Germany: Police Unit for Invader Crime

The massive number of crimes committed by the flood of nonwhite invaders pouring into Germany has forced that country’s police force to create a specialist unit dedicated solely to combatting repeat offenders.

Called the “Ermittlungsgruppe Mehrfachtäter Zuwanderung” (Multiple Offender Immigrants unit, EGMTZ), the task force specializes in tracking criminals who are resident in invader centers.


According to a report in the Stuttgarter Zeitung, the unit targets “violent and sexual crimes by migrants.”

Three nonwhites—an Algerian, a Moroccan, and a Somali, were arrested last week by the unit in the town of Bietigheim-Bissingen.

The invaders are all accused of stealing electrical goods from local German houses in the area.

Ludwigsburg police chief Frank Rebholz was quoted as saying that the unit was aimed at “intervening as early as possible in serious cases, anticipating emerging criminal structures, and working with judicial and immigration authorities to develop a comprehensive basis for decisions.”

The rise in crime, described as “unprecedented,” is the direct result of the mass nonwhite invasion of Germany, sparked last year by Angela Merkel’s open doors invitation.

One aim of the team is to work with various police forces and prosecutors to speed up the deportation process of those they arrest.

Their primary focus is on invaders who repeatedly commit crimes over a six month period.

Rebholz said that many of the invaders had been apprehended by the police “shortly after their arrival.”

Most often, the crimes are of burglary and theft, but violent assaults, drug offenses, and sex attacks are also increasingly starting to feature.

*News of the new unit was initially announced in the local Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung newspaper. However, accusations that news of the establishment of the unit would give substance to allegations that invaders have indeed brought a criminal plague with them, caused that paper to delete the article off their website.


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  1. The police should assemble the evidence which is shown to be 100% accurate, then go to the Judge and obtain an immediate deportation order WITHOUT any court case, use of interpreters and money-grabbing legal teams who see this as a ‘get rich quick scheme’. Sadly, the do-gooders will not allow that to happen. Still amazed that there’s been no ‘VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE IN MERKEL’.

  2. Merkel`s beloved `refugees` have proved to be nothing but a horde of invading criminal freeloaders…… !
    Talk about shutting the stable door…..

  3. Three nonwhites—an Algerian, a Moroccan, and a Somali, were arrested last week by the unit in the town of Bietigheim-Bissingen.

    THREE! WOW – well done, guys- a whole THREE!!!

  4. That’s how jobs are being created. Well done. The “authorities” caring for the natives. That’s exactly what is needed “a special investigation unit.”
    But in order to enhance better communication the police force needs to diversify more. In the close future refugees simply might get a police uniform and they will be declared “authorities” too.
    *sarcasm off*

  5. I’m sure these obviously racist policies will be challenged by human rights advocates, and every one of the people targeted will get a massive payday, Ma-Ssive Pay-Day Ka-Ching!
    This type of profiling will not go over well, now go out there and hug a migrant.

  6. Special unit. WTF? Whole German police force should be keeping a close watch on invaders and deport them without delay of “human rights” interference.

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