ISIS Hit Squads in Germany

ISIS “hit squads” and “sleeper cells” have definitely entered Germany disguised as refugees, Bavaria’s spy agency (BayLfV) chief Manfred Hauser has announced.

In addition, there have been at least 340 confirmed ISIS recruitment campaigns in “refugee camps” in Germany.

Invaders enter Germany

Speaking last week on the BBC’s Today program, Hauser said that his agency has “substantial reports that among the refugees there are hit squads. There are hundreds of these reports, some from refugees themselves.

“We are still following up on these, and we haven’t investigated all of them fully. We have to accept that we have hit squads and sleeper cells in Germany.”

There is also “irrefutable” evidence they are following a command structure, meaning more Paris and Brussels-style attacks are inevitable.

At the same time, Hans-Georg Maassen, head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution has confirmed that there have been at least 340 instances of Islamists recruiting in “refugee camps” in Germany.

Speaking to Der Spiegel magazine, Maassen said that there had been “numerous secret attempts to recruit among refugees” by Salafists already present in Germany.

He pointed out that these were only the cases which his office had actually identified, and they had no idea how many such instances had taken place.

“These [the 340 cases] are only those of which we have become aware. It is likely that there are many more.”

“We know that among the asylum seekers are a very large number of young men from the Sunni denomination. They often come from a conservative Islamic environment and want to go to an Arabic-language mosque on Fridays,” he said, adding that it was precisely in those mosques where Islamists and Salafists in Germany were entrenched.

“They make up a route for radicalization. This is dangerous. That is why we have a large number of them under observation,” Maassen said.

Although Maassen did not admit it, his comments in effect confirmed that the Islamist problem was not limited to the latest wave of invaders, but traced its roots back to the legal immigration wave encouraged by successive German governments.

“The lesson is that we must not only focus on ISIS, which may send terror squads to Europe, as in Paris or Brussels, but there may also be individual offenders who radicalize themselves or receive orders.”

At least 820 nonwhites legally resident in Germany had left that country to go and fight alongside ISIS in Syria and Iraq, according to estimates by German secret services—and at least one-third have already returned.

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  1. It doesn’t take a spy agency chief to tell us. The man on the street already knows this, along with the welcoming lefty traitorous politicians!

    1. If Europe as we knew it, survives or even makes a comeback, surely the era in which we are currently living will be known in history as the age of irony? The adequately educated non-leftist knows what is going on, the leftists think that it’s all their idea, and that the world really is a great big onion, and the politicians are poisoning the western world due to the attraction of Soros’s money, and his Loki like mischief! Would that I were God and could paint a big banner all over the ceiling of the world reading ‘ You’re all being had, you silly bast..rds’!

    1. Prefer zero mosques. Their alleged preachers are meddling too much into politics, and there is really no need to spread their bullshit in Europe at any level.
      Mass immigration is bad enough for social cohesion in itself, and making compromises to let certain foreign groups live by their traditions just makes it even worse.

  2. I look forward to the day these so-called migrants are sh*t scared to set foot on European soil, and fear going out, and fear nights out, similar to the fear they have inflicted upon decent women and girls. We will also bear in mind who let them all in to begin with.

    1. Too late, fewer in numbers, outsiders already own Europe and know it.
      And their population increases.
      Plus, white females give birth to fathers race. 2-0 in one shot.
      But, no need to educate race realists, unfortunately, when it comes to whites, there too few of us left.

  3. The greatest legacy an European leader can bestow on history: the sustained introduction of terrorism, serial crime and fundamental changes in the culture of their country – All summed up in one name – Merkel.

  4. Another year before their elections, and all those that want her out are not as far as we can see doing anything to get her out before then. Their constitution and laws are probably so tight, breathing within Germany is an optional extra if it isn’t in line with Merkel’s dictat.

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