Hypocrite AIPAC Jews Exposed

Israel-supporting Jews demonstrating against Donald Trump outside the recent AIPAC conference were exposed as hypocrites when they condemned on camera comments which they thought had been made by Trump—but were in fact made by Benjamin Netanyahu.

The dramatic exposé was captured on film by independent leftist journalist Rania Khalek, and published on the pro-Palestinian website, Electronic Intifada, and the video was uploaded to YouTube.


Khalek went to the AIPAC conference last Monday, as some 18,000 supporters of the Jewish lobby arrived at the Verizon Center in Washington DC to listen to the Republican Party nominees—Trump and Ted Cruz—try to explain who was more pro-Israel than the other.

According to Khalek’s report, the line to get in went around an entire block and was the “scene of confrontations between conference attendees and an assortment of protesters, some chanting against Israel, others against AIPAC, and almost everyone against Donald Trump.”

It was, she decided, the “perfect opportunity to engage with Israel’s most politically active supporters, so I pulled out my camera phone and began asking what they thought of Trump.”

Most of the people Khalek spoke to “expressed extremely negative views” about Trump (confirming that despite his bowing to the Jewish lobby, most US Jews still hate him), and all of them slammed his “racism, xenophobia, and incitement to violence.”

It was then that Khalek hit upon the idea of conducting an experiment: she would “test for consistency” among the assembled Jews by “attributing racist statements made by Israeli leaders to Trump and asking respondents what they thought of such language.”

As Khalek reported:

Most people I spoke with energetically condemned racist statements attributed to Trump.

However, when I revealed the statements had actually been made by Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, respondents immediately excused, justified, or supported the rhetoric they had just condemned.

The exchanges, which were all captured on video and can be seen below, were ludicrously hypocritical and definitively exposed the Jewish double standards which are so widespread among that community.

One young Jewess said of Trump, “He’s terrible. He incites racist attitudes.” When asked, “What do you think about Trump’s comments comparing migrants to cancer?” she responded with disgust, “He’s awful. I hate Trump.”

As Khalek then points out, it was not Trump who made the “cancer” remark, but in fact Israeli culture minister Miri Regev, who compared African invaders in Israel to “a cancer”—a  statement that 52 percent of Israeli Jews agreed with. 


(Regev later apologized in a YouTube video, not to Africans but to cancer survivors for likening them to black people.)

When Khalek revealed to the upset, Trump-hating, AIPAC Jewess that Regev was the source of that statement and added that Netanyahu had recently called for surrounding all of Israel with walls “to protect ourselves from wild beasts,” the shift from disgust at that statement to total support of it was immediate.

“I think you have to step back for a second,” the Jewess said. “Israel is next to Syria, which is, as you know, going through a civil war. So when [Netanyahu] says ‘wild beasts’ he means jihadis who can potentially be coming into Israel. So I think you need to be very distinctive about that.”


As Khalek noted, the “cognitive dissonance on display was startling as one anti-Trump liberal after another transformed into a defender of hate-speech uttered by Israelis.”

Another Jewess from Montgomery, Maryland, stood holding a sign that read, “Jews against Trump because we’ve seen this before,” told Khalek that her father had fled Nazi Germany.

She expressed her horror at Trump’s suggestion of building a wall on the border, but was unable to explain why Israel’s building of a wall to keep out Muslims was wrong—and, when asked about Netanyahu’s “wild beasts” comment, she became extremely defensive, saying that she had not “heard the context” in which that statement had been made.

When Khalek asked her if there was any context in which it was alright to call any people “wild beasts,” the Jewess “insisted she couldn’t respond without hearing the statement in full and verifying it for herself.”

Another Jew waiting in line to get inside the stadium told Khalek that Trump was “psychotic” and “panders to bigots.”

When however he was asked about Regev’s “Africans are cancer” comments, the AIPAC Jew just “rolled his eyes and walked away.”

Yet another Jew standing in line said he was “afraid” of Trump and called the “wild beasts” comment “abusive and negative.”

As Khalek tried to explain to him that in fact it was Netanyahu who made the “wild beasts” comment, the Jew just raised his voice and screamed at her: “What does Donald Trump have to do with Netanyahu?”

He then went on to justify the Israeli wall by saying that bombs were exploding in Israeli and that “Walls went up to keep Palestinian terrorists out because they’re killing people.”

However, as Khalek pointed out, Netanyahu has also confessed that the true purpose of the wall is actually to protect Israel’s Jewish majority from “demographic spillover” of Palestinians from the West Bank.


Khalek concluded by saying that:

The lesson of the day, if there was one, seemed to be that violent demagoguery, no matter how reprehensible, is perfectly justified when it comes from the mouths of Israeli leaders.

It should be remembered that Khalek is writing from a pro-Palestinian position, and that her motivation for exposing this Jewish hypocrisy is because she actually believes the race-denying worldview which pretends that there are no differences between races or ethnic groups.

Racial realists understand that there are vast differences between individuals and races, and that all ethnic groups have a right to protect their identities and their racial composition—and that the mixing of races is not only harmful to all people, but is the destroyer of unique cultures and true diversity.

Jews, therefore, have a right—just like any other people on earth—to preserve their identity and racial heritage. The problem comes in when they demand that right for themselves, and then dismiss as “racist” and “evil” any European who merely asks for that same right.

It is this shocking hypocrisy, which Khalek so dramatically illustrated, which is the real bone of contention between Europeans and Jews—and it is a conflict which will only be resolved when Jews, as a group, halt this hypocrisy and interference in the right of Europeans to remain European.

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  1. Brilliant article. The world is awakening to the lies of so-called ‘Jews’, the supposedly ‘chosen people’.

  2. May be a pamphlet of Jewish quotes is a good idea to hand out at leftist and patriotic gatherings on how to deal with “wild beasts” and inspire a mutual policy for the invaders.

  3. Article shows the irrational attack dog nature of jewish political agitators. Also the natural criminal tendency of lying at almost every utterance. And never answering a direct question spontaeously. Every statement requires a pre-studied spin. Natural conspirators do this.

  4. That’s a really excellent approach.

    Major cognitive dissonance in plain sight.

    Oh my oh my how I would love the whole world to see this.

  5. “Oh I don’t have the CONTEXT for that so I can’t…” Yah roight. Her eyes give her Very Polite and Intellectualy Sophisticated (also utterly phony) cop-out away in a glance. Never saw a bigger Phony Grin on any sweet-looking grey-hair Granny Lady in me LIFE!

    A BRILLIANT approach to casting PLENTY of sunlight on the innate hypocrisy of the Dominant Culture has just been revealed AGAIN all over the Internet. Right up there with Mark Dice with his recent+hilarious “Preemptive Strike Petition” – a TIMELESS CLASSIC of REAL JOURNALISM. Worthy of EMULATION by ALL at EVERY TURN!

    So mazel tov, ye hypocrites! Mazel you’re gonna’ need – ’cause it gets more tov to keep the Great Pretense up-and-running every day. Oi schmaa Yisrael!

    So long live Internet Communications and Independent Journalism! We’d all be FAR worse off without ’em imvho. And that is all. .0{:-)o[

  6. Anyone see IsraAID’s talk at AIPAC? That’s some real chutzpah. These Jews were bragging about sneaking refugees across the sea from Turkey into Lesbos, and then through Croatia’s border at one of the biggest political Zionism conferences of the year. Imagine if Martians invaded tomorrow, how difficult it would be to even begin explaining to them the hypocrisy of these Jews.

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