NYC: 92% Nonwhite Violent Crime

Nonwhites commit 92 percent of all violent crime in New York City, and are responsible for 98 percent of all shootings, 91 percent of all firearm arrests, 88 percent of all drug arrests, 84 percent of all stolen property arrests, and 88 percent of all misdemeanor sexual offenses, the city’s police department has reported.


These figures are contained in the New York City Police Department’s latest “Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City” report, which covers the dates January 1 to December 31, 2014. It can be found on the New York Government website here (PDF).

New York City Police Department

The nonwhite crime figures revealed that the metropolis is staggering under a near war zone, with some 40 murders taking place during the month of December alone.

New York City Police Department

According to the NYPD report, nonwhites committed 94 percent of all murders, 91 percent of all rapes, 94 percent of all robberies, and 91 percent of felonious assaults. These four categories make up the officially classified definition of “violent crime.”

New York City Police Department

In addition to these four major categories, the NYPD report revealed, nonwhites were responsible for 83 percent of all felony sex crimes, 98 percent of all shootings, 91 percent of all firearm arrests, 93 percent of all grand larcenies, 88 percent of all drug arrests, 84 percent of all stolen property crimes, 88 percent of all misdemeanor sex crimes, 89 percent of all misdemeanor assaults, 84 percent of all petit Larcenies, and 80 percent of all misdemeanor criminal mischief.

The NYPD report has, significantly, and apparently for the first time, made corrections to its racial classification reports. Previously, like the FBI and other enforcement agencies across the US, the NYPD used to class all Hispanic crime in with the “white” figures.

This trick artificially inflated the white crime figures to hide the true proportion of the nonwhite crime plague, but the latest report has stripped the figures down to include a “white non-Hispanic” category.

It is this differentiation which has finally officially revealed the true extent of the nonwhite crime wave which is destroying most major metropolitan areas in America.

The NYPD report ends by stating the latest available racial population makeup of the city, drawn from the 2013 US Census Bureau and the American Community Survey (ACS), which claims that the “White Non-Hispanic” population of greater New York City stands at some 2,733,605 individuals, or 32.8 percent of the total population of 8,336,697.

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  1. Isnt it amazing that whenever hispanics are negatively impacting society they are “white” whenever they feel oppressed they are a minority

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