Slovakia Files Suit at the European Court

In yet another severe blow to European Union unity, the government of Slovakia today made good on its promise to file a lawsuit against that organization’s leaders—saying that its demand that nonwhite invaders be “distributed” equally throughout the EU was illegal.


The suit was officially handed in at the Luxembourg offices of the European Court of Justice following the September 22 decision by EU Interior Ministers which mandated that 120,000 invaders would have to be divided up, by quota, among all bloc members.

Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania, all voted against the motion, while Finland abstained. The decision was forced through with a so-called “qualified majority.”

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said that the suit would challenge the Minister’s jurisdiction and that the decision violates the right of national parliaments of EU countries to participate in such decisions. The court papers had to be filed by December 18.

“This [quota] decision was adopted in breach of European law and is unfeasible,” Prime Minister Fico told the media. “In practice it has also been demonstrated that quotas are a fiasco.”

He said the suit would also call into question the way in which the Ministers of Interior decided on the quotas.

“We believe that the Council of Interior Ministers should decide by unanimity and not majority, because in this case the commission voted on the proposal and changes were made to this proposal. In such an event, as the applicable law states, a decision can only be decided by a unanimous vote,” Fico said.

The lawsuit is likely to be joined shortly by Hungary and Poland. In mid-November, the Hungarian Parliament passed a motion authorizing the government to proceed with legal action against the EU in the quota matter.

Furthermore, Fico is due to meet the newly-elected Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlovou this week in Prague, where they will discuss further joint action.

Only the Czech Republic government’s position remains unclear at this stage, mainly because it is comprised of a center-left coalition which is undecided about the matter. The far-left Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka earlier indicated that his government would not join the lawsuit, “because it would weaken its position in the European Union.”

This positon was however rejected by Finance Minister Andrej Babis, who said that “the quotas are nonsense. The Polish government also says it is nonsense. Everybody knows that.”

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  1. Let’s hope that this is the start of the fall of the EU. Why did they not go to the ECHR as well, on behalf of the people, for the EU committing genocide of the country’s indigenous?

  2. Next we will see the imposition of Quota Marriages because the single Muslim immigrants in The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (200/C 364/01) in Article 18 recognises the guaranteed Right to asylum, and Article 9 The right to marry and right to found a family. “The right to marry and the right to found a family shall be guaranteed in accordance with the national laws governing these rights.
    Article 62 of the European Convention on Human Rights (and its 5 protocols) says “The High Contracting Parties agree that, except by special agreement, they will not avail themselves of treaties, conventions or declarations in force between them for the purposes of submitting, by way of petition, a dispute arising out of the interpretation or application of this convention to a means of settlement other than those provided for in this convention.
    The UN and its Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties including the Definition of Aggression, Genocide Convention, Universal Declaration of Human Rights etc. are all carefully excluded here.

    1. That’s Ok so long as it’s quota gay marriage. The men can marry each other according to our recently enacted laws then be executed as prescribed by sharia law. Everybody happy with that?

  3. Illegals and asylum seekers all to be initially interned in preparation for deportation from the UK at the earliest opportunity. All benefits to these groups to be ended immediately.

  4. Slovakia did what they were saying all along … talk to talk, walk to walk – grandes cojones!

    In the meantime Sweden asked Brussels to take some of their refugees and additionaly to release them from so called “relocation quota” of those 140 thousand of spookes from Italy and Greece – that’s what happens when you bite off more than you can chew 🙂

  5. Sobotka nechce, nechce se připojit….chce být na obě strany, ale to nejde.
    V4 potřebuje podporu , solidaritu i od Česka!

  6. Merkel still thinks that quotas (dumping migrants Germany does not want on other European nations) is a good idea that will keep her looking good. It’s not ! It is just passing this failed German chancellors stupidity unto others. Good luck with the lawsuit because if Merkel is not removed from power Europe will be destroyed by this one woman. She is only concerned about her legacy and not the nations and peoples of Europe. Germany do the right thing. Get rid of Merkel. The hell with her legacy !

    1. “Get rid of Merkel” – sounds good, but tell it to the completely “cojones-less” Germans … their once greatest cultural and science infulence nation is giving it all up to primitive tribes from North Africa … and that’s mainly because this ex-commie youth activist, an ugly childless Kassner-Merkel, who tells those stupid gov’t. followers once again all over like in 1934 … sad, isn’t it?

  7. Kol be patient. Critical mass is building. Merkel better hope no German policeman’s daughter gets raped by a migrant. Germany will be in turmoil for years to come regardless.

    1. Not that I’m waiting for it, but I’m safraid Germans will wake up when it’s too late? What good is it, amigo? Tell me.phleez!

  8. But the patriotic Germans HAVE woken up. Burning asylum shelters etc. It is the media that is not allowed to print the stories. And any journalist is fined if he DARES breathe a word against those poor mudslimes.

  9. Were Germans or citizens or the European leaders consulted before Merkel decided to bring in all these migrants ? Answer is “NO”. Germany’s present leader acted unilaterally much the same way as Herr Hitler did in the past. Germany now must absorb all those migrants on it’s own and not instruct European puppet leaders Juncker and Tusk to act as bullies on behalf of Germany.
    Germany also owes these other European countries reparations for their cost of fencing, housing and transport of the migrants to Germany. Stand up to German bullies ! If you don’t then this is only the beginning.

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