Syria Discovers “Moderate Rebel” Chemical Weapons Factory

The Syrian army has uncovered a US-rebel backed chemical weapons factory in Eastern Ghouta, the territory taken this week by the government from the “moderate” rebels—at exactly the same time that the... Read more »

Syria: Douma Celebrates “Rebel” Defeat, Trump Threatens New War for Israel

Thousands of ecstatic residents of the Syrian city of Douma have taken to the streets to celebrate the final defeat of the last US-backed “moderate rebels”—even as the “right wing” Jewish lobby-controlled... Read more »

Jews Bomb Syria with Blessing from “Blacks are Monkeys” Chief Rabbi after New “Chemical Attack”

The Israeli air force has bombed the Syrian army once again at the T-4 airport in Homs with the direct blessing of the Jewish state’s Chief Rabbi Yitzhak “blacks are monkeys” Yosef—after... Read more »