Muslims Outbreeding Whites in Sydney

Legal immigration is allowing nonwhite Muslims from the Middle East to rapidly outbreed whites in the Australian city of Sydney, the state capital of New South Wales, a new fertility map survey of the most populous city in Australia has confirmed.


Muslims demonstrate in down town Sydney.

The “fertility map,” drawn up by social research company McCrindle, showed that many of the most fertile suburbs in Sydney are located in migrant clusters such as Lakemba, Auburn, Guildford, Punchbowl, and Bankstown—all popular with “families of Middle Eastern background.”


The appearance of the report was timed with official projections that Australia’s population will hit the 24 million mark next week, with the increase being almost solely due to legal nonwhite immigration from the Middle East and Asia.

The Australian Daily Telegraph marked the occasion by publishing an interview with the well-known neocon “conservative” writer from Canada, Mark Steyn, who often appears on shows such as those of Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, and Sean Hannity.

According to the Daily Telegraph article, titled “Migrant birthrates are changing Australia: Average birthrate below replacement level,” the replacement of white people with Third Worlders in Australia is the “biggest story of our times, but political correctness has stifled debate so badly that politicians are too afraid to even talk about it.”

Quoting Steyn, the paper said that low European birth rates have put Western societies into a “demographic death spiral,” and that it was “impossible to rely on immigration to fill the gap without completely changing our culture.”

Steyn said politicians were underestimating how quickly societies can change. “Normally for a population transformation you need a Black Death, the Plague or a world war,” he said. “But in this case we are having it without any of that. That’s why it’s the most fascinating question of our times.”

Australia’s average European birthrate of 1.79 is below replacement level, and, as Steyn says, politicians dare not even talk about this fact “without accusations of racism and sexism coming up.”

He went on to say that “Western societies are basically importing a new population to be the children you couldn’t be bothered having yourselves.”

Furthermore, he continued, “the cultural changes that come with Muslim migration should be acknowledged and discussed.”

Women giving birth in Australia but born in Lebanon have an average of 4.03 children. For Syrian women the figure is 3.38 and for Pakistani women it’s 3.02. For Australian-born women the figure is just 1.86.

The Daily Telegraph ended its online story with an editorial comment, saying that “Demography is destiny, as the saying goes. If there is any truth to this, Sydney in the future will be a substantially different place.”

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  1. A solution would be to block welfare to people who haven’t resided in Australia for more than 16 years, and possibly cap child payments if you have more than four children.

    The Muslims usually don’t work and if you could make them struggle on welfare then that would somewhat hinder the large families they have.

    Westerners are also not having children as they many are distancing themselves with society and indirectly aren’t embellishing it with children. Multiculturalism is a mojo killer for Men. Then there’s the heavily propaganda to not have families, the injunctions like vaccines, and other costs and restrictions.

    I can’t imagine changes as the take over is planned by the very people running for gate-keeper and executive roles in society. Order out of chaos the only real hope.

    1. Another possibility is that countries exporting populations pay. This is censored out (of course) but it’s a viable possibility – and would have the effect of attaching figures for real costs. Trump talks of Mexicans paying for a wall – a similar idea is a possibility.

    1. Comes of having too much free time on their hands.
      Working and supporting themselves would lower the libido.
      They`d soon be too knackered.

  2. Good points

    About Trump, just watched – Donald Trump Speaks at Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum (12-3-15) – I don’t think folks are stupid, and that most can recognize he’s basically an honorary tribe member, but also hope and expect the least incompetent and deceitful honorarian on the stack, so more pragmatism than genuine blind faith.

    As for Australia and Sydney, am still wilfully ignorant of my world, and still newly redpilled, so not ready to hit activism running, You a Sydneysider?

  3. when I read these stories I get so angry. Going back a few years it was drummed into us we were over populated and that it was totally irresponsible to have large families especially if you was on a low incomes as you was burden on society. Then what do they do bring in house and pay for this scum of the earth whom dont work breed like rabbbits and cause no end of problems. We have the children we can afford they are helped to carry on breeding . P-I-S-S-E-D- off UK

  4. ““Western societies are basically importing a new population”

    Society sure as hell isn’t doing this. Eskimos and Elites for sure.

  5. I live in Bankstown in Sydney and those other suburbs listed have the highest crime rates. Always on the 6 PM news. They fill our jails committing 20 times more crime, and they also fill the government social services office. One gets weary of seeing hijabs everywhere. My doctor remarked that so many, in fact most of his Lebanese patients, are all on various pensions, requiring disability and financial hardship, yet they turn up to see the doctor in luxury 4 wheel drives and most go home to Lebanon for large family holidays. Sunni Muslims from Lebanon have just been, for the first time, publicly identified as the predominant source of radicalised jihadis. Its likely due to inbreeding over 1400 yrs of marrying cousins constantly lowering IQ, and boosting mental illnesses,and handicapped children and crime. I would expect them to produce a lot more still births and handicapped children. If those figures were published it would take the shine of the government’s 24 million announcement.
    It could be why our educational ranking is slipping. Islamic nations are at the bottom of the worlds IQ scale. And produce more stillborns, and handicapped children. That’s why there are NO Islamic inventions. See wiki. Islam has NOTHING to offer the western world. Now here is some good news. Both our Federal and State governments have quietly agreed to indefinite detention for Jihadis, considered similar to pedophiles whose brains are wired differently. That way they cant re-offend after being further radicalised in jail.
    Europe needs to do this also, and establish penal colonies on islands for the congenitally stupid muslim criminals, when they cant be deported to their country of origin.

  6. The bastard’s are being encouraged to take over by our own government’s,our anger should first be directed at them.Vote for any right wing party that is standing for election,it is the only chance we have,

  7. If there are Muslims living in an area, it is only a matter of time before they become numerically superior- pure and simple maths!

    1. They breed like rats,all of them paid for with welfare money too.Its unbelievable how all of our governments actively encourage it. I really thought Australia would be the one country not to be over run with them,seems they have their share of dopey tree hugging traitors too.

    2. Have to do something to fill in time when you don`t have to work.
      Luckily nine months later the government steps in to help.

  8. This will all end in tears, part of the problem in the middle east is over breeding. Civilised cultures use contraceptives, those in the middle east simply breed then start killing each other. They are tribal societies with no loyalty to the state

  9. Simple – STOP the refugees and more moslims coming into Australia
    and.. DEPORT all moslims who commit crimes
    That should get rid of most of them

  10. no handouts for anyone who is not an australian citizen, who has not resided in this country for more than 10 years and contributed by paying tax…. immigrants not allowed to have more than two children, and ONE wife. Intergration into our way of life should be a must. criminal behaviour not toletated, and repeat offenders kicked out of the country.

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