Invaders Rape another 2 German Teens

Yet another two young white German girls—aged fourteen and eighteen—have been raped by Afghani “asylum seekers” in the city of Norderstedt, Schleswig-Holstein.

The two young girls were part of a group at the Arriba water park and sauna village in Norderstedt, when they were attacked by the nonwhites on Sunday at around 17:30, German media have reported.

Two of the nonwhite rapefugees, aged fourteen and thirty-four, were arrested after police were alerted.

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  1. According to euobserver, Merkel rejected recent violence against refugees in Germany as “repulsive” and “unjustifiable”.
    Umm, surely they are. It would be much easier if she tried to create her empire in the middle-east. She wouldn’t have to genocide 500 million Europeans in the process.

  2. MGM……male genital mutilation or neutering.
    This surely must be a prerequisite to having any non white invader as a ‘life guard’ in a swimming pool.

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