Israel’s Chief Rabbi: Blacks are “Sub-Humans, Monkeys and Nig*ers”

Israel’s Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef has announced that black people are “sub-humans, monkeys, and nig*ers,” and that secular Israeli courts “are worse than Gentile courts”—an outpouring of anti-Gentile hatred from Judaism’s highest authority which will be blacked out by the Jewish lobby controlled Western media.

News of Chief Rabbi Yosef’s latest pronouncements was carried in the Hebrew edition of Israel’s Ynet News, and was partially copied over in English in the Jerusalem-based Times of Israel—the latter, of course, leaving out much of what was said, and in particular the reference to “sub-human nig*ers.”

According to the original Ynet news report, Chief Rabbi Yosef was “addressing Jewish legal aspects of the blessing on seeing fruit trees blossoming,” and if Jews should “bless one tree or at least two.”

In this context he named examples of additional blessings, such as the blessing of “Mishnah HaBriot” which is recited when one sees unusual people or animals.

“He who sees strange creatures, blesses ‘the Mishnah of people,'” said the Chief Rabbi.

In the footage of the sermon—which is a weekly event—broadcast on the Ynet service, Chief Rabbi Yosef can be heard saying in Hebrew:

“You walk in the street in America, every five minutes you’ll see a Negro, bless him ‘sub-human,’ but he has to be a Negro whose father and mother are white. If you know, they had a son of a monkey,” Rabbi Yosef said, before going on to point out that “not all Kushi (ni**ers) are blessed.”

The remarks come only two weeks after Chief Rabbi Yosef announced that secular courts in Israel are “worse than the courts of gentiles,” and are a “kick in the words of the living God.”

In May 2017, Chief Rabbi Yosef said that secular woman behave like animals because they dress immodestly, and in March 2016, said that non-Jews should not be allowed to live in Israel, and that non-Jews only exist to serve Jews.

Of course, these remarks, coming from the most senior figure in Judaism, and worshipped as holy by Jews, will be blacked out and ignored by the Jewish lobby controlled western media.

This is in stark contrast to anything that any European leader might say regarding race, where even the slightest mention of anything which is even remotely derogatory becomes major headlines and is touted as evidence of “racism.”

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  1. Sadly, this man’s words will be covered up. Israel have a stranglehold on the Western World, if not the whole world, and as long as USA Presidents (including Trump) continue to financially sibsidise them there’ll be no change. Finance, Media and the Film Industry are controlled 100% by a country that is determined to never let the rest of the world forget what they perceive to be every other country’s failure to stop the ‘Holocaust’.

  2. Never bow to PC but this extreme sharing, is not recommended , We may suspect a lot of stuff, that is better left unsaid. Pastor David James Manning ( utube him ) Feels as a Black American , the right to scream at his black congregation during the sermon – ” Black Africans NEVER built anything !! Have you got that ? I’ll say it again !! …” etc LOL. God luv him. as he… tells his faithful to be realistic about the African achievements or lack there of. But then there is the Armistaad. African Jungle natives , confined as slaves on board, learnt to sail a large ship by observation alone and took it over. John Quincy Adams defended them in a USA court and won.

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