Philadelphia: Black Mobs Attack Whites

Whites are being attacked at random by hundreds of blacks on the streets near the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia—and the controlled media is deliberately hushing up the anti-white nature of the wave of violence.

The anti-white hatred is so embedded that one black journalist has claimed that whites are to blame for “excluding” blacks from their society.


According to a report by CBS in Philadelphia, the “flash mob violence on the campus of Temple University” has left several people injured and a “handful of juveniles” arrested.

CBS refused to identify the attackers as black and the victims as white, even though this was obvious from the CCTV footage of the event.

NBC10 in Philadelphia followed the exact same tactic, although their footage also revealed the truth that the attacks were aimed at whites.

According to CBS, the violence was planned “through social media” with a message for a “large group of teens” to meet near the campus Friday night.

(“Teens” and “”juveniles” are code words for nonwhite, used by the controlled media when they want to avoid mentioning race. If, of course, the “teens” had been white, the readers would have been spared no detail about the “racist whites.”)

CBS said that police estimate that 200 “teenagers” were in the crowd at the movie theater at Broad and Oxford and then divided into smaller groups, attacking and robbing other “students”—who all just happened to be white.


Joe Lauletta, the father of one of the victims, Christina Lauletta, wrote on Facebook about what had happened to his daughter:

“I find out that her and her 2 male friends were badly beaten by a group of 30-40 black teenagers on their way home from the Temple football game. This happened after they got off the subway at Broad and Cecil B Moore. These sick animals held her down and kicked and stomped on her repeatedly. Thank god, the people from the pizza place intervened. They arrested 2 people at the scene. I have not let Christina out of my sight, she is resting. Every part of her body is badly bruised, it makes me cry just thinking about it. No broken bones. If you have children at Temple, tell them to be careful. Please keep Christina Lauletta in your thoughts.”

CBS added that in the attacks, an 18-year-old girl suffered scrapes and cuts to her leg and her cell phone was smashed. Authorities say her debit card was also taken from her purse.

Police say two other victims had items taken during the assault including an iPhone, a wallet, a backpack and a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

Authorities say while investigating the report of flash mobs, police observed “75 to 100 individuals on a corner.”

That same night a Temple police officer was assaulted by a “15-year-old male” who they observed throwing rocks at passing cars.

Police say the “teen” threw the Temple officer to the ground causing her to fall on top of her bike. Authorities say the “teen” ran off and was observed by another officer.

The “teen” was apprehended and charged with aggravated assault, propulsion of a missile, simple assault, resisting arrest, and related offenses.

Also on Friday night, police say three people were walking on Oxford Street when they were assaulted by a group of about 20 “juveniles.” All of the victims were kicked, punched, and knocked to the ground.

Authorities say the first victim had her iPhone taken. A witness saw the assault and was able to identify the defendants to police. Police say a “15-year-old and a 17-year-old” were charged with aggravated assault, robbery, criminal conspiracy, theft, simple assault, and related offenses.

Temple University put out an alert Friday night regarding the incidents saying: “Increased police activity due to large groups of juveniles along Broad Street on/near Main Campus. Police responding. Avoid area.”

A Temple student was quoted as saying that he and his girlfriend were also assaulted. He said around 9:30 Friday night he was leaving work when he saw what looked to be at least 200 “juveniles” walking in large groups.

He said he overheard police saying the “kids” were playing the knockout game.

He says a “juvenile” around 10 years old started shouting obscenities at him and grabbed his phone out of his hand. The student says the “juvenile” then came back and threw the phone at him, striking him in the face.

Around 15 minutes later, the student says he was walking with his girlfriend when they were approached by at least seven “juveniles.” The student says he went to hit the Temple Police alert button when his girlfriend was struck by one of the “juveniles.”

As the student was chasing them away, he says he was struck in the face by “someone” he estimates to be eight years old.

The only time that the controlled media has mentioned race in the latest series of attacks came when the Philadelphia Inquirer’s outlet published an article by a black journalist—blaming whites for the assaults.

According to journalist and broadcaster Solomon Jones, “even when the physical scars are healed and justice is meted out, the distance that separates the impoverished black teens of North Philly from the white college students of Temple will remain. They live in the same community, but their realities are worlds apart.”

The article, titled “Behind Temple attacks, rage often comes with exclusion,” goes on to say that the reason why the blacks are attacking whites is because they are being “excluded” by their white neighbors as part of the process of what he calls “gentrification.”


Jones says that whites moving into the suburbs around Temple University and attending classes there have made “longtime residents feel they’re not as comfortable in the neighborhood as they were.” Apparently, says, “the students don’t respect them, don’t understand them, don’t respect the neighborhood.”

“In a city where poverty is concentrated outside the universities, we can’t truly expect the poor to watch jobs and wealth and excess pass them by without any reaction at all.

“But I believe those teens are expressing something that has long simmered beneath the surface. They are expressing the rage that comes with exclusion. They are expressing the hurt that comes with invisibility. They are engaged in the inevitable push and pull of change.

“Temple would be wise to reach out into the community with an eye toward creating stronger relationships and greater opportunities for the young people who’ve been pushed aside by a generation of exclusionary development.”

In other words, the only time that race is mentioned with regard to the vicious anti-white attacks, is to blame white people.

This fits in with the controlled media’s narrative, which must always place the blame on white people, and portray blacks and nonwhites as victims.

The controlled media engages in this blatant anti-white hatred on a continuous basis, not being afraid to lie blatantly when needed. In this way, for example, the nonwhite Hispanic Robert Zimmerman was made “white” by the media in their frenzy of hatred over the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

The media also lies blatantly over the matter of police shootings of blacks, deliberately creating the impression that blacks are somehow being gunned down like flies by whites and white policemen, even though all the evidence shows that more whites are shot by police—and that the vast majority of black shooting murders are carried out by other blacks.

The controlled media engages in this propaganda war with only one objective in mind: the whipping up of hatred against white people.


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  1. For one, I am tired of being blamed for all of the “Negroe’s ills”…Her is my apology:

    Apology to the Black Race:

    To the entire Black race living in America, we, the Adamic, pink complexioned race (better known to you as the White race) that came to these shores from Europe, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Iceland, apologize for freeing you from slavery by fighting a horrible war among ourselves that cost the lives of almost two million of our own race. We apologize for continuing to fight among ourselves over that very issue, even though you’ve never told us you appreciate our freeing you.

    We apologize for splitting to pieces our entire race the world over to take sides with you to help you survive and become a freer race. We apologize for forcing the rest of the world to outlaw the slavery which your ancestors had practiced for thousands of years, even though many nations on your home continent still practice it today.

    We apologize for thinking we could civilize you when you have proven that it is indeed an impossible feat, a feat beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

    We apologize for introducing Christianity to you and dragging you away from the Voodoo you previously followed, although you have managed to sneak that religion back into cultic Christianity and our people have accepted it, which is witnessed by their animalistic whooping and hollering and stomping and screaming instead of respectfully worshiping our God as they ought to.

    We apologize for teaching you to add and subtract (what little you can), thereby enabling you to run a household and pay your bills (what few you will) and count your children other than on your fingers and sometimes toes when you have so many you run out of fingers.

    We apologize for providing you with medical care instead of leaving you under the witch doctors you used before we arrived, as a result of which you have been able to survive all sorts of diseases to multiply in massive numbers beyond what you could have without these aides.

    We apologize for building schools for you which we have had to repair over and over after you vandalized them beyond use. We apologize for inventing computers and the Internet, neither of which you use very much, but when you do use them it’s mostly to bash our race.

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    We apologize for creating quota systems and forced employment programs to make sure you have the best jobs, if you so desire to work. We apologize for thinking we could educate you so that you could learn to build and help others, when you obviously have only the ability to tear down and take from others.

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    For surely, if you could not read, how could you have learned the teachings of Karl Marx, Mao Tse Sung, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Nikolai Lenin, Howard Zinn, the Damocrat Party, the Neo-cons in the Republicoward Party, and others who hate our race, and have brainwashed you into believing our race is evil and that you are severely oppressed?

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    The white race traitors who hate their own culture and heritage could go with you, and we won’t offend them anymore either. For after a few generations of mixing with your race they would disappear into the dark tar-mix which your dominant design-genes make up.

  2. As I have always said, all blacks should be in Africa and all muslims in the middle east! They are not capable of integration and their intelligence is limited, never mind their will to work for a living! Their cultures are the opposite of those in the west.

  3. All I can say is WOW! Anarchyst that was one of the best well written rebuttals to the black race I have ever read! If it is okay with you I would like to reprint it in its entirety in other places, but want to give you full credit for your work. Please let me know if that is okay.
    With all my respect!

  4. How convenient to always have someone else to blame for your own shortcomings. The blackman is a thousand years behind us Creators. Time for the Whites to rise from their slumber. I am ready!

  5. Please Folks! VOTE TRUMP!!! if not for your sake, then for the sake of your children. The time of doom,gloom for your community s OVER! On Nov 8,things will CHANGE! JOBS!JOBS!JOBS!Get ready,VOTE TRUMP! Why more of this? Why Ghetto’s?Time for the GREAT CLEAN-UP! so,Get to the poll along wih all your family,friends,the whole block! Time for ACTION! Voteing for Trump is the first step in this transformation to the good of the whole community.No One Left Out! Vote TRUMP! for your now-bright FUTURE! Good Luck !!

  6. “one black journalist has claimed that whites are to blame for “excluding” blacks from their society.”

    Oh they have not been excluded from it, they just cannot succeed in it, so they blame us for their own inferiority.

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