New York City: Anti-White Hatred Frenzy as Whites Denied Access to Public Schools

The anti-white hatred which underpins all modern liberal societies is emerging in its open form in New York City, where white children are now actively being denied access to public schools in favor of nonwhites, even though whites officially only make up 15 percent of the student population.

According to an article in the New York Post, titled “NYC schools to give priority to predominantly black and Hispanic kids,” by journalist Susan Edelman, a “diversity drive is spreading across the city as 78 schools in 14 of the city’s 32 community districts now boast plans that will give admission priority to predominantly black and Hispanic kids — and more schools will soon follow.”

The plan, the New York Post claims is the “biggest de-segregation movement in Big Apple schools since the late-1950s Civil Rights era”—but it is of course nothing of the sort.

The plan to “prioritize” nonwhites over whites in admission to public schools in NYC is blatant and open anti-white hatred and discrimination, designed to ethnically cleanse the last remaining whites out of the already majority nonwhite city.

It is also a portend of what whites can expect in all regions when they become a minority.

Citywide, the current racial breakdown of NYC’s public-school students is 41 percent Hispanic, 26 percent black, 16 percent Asian, 15 percent white, and 2 percent “mixed.”

However, this 15 percent is according to the Federal Government’s notoriously inaccurate definition of “white” so it is likely that the actual white numbers are even lower—but this is obviously still too much to appease the establishment’s anti-white hatred feeding frenzy.

Last year, 49 schools were on board the city Department of Education’s “Diversity in Admissions” pilot initiative, offering a variety of pre-K to high-school seats to English-language learners and kids from low-income families, in the child-welfare system, or with parents in jail, the New York Post continued—failing to add that this of course means non-whites.

This year, another 29 schools have joined the initiative, with admission policies affecting kids entering schools in 2019-20.

The report added however that New York schools Chancellor Richard Carranza—who is a Mexican—has “embraced diversity efforts more aggressively than Mayor de Blasio, who hired him.”

“Within two months on the job, Carranza green-lighted a controversial plan in District 3 on the Upper West Side to reserve 25 percent of seats in 16 middle schools for low-income students with low test scores and grades,” the report continued, once again failing to point out that it is nonwhites who invariably have the “low test scores and grades.”

Carranza’s new plan will not “eliminate all academic-based admission criteria at 16 middle schools — and reserve 52 percent of seats for low-income, English-learning and homeless applicants,” the New York Post said.

None of the “diversity plans” call for racial quotas in light of a 2007 US Supreme Court ruling that struck down Seattle’s use of race in admissions, but the definitions used will of course only apply to nonwhites—and they are clearly meant to circumvent the Supreme Court ruling.

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  1. NYC, the greatest crap hole in the US, run by
    a mo mo louzio and the libtard govenor
    crappy cuomo the mo mo. I call them WINO’s
    white in name only.

  2. The last paragraph of this piece exposes (((their))) game perfectly. It’s not about diversity. How can a school that ends up having only five or ten White kids in it after this new policy be “diverse”? It’s not about equal representation; it’s about dispossession.

    It’s also about communism by punishing achievement and raising up the mediocre and inept. Blocking all the high-achieving White kids out of these schools (at least the ones that are left in New York City) is akin to murdering all the best, brightest, and smartest people in a society. The communist jews want to rule over an idiocracy that’s incapable of thinking its way out the slavery they’re in. If those White kids were adults in 1917 Russia, the people running this scam would be murdering them instead of just maligning them. Make no mistake about it. So for now, they’ll just hold these kids’ progress back by denying them entry into the better schools based on their intelligence and race, instead of extinguishing it permanently…for now.

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