‘Jewish Black Market Trading Causes Anti-Semitism,’ said UK Government in 1943: New Observer Reveals Full Document

Jewish domination of illegal and exploitative black market was the leading cause of cause of “growing anti-Semitism” in Britain during the Second World War, a previously secret 1943 UK government report said.

Existence of the report was published by The Times newspaper under the title “How antisemitism in Britain is rooted in the Second World War.” The Times report is part of the UK establishment’s ongoing smear campaign against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn over the false allegation that he is “anti-Semitic” and “racist.”

Written by a well-known far left agitator pretending to be a journalist, Dominic Kennedy, The Times article contains the usual obligatory propaganda about World War II (mainly to do with how evil the Germans are etc.), but its main thrust is to try and show that white Gentile British people are the real cause of “anti-Semitism” in Britain going back decades.

Kennedy says that “Churchill’s bastion of propaganda and censorship allowed prejudice towards Jews to grow relentlessly” during the war—in other words that they deliberately ignored it, or even tacitly encouraged it.

“Archive papers released to The Times show that Churchill’s bastion of propaganda and censorship harboured one of the most disturbing secrets of the Second World War: throughout the struggle against Hitler, British prejudice towards Jews grew relentlessly,” Kennedy continued.

“The discovery will revive nagging doubts about whether, had the Nazis invaded, Britons would have betrayed or rescued their Jewish neighbours.”

The “long withheld file,” called “Antisemitism in Great Britain and disclosed by the National Archives, shows that officials confronted by reports of rising prejudice decided that Jews themselves were to blame,” he continued.

“On May 26, 1943, Cyril Radcliffe, the ministry’s director-general, gathered his regional information officers to brief him. Mr Radcliffe wrote to his minister that the only regions untroubled by antisemitism were northeastern England and Northern Ireland.

“All the others showed general agreement on the fact that from the beginning of the war there had been a considerable increase in antisemitic feeling,” Mr Radcliffe wrote. “They seemed to regard it as quite beyond argument that the increase of antisemitic feeling was caused by serious errors of conduct on the part of Jews . . .”

Kennedy ends his excerpt from the official document there, but a copy of the original obtained by The New Observer reveals that it continues directly as follows:

“. . . and they scouted the idea, from which the Jewish Board of Deputies never really frees itself, that it was all due to some misunderstanding which could be corrected by a generous indoctrination of facts.”

Kennedy then picked up the quote again:

“This view held true both of officials dealing with industrial centres and those dealing with rural areas; it held true of officers coming from old-established Jewish centres, such as Manchester and Leeds, and officers coming from areas which had known Jews mainly as war-time evacuees from the cities.

“The main heads of complaint against them were undoubtedly an inordinate attention to the possibilities of the ‘black market’ and a lack of pleasant standards of conduct as evacuees.”

Once again, Kennedy ends his excerpt from the official document there, but a copy of the original obtained by The New Observer reveals that it continues to be far more revealing than The Times wishes to admit, saying:

“The chief enemy of the Jew appears to be in most areas the small trader who suffers peculiarly from the operations of Jews, whether they are in fact ‘black market’ operations or not.

“There was general belief that Jews somehow or other get supplies and advantages which are not available to other people.

“Reflective people might agree that this was due to nothing but a conspicuous cohesion and adaptability in the Jewish trading community: but obviously most people go by the results.

“It is worthy of note that Humphey of the London Region said that . . .  [here follows two redacted lines, obviously still to “controversial” to release, even in 2018, but which evidently refer to the large number of convictions in courts of Jews for black market activities] . . . quite convinced that Jews formed an inordinately large part of the ‘black market’ offenders brought before them. Other figures were given from other parts of the country which seemed to support this.”

The rest of the report goes on, contrary to Kennedy’s theme, to discuss ways in which to combat anti-Semitism.

The file was released by the National Archives was due to be kept under lock and key until 2021 but was opened early in response to a request from The Times under the Freedom of Information Act.

* Another revealing gem hidden in the article states that the UK’s Joint Intelligence Committee also never believed the stories about “gas chambers” and Jews during the war:

“Victor Cavendish-Bentinck, chairman of the joint intelligence committee, regarded the reported use of gas chambers as an exaggeration by Jews ‘to stoke us up’, according to Tony Kushner in The Persistence of Prejudice. ‘Doubts of the atrocity stories, based on distrust of Jewish sources, continued in government circles until the end of the war.’”

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  1. I would believe that the whole ‘Black Market’ was operated and run by the Jews, it’s their style. By getting rich, they got themselves into powerful positions which still exists today, although well hidden from the public.

  2. This is staggering information. In addition to forcing the Mass Third World Invasion of the West, this is even more evidence of the way Jews have shown their “gratitude” to the British people, who fought and died to rescue them from Hitler. Even in medieval times, there were complaints about Jews touting pornographic drawings in the British countryside! Corrupters and destroyers, by their own boastful admission. Shame on them all!

    1. Protestant: “British people who fought and died to rescue them (Jews) from Hitler”. You got that wrong.
      The British wanted to destroy Germany as a trade competitor. The Bolsheviks wanted to destroy Germany as a part of a drive to Bolshevise Europe and then the world. At the end of WWII Patton said “We have been fighting the wrong enemy”. He was subsequently murdered.

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