Israel Pays Rwanda $5K Per African Expellee

Rwanda will be paid $5,000 by the Israeli government for each African infiltrator expelled from the Jewish ethnostate as part of the Jewish plan to keep Israel racially pure and ethnically Jewish, it has emerged as details of the mass expulsion plan become available through the Hebrew-language media.

According to a report on Israel’s Channel 10 news service, the Israeli government will give each African who “voluntarily leaves” a bonus of $3,500—with the alternative of being thrown in prison before being forcibly deported.

News of the mass expulsion details are only obtainable in the Jewish media, as the Jewish lobby-controlled media in western nations—Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand—have imposed a total news blackout on the Israeli final solution to the fake refugee invasion problem.

The Channel 10 report revealed that as there are around 40,000 of these fake refugees in Israel, the total bill for expelling them will cost around $300 million, a price which is cheap compared to how much they will cost if allowed to stay.

Channel 10 quoted government officials as confirming that the deal to expel the invaders to Rwanda was clinched in September this year when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Rwandan President Paul Kagame at the UN General Assembly in New York “and discussed the agreement between the two countries in order to bring it into line with the High Court ruling.”

The Israeli High Court had earlier ruled that it would be legal to expel the fake refugees to a third country—no matter what their originating country was—as long as that third nation was “at peace.”

According to one senior official, Kagame agreed to absorb the expulsions from Israel because he needed “working hands,” but asked for Israeli financial aid to enable his country to absorb them.

The offer of $300 million was enough to persuade the African leader that if was worth his while to agree to the scheme, and the operation will now begin in the next few weeks.

There can be no doubt that Israel has the correct policies in dealing with the fake refugee invasion from the Third World, namely the construction of physical barriers to prevent the invasion from taking place, and forcibly expelling those who have managed to invade.

The problem which arises from the move is therefore not related to Israel’s actions in this regard—as any rational person would support them—but rather flow from the blatant hypocrisy of the Israel-supporting Jewish lobbies in white western nations, which are always at the forefront of accusing any person, party, or group which might event suggest that those nations have the right to protect their racial and ethnic integrity in the same manner that Israel does.

This blatant double-standard cannot be coincidental, and must be malicious.

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  1. IOW, US taxpayers money.
    Jews supports strict Israeli immigration laws which specify JEWS ONLY, while they demand massive 3rd world immigration into the US & Europe.

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