Media Covers up for Communist Thug Extremist Killed in Paris Street Fight

Clement-MericThe controlled media in Europe and America have gone into overdrive to cover up the extremist communist involvement in a street fight between nationalists and leftists which saw a Communist thug die after hitting his head on a pole during the melee.

The dead thug, a homosexual communist named Clement Meric, 18, was part of a gang of extremists who attacked a small band of nationalists in the Paris city center, not far from the world-famous Printtemps department store.

Meric was a member of the communist-aligned Party of the Left and of the Anti-Fascist Action Paris-suburbs.  The party of the Left took part in the last elections as part of the Left Front, under the leadership of the French Communist party.

Despite these extremist communist connections being well-known in media circles, the controlled media has deliberately covered it up, and have presented Meric as a “student” who has been “murdered” by “radical rightists.”

Even the incident has been distorted and lied about: in reality, the small group of nationalists were the victims after being confronted and attacked by the leftists in the street.

During the fight which following, Meric was, like almost everybody involved in the incident, struck at least once. His eager participation in the attack and resultant violence is, of course, also ignored by the controlled media.

During the fight, the thug Meric fell and hit his head. The injury he suffered as a result of the fall led to his death, apparently from a haemorrhage, the next day, long after the fight.

Nonetheless, the controlled media has lost no time in blaming “right wing extremists” for his “murder”—and there have been repeated calls for a French nationalist youth organization to be banned as a result.

The irony is that the person last seen hitting the Communist thug was a Spanish visitor to Paris, named Esteban Morillo. The allegations of murder have already been rejected by a judge, who dismissed them after becoming acquainted with the facts.  Morillo is apparently still being held on “culpable homicide” charges (causing death without intention to kill), but a full trial will follow.

The death of Meric—which the controlled media has also linked to the passing of recent homosexual marriage laws in France, rather than his own violent communist ideology—has become a cause célèbre among Communists in France and elsewhere—yet another example of how the news is twisted and distorted by the Master of Lies who controls the media.

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  1. It’s always the ”left” or immigrants who are deemed innocent. The old NF in Britain were always falling for this trick, hence the BNP not marching and thus only demonstrating in static formation.

  2. why are the french media glorifying this punk Meric? because he is leftist, and of course he will never be labelled a “left wing extremist” this coming from a nation that essentially criminalizes being conservative or right wing!

  3. [1] Don’t call this clown ‘left wing’! It’s only the perversion of language by Jews that allows Stalin and the Bolsheviks to be called ‘left wing’. They were not socialist in any original use of the word.
    [2] The media are being slow to pick up on Internet, aren’t they? There was a reference on this site to a book by RUSI, a US services publication. I read it and was amazed to find them still trotting out the long-exploded myths about 9/11. A parallel non-universe of lies fronted by bad actors.

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