“Peaceful Refugees” Fight over Aid

Hundreds of nonwhite invaders fought pitched battles over food aid handed out by a local Greek football team at the port of Piraeus, near Athens—just one day after do-gooder actress Angelina Jolie visited there to show how peaceful the “refugees” were.


The nonwhites kicked, punched, and swung iron bars at each other at the port, where more than 4,000 invaders have been stranded after failing to qualify even for Angela’s Merkel’s definition of “asylum.”

The pitched battle took place as other invaders marched around carrying posters demanding to be let into Europe.

They held up signs which read “Open the borders” and “We are humans too.”

The fighting revealed two important facts:

  • firstly, that the invaders are still overwhelmingly young males, unlike the images most often presented to the public by the controlled media which always contain women and children; and
  • secondly, that the “refugees” are anything but peaceful, and are actually highly violent criminally-inclined thugs who will simply be importing Third World mayhem into Europe.






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    1. in fact, lower than the lowest form of marine animal life…..Animals, scavengers, savages doesn’t even come close to a description for these absolute cretins

  1. I’m looking forward to the mayhem and violence which will occur when these savages are told they are being shipped back to wherever they come from.

    The BBC slipped up just a day or so ago: having always referred to women and children being Syrian refugees constituting 65% of all the so-called “Refugees”, it was in stark contrast to hear a well established reporter of theirs state that, it is a fact that 65% of all the refugees are economic migrants who do not come from Syria……

      1. Germans will fight when they have their back
        to the wall. Then rapefugees will be in for Teuton rage
        and politicians responsible for the invasion will be
        eligible for the lamppost order of merit.

  2. Good idea to be polite and comply with something in the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties “The frontier authorities of both contracting parties shall be instructed to have all vagabonds and other such persons possessing no passport, who are to be readmitted to the territory of the other party, whose subjects they are, conveyed exclusively to such points on the frontier as have facilities for sending off travellers. Article XIX Part Second, to customs regulations, in the Final Protocol to Sub-Appendix I of Appendix II to the Peace Treaty between Russia and the Central Powers Signed 3 March 1918 in the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.
    A good Israeli fence around the camp on the Macedonian border will be sufficient, so their trip home can be arranged by the good offices of either Greece or Macedonia and the home country. And the home Country will be responsible to feed and clothe them prior to paying for their trip home.

  3. Keep them bottled up in Greece. They let them in. Let them keep them. Let Tsipras and his fellow Marxist friends put them up in their own home.

    1. Herman: Let’s see if A. Jolie pays to house them and feed them while she is in Greece, she is a liberal pro immigration low life so since her and hubby have split, maybe she’ll date and party with the invaders while she’s there.

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