ISIS Caliphate in Death Throes as Syria Warns Israel

With the final military defeat of ISIS now just a matter of days away, Syria has now finally warned Israel to stop its terror raids and bombing of Syrian civilians, that country’s official news agency has announced.

Syrian army tanks advance to the last ISIS-held town, Albu Kamal, in preparation for the death blow to ISIS’s formal organization.

According to a report in the official SANA news agency, Syria has “warned against Israeli continued attacks on Syrian civilians and their properties and of the repercussions of its support to the terrorist organizations through financing and arming them.”

The Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has addressed two letters to the United Nations’ Secretary General and Chairman of the Security Council, complaining about the Israeli attack on a copper factory for civil industries in Hassyah industrial zone in Homs province.

The ministry said that Israeli aircrafts fired four missiles, from the Lebanese airspace, on a copper factory for civil industries in Hassyah industrial area in Homs province at 21:25 PM on Wednesday.

It added that the Israeli continued attacks on the Syrian Arab Republic comes in response to the great victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army on Israel’s tools of terrorist organizations, particularly Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS, “noting that these attacks are a systematic behavior of the occupation authorities in order to protect terrorists and to raise their morale after their collapse in most of Syrian territory.”

The ministry went on to say that the government of the Syrian Arab Republic reiterates warning against the continuation of such attacks against Syrian civilians and their properties, adding that the Syrian Arab Army and its allies “are engaged in the fight against Israeli terrorism and its tools represented by ISIS, al-Nusra and all other armed terrorist organizations.”

“The Government of the Syrian Arab Republic calls upon the UNSC to condemn the blatant Israeli aggression and calls on the international organization to adopt firm and immediate measures to stop those attacks and hold Israel accountable for its support to terrorism which would inflame the situation in the region and the world,” the ministry said.

It concluded by saying that “covering the Israeli crimes on Syrians and Palestinians with some hypocritical words by Western countries, particularly the United States, does not serve the cause of security and stability in the region, noting that terrorism must be resisted because there is no bad terrorism and good terrorism.”

On the military front ISIS has now been reduced to a few thousands fighters—estimated to number between 3 and 4,000—concentrated on two tiny sister towns of Albu Kamal and al-Qaim which face each other over the Syrian-Iraqi border.

On the Syrian side, government forces declared victory in Deir al-Zor, the last major city in the country’s eastern desert where ISIS still had a presence.

Syrian Government forces are still about 40km from the border at Albu Kamal, where they are preparing for the final showdown with ISIS—no thanks to the western powers, who have done everything possible to cripple the Syrians, Hezbollah and Iran, the only nations to be been fighting ISIS and the “rebels” from the very beginning.

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