Jewish-Lobby Controlled US Govt. Resupplies Syrian “Rebels”

Driven only by their hatred of Bashar al-Assad, the Jewish Lobby-controlled US Government has once again started massive weapons supply air drops to so-called “Syrian rebels.”

This has taken place despite all of the previous “rebels” so supplied turning out to be ISIS supporters—and the serious danger of sparking off a conflict with Russian forces already operating in Syria.


The latest US supply of weapons—which includes small-arms ammunition, hand grenades, and rounds for mortars and rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers—was made by parachute to a brand new “rebel” army named the “Syrian Arab Coalition” or SAC.

The SAC—a completely unknown organization until its announcement by Colonel Steve Warren, the US military spokesman chosen to make the announcement—appears to have replaced the “Free Syrian Army” which the Zionist puppets in Washington DC had previously supported.

Even though this was the first time that the SAC had been mentioned, the controlled press immediately sprang into action to pretend that this group had always existed.

This blatant lie was picked up by an alert Twitter user, Ludwig W, who pointed out that a new Agence France Presse (AFP) map showing the supply drop area claimed that the SAC had been “fighting IS militants near Raqqa for months”—something which is clearly untrue.


All of this has taken place in terms of a long-conceived Jewish lobby plan to destabilize all the enemies of Israel—including Iraq, Syria, and Iran—drawn up and openly espoused by Jews in Israel and the US government. Details of that insidious plan—and its execution—can be found by clicking here.

The “Free Syrian Army”—promoted heavily in the controlled media and the US government as the “moderate” rebels, only fighting the “evil dictator” Assad—has all but vanished after being heavily supplied with vehicles, weapons, and training by the Obama regime and its allies.


A number of high profile defections from the “Free Syrian Army” to ISIS and Islamist groups have been reported time and time again—culminating in the humiliating admission by General Lloyd Austin, head of US Central Command, to the US Senate’s armed services committee that there were only handful of American-trained “rebels” still fighting inside Syria after a $500 million program to create a “moderate” rebel army. “We’re talking four or five,” he said.

In January 2015, 3,000 so-called “moderate rebels” of the “Free Syrian Army” defected to “Islamic State” (ISIS).

With them, those 3,000 fighters brought weapons, cash, equipment, and training provided to them by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United States, the UK, and perhaps most ironic of all in the wake of terror attacks in Paris—France. Bizarrely, US intelligence is still trying to work out how ISIS acquired all the Toyota trucks and machine guns which feature in their videos—even though the answer is obvious.


In spite of all the facts showing that the “rebels” were mostly Muslim fanatics drawn from Islamist colonies in the Middle East and Europe, the hatred which the Jewish lobby has for the Syrian government—which, unlike Jordan, has never made peace with Israel—drives the ongoing insane policy of continuing to supply anyone who might threaten the Assad government.


Finally, the decision to supply “rebels” in Syria once again is an open attempt to incite war with Russia, which has backed the democratically elected Assad government.

As an article in the Jewish-Sulzburger owned New York Times admitted in an article titled “US Weaponry is Turning Syria into Proxy War with Russia,” so-called “insurgent commanders” have said that since Russia began air attacks in support of the Syrian government, they are receiving “bountiful supplies of powerful American-made antitank missiles.”

Furthermore, the New York Times said, with the “enhanced insurgent firepower and with Russia steadily raising the number of airstrikes against the government’s opponents, the Syrian conflict is edging closer to an all-out proxy war between the United States and Russia.”

The US government’s decision to resupply Syrian “rebels” after all the facts show that they are to the largest degree merely ISIS proxies, is a decision which can bear no other description except treason—but it is not a policy which will change until the insidious influence of the Jewish lobby over US foreign policy is broken.

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  1. I visited the Jerusalem Post recently. And, was shocked to see Jewish commenters saying that ISIS was necessary to the conflict. They basically said that terrorist groups ‘balance things out’ and prolong these wars. And consequently inflict the highest casualties.

    Now, for an off-topic analysis: These Zionists are promoting death, bombings, and war throughout the middle east. They’ve even called for a nuclear attack against Iran. BUT, Jews launch a different kind of war in Western nations. Massive Immigration. In other words: Why do they get millions killed in these middle-eastern wars, while pushing for diversity in Europe? The answer rests with The Jewish Ego. They’re not pushing for a final solution in any Arab country. Only in The West.
    One final note: The JPost got word that Yemen is demanding Jews leave, and go to Israel. Some people even say Yemen’s at least giving fair warning. So, why didn’t the Jews punish Yemen by making them into a ‘multicultural society’ ? The reason is because Zionists only prey upon freer nations. Those nations which empower them and allow them to corrupt society.

  2. I can never understand why Israel leads America around like a junkyard dog ? I guess that is because of the lack of collective American intelligencia.

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