Israel: Prison for Marriage with Non-Jews

Israeli marriage law makes it a two-year prison offence for any Jew marrying outside of the rabbinical authorities in that country, it has emerged after a failed attempt to overturn the rabbinate’s authority in the Israeli parliament.

While it has long been known that the Jews forbid marriage between non-Jews and Jews in Israel, the existence of the prison term as punishment for breaking this law has effectively been kept under wraps until now.


The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, which passed a law making prison mandatory for the crime of a non-Jew marrying a Jew in Israel.

The existence of the prison term punishment was revealed after the Israeli parliament voted down an amendment to Israel’s marriage laws this past week, according to an article in the Times of Israel.

According to that paper, the proposed law amendment sought to decriminalize marriages performed outside the auspices of the Israeli chief rabbinate, was defeated in a 32–25 vote in the Knesset.


All marriages in Israel are, in terms of the Jewish state’s constitution, under the control of the rabbinate, which only performs unions under Jewish law.

This has the practical effect of making it impossible for anyone but a Jew to marry another Jew in Israel.

However, the defeat of the amendment pushed the Jewish lawmakers who proposed it, into making the prison sentence punishment aspect of the law public.

Critically, the Jewish lawmakers who tried to amend the existing law were not seeking to repudiate the ban on Jews marrying non-Jews. Instead, all they were seeking to do was to amend the rules under which rabbis carried out marriages.

In other words, the amendment was not aimed at allowing Jews to marry non-Jews. One Knesset member, Yesh Atid MK Aliza Lavie, who proposed the amendment, explained it this way to the Times of Israel: “[The amendment] opens a door so that tomorrow the state can jail anyone who won’t go to the mikveh [ritual bath], or who won’t have their sons undergo a brit milah [circumcision].”

Lavie’s proposed law would maintain the criminal aspect of weddings performed without registering the marriage. However, instead of a jail term, the couples—and those who perform their weddings—would face a fine, the Times of Israel added.

In conversation with that newspaper, Lavie said that ahead of her new attempt to pass the proposal Wednesday she asked former Religious Affairs deputy minister Eli Ben-Dahan for an appropriate amount for a fine. According to Lavie, he named NIS 500,000 (about $130,000).

The Times of Israel went on to reveal that the prohibition on marriages performed outside of the rabbinate stems from Ottoman law, but that the criminalization of the act was only introduced two years ago as a last-minute addition to the Tzohar Law.

This “Tzohar Law,” which came into effect in January 2014, allows Jews to choose in which town’s rabbinate to register for marriage, mainly as a means of avoiding potential waiting times in their home towns.

In a 2013 global freedom of marriage project, Hiddush ranked Israel on a par with Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the fundamentalist Islamic states, in terms of its marriage laws, which have always forbidden marriages between Jews and non-Jews.

The hypocrisy is clear: Jews and Jewish pressure groups are the first to scream “anti-Semitism” at any suggestion that any other group might have the right to protect its identity, but they all fanatically support Israel, which has laws making it a criminal and prison offence for a Gentile to even marry a Jew.

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  1. For the world of goys they declare “diversity” – strict racial shame for themselves. Is there something more hypocritical and treacherous in the world today?

  2. I thought what they do is take the 30 minute flight to Cyprus and get married there. BUT I guess they want to keep the Rabbinical monopoly for marriages in Israel.

  3. “Boo the Jew”… Anytime a politician, priest, or Jew speaks positively about Zionism, Jewish issues, or Jews in general, that person needs to be booed off the stage.

    The “Boo the Jew” rule should be waged against anyone, and everyone who dares to speak favorably of Jews, Jewish issues or Zionism, and the “Boo the Jew” rule should be applied evenly; even to Trump, especially Trump.

    We can seed the crowd; we place our people here, there and everywhere…

    When one person starts the others join in. then; we allow the speaker a chance to correct himself, and if he continues his anti-white/ anti-European re-frame, boo him off the stage.

    Most venues are small; a crowd of thirty can be overwhelmed by as little as five strategically placed people.

    A crowd of sixty can be overwhelmed with as little as ten strategically placed people.

    Our goal is to encourage those around us to stand-up for themselves, we can chat with others in attendance, smile, and be friendly.

    They will join us in the end, and that is how we win.

  4. More tightening of the control screws by using marriage to attain their total Jewish utopia in Israel.
    The current flooding of Europe by non-white parasitic migrants bears the same hallmarks of the ruthless Jewish machiavellian tightening of the control screws this time in order to bring the `goyim` to heel and it`s a battle they intend to win.
    “The new ruler must determine all the injuries that he will need to inflict. He must inflict them once and for all.”
    ― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

  5. Israel is a fascist state. It is a nationalistic state. Jews and Israelies have too much to say about all other countries. They want multi-culturalism for white countries but complete nationalistic society for Israel. Biggest hypocrites ever.

  6. The Jews as an “ethnic/religious group themselves are already mixed. They have intermingled with Europeans, Africans and Amerindians and East Asians. That’s why the come in all “colors.”
    It could be described as a mix between Inbreeding families under the supervision of Rabbis and whenever it serves a higher purpose of gaining more power blending in partially with the native populations. I believe that this might have changed since the Haskalah. Where the Jews split in Orthodox and Reform Jews. So some went on their individual ways not wanting being stuck on traditions they perceived to be outdated.

    By intermingling with powerful families they gained ever more power throughout the centuries. As an example serves the so called Aristocracy in Europe, who has intermarried with the banking and merchant families.

    The result is that these groups are spiritually and ethnically completely removed from the people whom they govern and exploit which can be felt on a very personal level by the ever decreasing living conditions.

    It seems that these laws are an attempt by the Rabbis to maintain a certain purity that has already been lost with them. Probably that’s one of the reasons why they want everyone else more mixed than themselves, because deep down in their soul they know that they are mixed and maybe enforced with black magic rituals.
    [Because being mixed alone doesn’t explain their behavior, there must be a profound resentment against Europeans as the resistance during the centuries was always being felt by them]
    Their mentality can be described the best with these 2 lines of the song of Leonard Cohen “The Future”
    …Give me absolute control..
    …Over every living soul..

    By pushing the Race-mixing agenda they want everyone else being more mixed than themselves. Even in countries like Chile, who is already a mixed population they are bringing in now blacks from the Caribbean zone. There seems to be a concerted effort to atomize and dissolve any sort of community feeling that is left and replace it with the most extreme individual agenda.
    But only on the consumption level, where they are closing the money tap – never political – that’s their domain.

    It looks like that the Jews were created by a group of fallen priests who succumbed to the lust of power and sexual depravity by intermingling with earthly beings and when they recognized their mistake it was already to late for them to change. But instead of repentance they continue stubbornly their way.

  7. Once again proven that it wasn’t the Nazis who were the originators of the term, ‘Master Race’. The Jews, through their evil Talmud place the Jews as superior to non-Jews. Even their Talmud, when calling non-Jews ‘Goyim’ they are referring to non-Jews as cattle. Their hateful little book, the Talmud’s is no different whatsoever from what the Koran teaches.

  8. Nobody would ever think of considering mix up fire with petrol or gas. For example putting together incompatible cultures or religions. But they do it everywhere – outside of Israel.

    One spark is sufficient to ignite an explosive mixture and to trigger a conflict under certain conditions. Multiracial, multicultural and multireligious “societies” are highly inflammable tinderboxes!

  9. In Third Reich Germany you surrendered your German citizenship if you married outside of German ethnicity and race. This arrangement targeted declared enemies of the Reich especially Jews, Russians, Gypsies, Rumanians, other Slavic peoples, etc. Same as contemporary Israel! Maybe it’s that 2000 years of “wandering” that has made the Jews so bone-brained.

    1. Actually, Germans were allowed to marry someone who had only one jewish grandparent -1/4 jew. The Germans did not draw up these laws, the jewish community did and were thrilled with them because they were concerned with keeping their communities pure. You can read the articles that appeared in their newspapers at the time if you google it. That’s why the same laws are implimented in Israel today.

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