Russia Arms Syria with “Unbeatable” Missiles to Ward off Further Jewish Attacks

The Russian government has ordered the arming of Syria with new S-300 anti-aircraft missiles—which can shoot down all but the latest US “stealth” planes, and which will be deadly to Israeli F-15 and F-16 jets—in direct response to last week’s atrocity where a Russian aircraft was shot down after being used as a “cover” by the Jewish state’s air force.

In a statement released by Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu, it was pointed out that the S-300 missile system had in fact been purchased by Syria several years ago, but had never been delivered “upon Israel’s request in 2013.”

Now however, Shoigu said, after the shooting down of the Russian aircraft last week, “things have changed and it isn’t Russia’s fault. This will cool down the hotheads [in Israel] and prevent ill-considered actions threatening Russian soldiers.”

He added that if such a development fails to materialize, the Russian military “would act in accordance to the situation.”

Russia will also supply better control systems to Syrian Air Defense Troops, “which are only supplied to the Russian Armed Forces,” Shoigu added. This will allow integration of Syrian and Russian military assets, allowing the Syrian to have better targeting information.

This will also mean that Israeli aircraft tracked by Russian radar stations will be seen by Syrian missile commanders.

In addition, Russians will also implement a blanket of electronic countermeasures over Syrian coastline, which would “suppress satellite navigation, onboard radar systems and communications of warplanes attacking targets on Syrian territory.”

This will also seriously interfere with further Jewish attacks in Syria, which have consisted by their own admission of over 200 bombing raids, all aimed at weakening the Syrian government in its fight against the US and Israeli-backed “rebels”—who in turn have all turned out to be ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliates.

In a statement released on the official website of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin said he had told Syrian President Bashar Assad of the developments in person.

“The President of Russia informed about the decision to implement a number of additional measures to ensure the safety of the Russian military in Syria and to strengthen the air defense system of this country, including the transfer of the SAR of the modern S-300 surface-to-air missile system,” the statement said.

The announcement provoked a hysterical reaction in Tel Aviv and in the Jewish Lobby-controlled US government, with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying that the move would “magnify dangers.”

US National Security Adviser John Bolton saying that the Russian move was a “major mistake” that would cause a “significant escalation” of tensions and urged Moscow to reconsider.

The Russians are however not backing down. When Netanyahu called Putin to complain personally, the Jewish state’s leader was told by the Russian President that the “information provided by the Israeli military about the operation of their aircraft over the Syrian territory is at variance with the conclusions of the Russian Defense Ministry. The Russian side proceeds from the fact that it was the actions of the Israeli Air Force that became the main cause of the tragedy.”

The New Observer’s Russian correspondent reports that the S-300 missiles in effect make Syria “no-go zones” for all aircraft except for the F-22 Raptor and B-2 Spirit “stealth” bombers of the US Air Force.

According to the official specifications, S-300 has a range of 120 miles and can shoot down aircraft flying as high as 100,000ft. and each unit can attack more than half a dozen targets simultaneously.

“The Russian move is by far the most anti-Israel action yet taken by the Russian government,” the New Observer’s Moscow correspondent continued.

“What it in effect means is that the Russians have decided to go toe-to-toe with the Jews, and by implication, the US, over Syria. Be prepared therefore to see increasing anti-Russian hysteria and propaganda in the West’s Jewish lobby-controlled media, and from Washington and Tel Aviv over this move.”

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