Jews Celebrate Swindler-Rabbi Freedom

In one of the most openly blatant displays of support for outright criminality seen in many years, Lubavitch Chabad Jews all over North America have publicly celebrated the release from jail of arch-swindler, illegal alien importer, and document forger rabbi Sholom Rubashkin.  Rubashkin has his sentence commuted by President Donald Trump earlier this week.

According to a report in The Jewish Press newspaper, Rubashkin, a Chabad rabbi, “used to be the CEO of a kosher slaughterhouse and meat-packing plant in Postville, Iowa, which he had grown into the largest kosher meat producer in the United States, until the plant was cited for animal mistreatment, food and environmental safety issues, child labor, and employing illegal aliens.”

Rubashkin was, it will be recalled, only imprisoned after his far-advanced plans to flee to Israel were exposed by a FBI raid on his house during which his “escape bag,” containing thousands of dollars, gold, passports, and a printed out copy of Israel’s racially-based “Law of Return” (which guarantees all Jews who can prove their racial Jewish lineage) automatic residence and shelter in the Jewish ethnostate, was found by agents.

The open celebration and joy expressed by the thousands of Chabad Jews provides an insight into not only of how this group looks up to and admires cheating, lying, swindlers, but also the disdain with which they hold the gentiles who have suffered at his hands.

In this video, thousands of Jews gather outside Rubashkin’s home in Boro Park on 55th Street in Boro Park to join the celebrations at the news of his release from jail by President Donald Trump.


Below, Jews at yeshivas in Canada and America celebrate the criminal rabbi’s release with dancing and celebration:


In this video, Rubashkin can be seen celebrating in the street outside his home with other orthodox Jews:


And in this video, Rubashkin thanks Trump for his release before a huge crowd:

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  1. I couldn’t even watch the videos. Yes, a blatant display of celebrating all the “values” these jews hold dear. I’m actually surprised that, at least in the jewish press quoted in this article, that they didn’t attempt to sugarcoat his crimes.

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