Malawi: “Witchcraft Beliefs Run Deep”

Police in the Central African nation of Malawi have formally sanctioned the intervention of a famous Zambian witchdoctor in the southern part of that country to “cleanse the people of witchcraft,” the Nyasa Times has reported.


According to the Malawian newspaper, the police “have disregarded the Malawi Witchcraft Act that denies the existence of witchcraft in the country and invited a witchdoctor known as Ndodoyani from Zambia to ‘cleanse the people of witchcraft.’”

The report said that “Group village headman [sic] Mponera and Kachaka said a lot of people in the area are sick from mysterious diseases and they cannot deny the existence of witchcraft in their areas” and that the “power of traditional healers in the area is enormous. People go to them first before medical facilities for the sick.”

Mponera has since asked her subjects to contribute food and transportation for the Zambian witchdoctor, the Nyasa Times continued.

“The chief also established a committee of powerful young men within her area to force those accused of being witches to appear before the witchdoctor.

“The witchdoctor will be staying at my house and what I need is food and transportation. Each and every house will be searched. We shall not entertain witches,” she said during a meeting last Sunday.

“Police officers and traditional leaders described the Zambian witchdoctor as strong and powerful,” the Nyasa Times continued.

People in Karonga who are being accused of being witches are not helped by the police as they are asked to lodge their complaints to the senior chief saying “police are not handling such cases.”

The Zambian witchdoctor is well known in using his magic walking stick (Ndodo) in Tumbuka language, the report continued.

“However, rights activist Undule Mwakasungula said the area needs God’s intervention. According to him, if authorities are not careful, conflicts shall erupt in the area”, the newspaper said, concluding that “Witchcraft beliefs run deep in Malawi.”

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