need someone to sponsor for you and you have no problems getting a visa.The way everything is in Germany right now you might not even need that. I would get in touch with the German consulate and check into it. Good luck!!!

    9. Thanks for your feedback everyone.
      This website and your comments provide me with a little bit of hope in this completely insane world. Even little boys are now getting raped at the public swimming pools by the asylum-seekers. I worry for my son. I came to Germany from the United States, where things are also crazy. Now what, flee to Poland? I’m not sure we as a people can continue to run. We have lots of work to do, the future of our children is at stake. Thanks again for your advice, it helps!
      -Alex in Germany

      1. My Lord, do not get me wrong, but for those that are telling you to flee your own country.. to just hand Germany or any country over to the invaders is wrong.. Let me ask the ones from the USA if this was you.. this what was going on in our Great country.. would you want to flee and give up this great country to an invasion? Or would you stand up and fight for your country.. this is coming to America.. if we do not stop it. now if the UK falls to the invaders.. and then the US.. where the hack are we supposed to goto.. they will be all over.. Its YOUR country.. like AMERICA is ours.. and we must fight to keep it.. these people that think they are gods and just let the raping,killing etc from the INVADERS and omg you should be nice to them let them rape your kids .. its the kids fault for being out.. that is not freedom for a once proud country.. may it be Germany,UK,France, USA.. we have to take back our countries. And not be pushed to oblivion.

        1. Also, whites who want to flee America, Canada, Australia or Western Europe for the Slavic nations, what makes you think those Eastern Europeans will just let us in? Don’t you think they’ll think we are whimps for not fighting for our own nations? If you start flooding into, say, Hungary or Poland or Russia, they will want to know what YOU can do for them. Also, you’re going to have delusional liberals in the white refugees fleeing for Eastern Europe. What makes you think those liberals idiot aren’t going to go Eastern Europe and say “Gee, it’s too white here. We need diversity here”?

          For my American friends, we’ve seen how the liberal whites fled California and moved to Washington and Oregon and Colorado and now even Northeastern white liberals move down South and bring their liberal anti-traditional thinking and agendas with them.

          1. U right. We don’t want you in our country. We’ve been treated as a second category all the time and now u think we will welcome you because u made a big s**t in your own countries? Stay where u r and fight or die.u invited these butchers so have fun now.

        2. Es ist unglaublich. Jahrelang hieß es “haltet euch zurück”. Wir sind zu viele auf dem Planeten. Und jetzt “bietet” diese Regierung (CDU-CSU; SPD) BK Merkel, Vizekanzler Gabriel über Broschüren (vom Bundesministerium für Gesundheit) die Deutschen Frauen und Männer für Sex an.
          “Schlimmer geht es nimmer, glaubt man. Und dann werden hier soviel Menschen , auch Männer vergewaltigt. — (Waren ja immer Deutsche Täter”. Gesine Schwan:
          ” Unsere Sorge sind die Übergriffe in den deutschen Familien “

        1. Sorry, but I’m an American don’t agree with you. White Americans are cowards and they’re all talk. White men in the USA allow black men to sleep with their women, they gladly parade around their mulatto grandchildren, they will hate us ‘racist whites’ far more than the same ghetto inner city blacks that will kill them in, they would rather support illegal Mexicans for ‘cheap labor’ than their own homeless/unemployed white brethren, and we white men in America sit back and did nothing as blacks and nonwhites took over our cities and turned them into dumps. Personally, I think the millions of guns that White Americans own will just sit in their closets or gun cabinets. America will rot and turn third world and whites (many) won’t do a damn thing about it.

    10. Suggestion: Get the hell out of Germany as fast as you can and move to the USA or Canada to boost the white population before those creeps arrive in too great a number. We still have a chance in North-America. Grab it!

      1. I’m not sure you would be allowed to come here to Canada. Our idiot new prime minister seems biased in favor of these Syrian “refugees”. He’s actively encouraging the invasion of our country by very quickly, with very little to no security checks, bringing over 25,000 of these so-called refugees. His plan is to bring in at least another 25,000. There is a lack of rental housing here, as this new government is finding out. Several days ago our immigration minister admitted that 42% of the “new Canadians” are being housed in hotels and resorts. A lot of people, myself included, are terribly concerned about the security of the country and the safety of our citizens. There is no way that every one of these”refugees” will integrate into our society. Also, with the lack of verifiable security checks, it’s inevitable that he’s bringing some terrorists here amongst these refugees that he’s tripping all over himself to bring here. Because he seems to be so biased in favor of these refugees I’m not so sure he would allow white Europeans to immigrate here. A lot of us would welcome you with open arms though.

        1. I agree with you, Darlene. The immigration situation of the 1950’s has nothing to do with what is happening today. In those days, almost all of the immigrants were EUROPEAN and it made a difference. Once past the sometimes difficult challenges MOST of the newcomers settled in quite nicely and integrated to become proud hard working citizens. Alas, the name ‘Canada’ may have to be changed in the near future as it will probably hurt the feelings of some ignorant newcomers of the Middle East or North Africa. I may not witness that as I am an older person with not too many years left and, in a way, it should not bother me too much. I still feel sorry for the younger generation, though

    11. yes make sure ALL germans know of this and especially those who are in the areas that are voting this weekend!! Where,s the real MEN? sorry alex but perhaps you and your fellow germans voted for all this!

    12. Alex all I can say as a father of 3 children in America is I hope your statement is a sick joke. American news is owned by corporate olligarcies and is a sham. So we will never hear of such truths going on in Europe on our news stations. If it weren’t for Facebook I would never have heard of this. I think Europeans not just Germans must rise up and take their government by the neck and shove their noses in the shit they’re serving! Take lead of your governments! Do not take this lying down. Encourage your young adult males to surround your treasonist leaders and demand their resignation before violence removes them. If this is true, you have no choice or it will be too late. Time is not on your side. Act now. God speed! May God be with you.

    13. I sympathise with you. What they are teaching is disgusting perversions and if I had power it would be stopped immediately. However we have been infiltrated by Marxists and other like-minded idiots. Europe will be destroyed soon if these are not severely controlled.

      People will look back at history of this period (the last 15 years in particular) and wonder what went on in the heads of the ‘elite’ and whether they had sawdust up there.

      1. and they will wonder why millions of white European men just sat back and tolerated this. “Oh I didn’t want to get called a racist” or “Oh, I would have fought off these black and brown men terrorizing our women, but I didn’t want to get in trouble!”

      1. The first thing that needs to be done, get rid of that insane Merkel or nothing will change!! Storm her office, drag her out and hang her. My father and some of my relatives died for that country, seems now for nothing. Even though they got killed in Russia I respect these people more now than the coward men in Germany and that is sad…

    14. Alex, I am an eastern orthodox, I have a 5 years old daughter. Every Sunday she goes to the church and prays for everything she got. Personal I do belive that the sacred Bible is more mythologic book than a hystoric one, but the teachings brings you to the way of normality without changing your life style in a submissive way. I know that there in Germany is very hard those days to keep your belives, but try to bring your family closer to the religion and you will have an educated, responsible, healthy, modest, greatful and united family. Think only how many genies worked together to develop the nowadays computer and then think at how could be created this fascinated universe by itself?!! There must be a force that created and organized everything. Remains the question that if it indeed exists a force behind all the process, why doesn’t present in front of us. Maybe we have to search for him as the Bible says. Find an orthodox church Alex and talk with the priests. There is no way to be a religious person and a gay or a drug addict in the same time. No way, a truly religiou person has an elevated self esteem level. I will recomand you to read a book by “Zig Ziglar” named “Raise positive kids in a negative world”. Its available on Amazon. Ziglar also recommend this approach to the church in a healthy way. Good luck! You will need it!

    15. That is just morally bankrupt and disgusting……cultural Marxism in action….destroying society through every perversion, feminism, etc. As a good father you can but counter the cultural rubbish your child is fed at school with a real education at home

      1. Not the terrible book everyone says it is. I found Hitler complex, engaging, sensitive and passionate to a fault.

        That being said, he is no theorist but was he a savvy political able to see much father than most men? Hell yeah!

  3. Phase 1 : Mass non-white immigration into Germany, surpassing all that has come before it.

    Phase 2: Massive miscegenation propaganda to combine with already-existing liberal attitudes.

    Phase 3: The end of Germans.

    It does not take a genius to understand what will happen in the long run, unless some rather jolting counterforce comes to sweep it away. It is going to be horrific when or if it does come, but people are being left with little else of an option when the state and all the apparatus of the state is in lock-step with the program of destruction.

  4. That site has many languages, including an English version. It shows e.g. in the section on ‘STIs’ a condon, held by a black hand. And a smiling white doctor, pleased to explain pus and sharing sex toys to a middle eastern looking type. There are sections on women’s genitals. In its way, it is exquisitely grotesque. i could find no references to (e.g.) Somalis finding Somali lovers – but of course all the invaders are male. I can’t wait for a similar site promoting sex between Jews and Bantus.

  5. Alex, the only way is to fight back. You could do this first by getting together with other parents who feel the same, and join PEGIDA. You will find strength comes from being with people who feel like you do, and you can support each other. you must do this for your children, and the more of you there are, the harder it will be for the authorities to silence you. Home schooling will not make your country safe for your children, only you and your counterparts can do that. It may be against everything you have believed in so far, but you MUST act now before it is too late.

    1. Deem I’m afraid Pegida is an anti racist organisation, NPD would be a better choice or a pro white group if one exists. We know that anti racist is code for anti white.

      1. Oh da is not, that was very obvious in the March, 10,000 strong, those were regular people, it’s people like u who keep saying this, it’s not true!
        If there is an idiot here and there so what, what one out of every 500 is an idiot? You have 499 normal Germans!

        1. Look at this image, there are 2 things fundamentally wrong with it, if you can’t tell what they are you are part of the problem:

    1. Indeed, if they put up with this, there is no hope for them, if we can get out ,secure the borders properly, and get rid of the 5th column bliar and camoron imported, maybe we can ally with Russia when the great European jihad gets off the ground, the yanks seem to be on the other side this time (or is that, again).

    2. Its the governments making us all victims, I don’t understand their stupidity to let in these retrogrades even if they have fled wars, they are committing complete havoc with their behaviour on their host nations we must stay united they must not be allowed to win.

  6. The most ridiculous thing about this is that no migrant is going to read this. They don’t care. They’re not in Europe to make happy families with European women. They’re there to take the piss, to rape, to have the good time they can’t have in their home nations because they know there are no consequences for these actions in our nations. If you want them to behave, start cutting off hands like they do back in desert dweller land, but if you have to do that, then it’s pretty obvious we don’t need them here to begin with.

  7. I think this shows a pathetic desperation on behalf of the state, who see their plans not going to accord. As the father of two boys I can tell you that children are a lot more critical of what they are taught than you think and the decent ones can detect rubbish coming from a teacher very easily.

    1. I hope you instructed your two boys not to question such teachers. Teachers can be vindictive and get ‘even’ with them through bad marks, etc. (have seen that)

  8. The invaders will just see this as the government giving them the green light to rape.
    I thought the UK had major problems with Camerons government but it seems the Germans have an even worse problem with Merkels.

    1. Yes, Keath, That is how you can see it. It is unbelievabel. —

      Yes , Richard Nikolaus (G.) Coudenhove -Kalergi —- Plan.
      Richard Nikolaus (G.) Coudenhove – Kalergi , the “Godfather of EU”.

  9. You should see what they’ve been doing in the UK. Occasionally there’s a program about sexual habbits of britain or something on the TV. I’ve watched 2 or 3 in the last couple of years. In all of them, they used a black man and a white woman. ALL OF THEM.

  10. Too late. EU will soon become islam union. Gaddafi and Saddam will be laughing in their graves. The coming election will be the only way the people can save europe and stop voting for the traitors in their countries.

    1. European men will have to use force to take their nations back if political parties don’t change it. We should do what our ancestors would have done.

  11. This is absolutely stupid. Once the refugees see this in the print they will think it is OK to carry on as they as usual. Hope Germany is employing more police by the thousands in order to cope with what is obviously going to happen to all German females. What a horror.

  12. Donald Trump is absolutely right about this, Europe shouldn’t accept troublemakers, these refugees at the first place!!!

  13. Where is it depicted White males mounting brown people? All the females would appear white now that aint kosher is it now?

  14. Another Lebensborn program? Before we know it, anyone refusing the “attentions” of these enrichers, will be slapped with a hate crime charge.

  15. The sionists are doing this to christians and white people. They are controling the goverments of western countries of Europe. The only chance is to INVITE PUTIN TO SAVE US LIKE ASSAD DID. WE NEED A UNION WITH RUSSIA, AN ORTHODOX UNION!

  16. Your brothers in South Africa has been dealing with this for 20 years now.
    Believe me. You’ve only just begun. What will Germany look like in 20 years?

  17. The children of the se mixed “unions” will identify with their non white parent’s heritage and not their indigenous German parent’s Germany. They will have a nation of Obama’s within a generation. This is of course the goal of the left.

  18. The Muslim Brotherhood and its 5th column is working well. Trouble is, the nationalists now on the rise might not like this. Smells like history repeating itself. I can’t believe that many German women would want to copulate with that filth.

  19. This makes the muslim think that white women are kind of sex slaves and they are going to rape the hell out of germany and I don’t understand how germans don’t say a word and just go with what the government wants? why they do not protest, why they do nothing for them? maybe the whole courage died with hitler and the remainings are a bunch of pussies that want to be raped.

  20. That s the end of the civilizate Europa, the end of Germany and the end of the german nation. Thank s Merkel !!!

  21. Some time ago we began to see news about hundreds of thousands of young muslim males pouring into Europe and they don’t even try to stop them, but not even to register them. You thought that level of stupidity can’t go higher than that. Then half a year later incidents like in Cologne happens and they come out with this crap…
    And they say the nazis were evil.

    Whoever came up with this “brilliant” idea, I wish him/her to have a nice taste of his/her own medicine.

  22. The people of the EU need to rise up and take your country’s back I’ve never read more rubbish then what’s in this article don’t flee fight run those behind this B/S Out you people have let mad dogs into YOUR home time is now sweep your house clean family’s with children yes single males OUT If it means going against your government do it or do nothing just bend over take what coming May your God guide you

  23. The driving force behind future miscegenation within Europe is the breeding of a compliant mongrel race.
    Does this mean that children born as a result of this – along with their mothers – must become Muslim ?
    Muslim males are misogynistic, and Muslim women and children must be totally subservient.
    Is this just the precursor to future widening imposition of Islam on all of us somewhere along the line?

  24. Гледам и не вярвам колко са тъпи тези германци.Завладяха ви без оръжие.А бяхте световна сила.Много скоро вие ще тръгнете надолу към България да просите хляб.

  25. I read the comments related to this article, but I heaven’t seen that somebody understood the conspiracy that is happening behind the curtains. Let me expain how I see the things: this world is ruled by a very few people extremely rich that are the most important owners of the private banks, and yes, probably, if not all have jewish roots. By far, the richest and the most influent of all is the Rotschild family. Those family money and interests are behind the other elite families like Rockefeller or Morgan. All those elites have hidden connections in leading the countries. Those connections are inside the occult organization named freemasonry. There is a pyramidal system beginning with the masonic lodges, then with elitistic orders and clubs with Rotschild as the peak. Among the most important orders are Opus Dei, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, Ordo Templi Orientis & probably the most important, Illuminati. Elitistic clubs with masonic members and organization are Rotary, Lions, Club of Rome and the club that decides our lives named Bilderberg. Every year, in the most luxuriant hotels those are joining together to decide every aspect that will happend in the wide world. The objectiv of this elite is to implement the “New world order”, following the profecy of Albert Pike from 150 years ago that described 3 wide world wars, rise and collaps of the communism and many others. This New world order means that the entire world should be unified under the same private government, following only one religion that is a new masonic religion named “New age”. To implement this new world order, the elites should destroy the identities of every European country, and for this exists a plan eleborated almost 100 years ago named Coudehove-Kalergi. This destruction of the identities means destruction of history, culture, traditions, religions by masiv import of african-asian population. The goal is to be created a new human specie with maximum IQ=90, or otherwise the intelligence to dissapear together with the national identities. To gain the fenomenal power that allows them to lead the world, they have to control the planet resources, because the money are representing in the end only printed paper or numbers typed in a computer program. To mentain the values for those resources they have to deny us the acces to the free energy. This exists and was captured first almost 100 years ago by the greate genius Nikola Tesla, but they are still blocking us the access to the free energy. Think how it will be to load the car tank with water, witch is composed by 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 of oxygene. The water is decomposed, hydrogen is the energy and results also oxygene as “polution”. If the engine will work on water, who else needs oil? Think what costs you will need to drive your car or to heat your house!! To have acces to oil and to bring the afro-asian people in EU, the zionists from USA government and big private bankes started the “Arabian spryng” operation which is a white flag operation, this means that the true reason is not revealed and the aggressors are not the presented ones. To have the people agrement, they lie citisens with the mass destruction bombs and they are creating, organizing, financing & arming the so said “terrorists”. Behind all those is CIA. In EU also happened this, 26 year ago in Romania, when Ceausescu was killed because was the leader of a terible rich country and Romania is a submitted country yet, whit its richness in hands of the elites, Kosovo was bombed 22 years ago for its uranium etc. In the end, the only solution is to kill all those elites and produce free energy engines. Migrants still can be sent back, but in the end is not their fault that their country was destroyed. Their problems are the education and the religion. Another tip: why americans invaded Afganistan and they are still there? For Wolfram, off course, but because they want to rule the opium trafficking in the world. And this is why Baltimore city, the harbor of New York has the biggest rate of heroin addicts at this hour. Wake up Europe. Stop muslim invasion, stop elites, protect your national identities!!!

  26. Absolutely disgusting !! They even made that website in Polish, wtf for ? Germans, put them all into trains and send to Poland to those camps you left behind 🙂

    But seriously, support groups like Pegida, your AfD, NDP , French Front Nationale, Swedish Democrats, Austrian FPO, thats the only rescue I guess, even if far right isn’t the greatest solution, it’s the only that can help.

  27. Just wait until the Turks are allowed visas to enter Germany and other EU countries! Along with them will be the ‘refugees’ to whom they will also present with visas to……………..enter the EU legally.

  28. The only good thing is that this is not the first time Europe is faceing islamic invaders and we always win, and we had traitors too just like today. If i remember that right, Spain used to be ~80% either jewish or muslim before requisition. Its just sad that leftist traitors put peace of Europe at risk over and over again. World requires new order but not this pro-judeo madness and devastation.

  29. What has happened to the strong country of Germany since I lived there in the 80’s.
    Raise up and take your country back or become a Muslim nation.

  30. Germany´s men are mostly just a lame bunch of metrosexuell hipsters, unable to protect themselves or their girlfriends/women. You can slap them in the face and they are giving thanks for it. And so the Rapefugees do it.

    1. I’m one of those few men in the pro-white movement that blames our own men for why this is going on. Okay, we didn’t open the borders, we didn’t vote for this, BUT we have tolerated all this crap for so long now. The only reason you have nonwhites in your land is because we tolerated our governments bringing them in. The only reason nonwhite men are with our women is because we didn’t place fear in nonwhite men to stay away from our women.

    1. Where are they going to run to? Your enemy will grow stronger in numbers as you flee for safety. There’s going to come a time where you have to stand and fight.

      The screwed up ironic part about this whole situation is that pre WWII as a certaiin German Chancellor took the German people out of post WWI poverty but went awry with power. If the rest of Europee would have stopped him before he gained more military power and momentum, who knows? It is a possibility that WWII miight have been averted.

      But that is all hindsight now. History is supposed to be our mentor on how to do things differently should a similar situation arise.

      You think that it is just Germany whose European head is on the chopping block? Think again. The same sttuff I hear is happening in the other Scandanavian countries (Norway, Finland, Sweden). If you don’t stop it before it gets more uncontrollably out of hand, you will have reached the point of no return.


  31. I can not believe how the government of a country can promote the sex of their mothers, their sisters and their daughters to foreigners. Certainly in 20 years, the blood and the German nation disappears. Sorry people of German but the devil has led you very wrong.

    1. /not just mixed race, the Africans are being welcomed not just for breeding but an incredibly low IQ. I believe that average Somali IQ is about 50-60, Cretin level. Mutti Merkel wants the flower of German womanhood to close their eyes and think of Germany, and breed with the diseased filth of the earth, it’s the patrioticthing to do. It’s time Germany, and in large part the majority of Western Germany rose up and put the world bak to order. At the moment the inmates really are running the asylum,and somehow how persuaded the world that they are sane. Mind you, with allies like Obama, I’m not surprised. If Clinton gets in the world is really stuffed. Britain, cast yuorselves off from Europe and star rowing!

    2. Yes, that is how it is , Maggie. Martin Schulz (SPD) also did win this so called “Karls-Prize”. I think so. Karls-Prize means Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize.
      (All hidden).

  32. Its bad if we,the folk get note that we are under one rule and digtator at Merkel.We dont want
    refugees.But this crazy Merkel ignore us.She should work for our intressed.We can not help people where put us in danger and dont respect our cultur and religon.And no.. we are not rich.We have poor people over here too.We got Harz4 and hungry childreen.I do not get why people belive we can shit money.We had 5/6 million people jobless even before the refugees feeled like to bother us.Germany have debts and we are not the richesd country in the world plus we can not finance the wole world.Is it to much to understand? Womans where date moslims are very much brainless!

    1. On their own wish!!! Good luck Germany and don’t come to Poland. We don’t want u as u didnt wanted us for the first 7 years when we joined UE. Good luck and have fun with your new Masters hehe

  33. They better explain to the white women, how to castrate, and then let know the invaders, what the white women doing, if …..
    deterrence is the best defense!
    I sure with some pictures like above, it will have ultimative effect.
    Islam means “complete submission”. When you are normal soldier then you are also under complete submission and execute commands. the Koran is the soldier’s manual full with commands from the very top. and that top position is not a Human!
    this interracial sex brochure, is a upgrade to the Koran. Sponsored by New World Order!

  34. This is the end result of cultural Marxism to destabilize countries, cultures, critical thinking, religious values, to fragment societies so they offer little or no resistance to the coming Talmudic world government. Muslims are always the patsies to take the blame, the Oded Yinon plan to get the US to attack all the Arab countries made that space available for Israel to expand into and the occupants used as a weapon to destroy the European countries – Jews have always been at war with the gentiles, the sad fact is that so many “useful idiots” help them carry out their plans, little realizing that when the power shift comes, they will not be spared.

  35. Someone should create an identical web site only with the illustrations reversed, European man on top of a brown woman, then hear the protests.

  36. Ewww yuk this is clearly sending the wrong message out. This is just encouraging rapes of white women – so German woman are to be treated like dogs and whores! If I was a German woman I’d be looking for someone’s head to roll over these disgusting images.

  37. The comments here are very interesting to read. Would be also very interested to know, how many members in this community are origin from Germany who are living in Germany.

    1. Not me, I’m relieved to say. Amongst other things an ex-British Senior NCO, expatriate to Australia, thank goodness. Good luck, Germany was always one of my favourite European countries.

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