Attempts to Ban NPD Faltering

Several German Constitutional Court judges have expressed their doubts that the German state’s attempt to ban the National Democratic Party of Germany (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, NPD) will come to pass, as the... Read more »

State/Communist Thugs Gang up on AfD

In yet another display of Angela Merkel’s “democracy,” the German state and the far left communist street thugs have teamed up in a concerted attack on the mildly “right wing” Alternative for... Read more »

NPD Banning Attempt Launched

In another display of the “democracy” to which Angela Merkel so often refers, the German Federal Constitutional Court has announced that it will start proceedings to ban the National Democratic Party (NPD)... Read more »

“Democracy” in Action: France Bans Tiny “Right Wing” Parties

In a move quite typical for modern Western “democrats,” the French government has banned a further two tiny “right wing” groups after an altercation in Paris’s city center saw a young homosexual... Read more »

It Is Colonialist Racism to Force First World Standards onto the Third World

The overthrow of the first democratically elected Egyptian government in a military coup just a year after taking office has once again illustrated the reality that it is little short of colonialist... Read more »

Germany’s Jews Upset over Government Failure to Ban Democracy

The head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany (CCJG) has attacked the German government for its refusal to totally ban democracy in that country, citing its refusal to become involved... Read more »

German Government Backs Down from Attempt to Ban Nationalist Party

The central Federal government of Germany has formally abandoned its attempt to legally ban the National Democratic Party (NDP), apparently after new assessments showed that the chances of success were slim and... Read more »