Israel Removing Historic Evidence of War Crimes against Palestinians

The Israeli government is systematically destroying any evidence of how Jews ethnically cleansed Palestine of Palestinians during the foundation of the state of Israel to support the false narrative that the Arabs... Read more »

New Israeli Government Will Relaunch African Expulsion Policy

Israel will relaunch its policy to expel all African invaders pretending to be refugees from the Jews-only state—as soon as coalition talks on forming that country’s new government have been finalized. Read more »

Israel: State-Funded Yeshiva Rabbis Filmed Teaching Jews that “Non-Jews must be Jewish Slaves”

Two of Israel’s state-funded rabbis at a pre-military religious academy in a West Bank Jewish settlement have been recorded telling their Jewish students that non-Jews are genetically inferior and are best being... Read more »

Jewish Lobby Opposes Child Detentions on US Border, But Support it in Israel

ewish lobbies in America have all expressed their opposition to the detention of illegal invader children at the US border with Mexico—but remain steadfast in their support for Israel which continues to... Read more »

Israeli Elections: Netanyahu Wins Big as His Gentile-Hating Alliance Partner Takes 5 Seats

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has scored a huge election victory in his country’s general election, with his Gentile-hating election partner “United Right” party’s five seats set to assure him of a... Read more »

Hypocrite Tears: Netanyahu “Mourns” New Zealand Muslims, but Jewish Army Has Shot 9,000 Muslims in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has officially condemned the mass shooting of Muslims in New Zealand—ignoring the fact that the Jewish army has shot at least 9,000 Muslims in Gaza over the... Read more »

US Govt. Announces “Unwavering Support” for Israeli Government, Despite Alliance with Gentile-hating “Jewish Power” Party

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced a visit to the Jews-only Israel to show “unwavering support” for Benjamin Netanyahu—despite the latter’s electoral alliance with the Jewish Power party whose leaders... Read more »

Netanyahu Confirms: “Israel is for Jews Only”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has confirmed that the state of Israel is for Jews only, confirming the ethno-nationalist basis of that country—claiming a status which is attacked as “racist” by the... Read more »

Netanyahu: Border Wall Saved Israel as a “Jewish State”

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu touted the success of Israel’s security barrier on its border with Egypt Thursday, calling the fence a “phenomenal” success, arguing its construction “saved” the Jewish nature of... Read more »

Jews Do Have Double Values: “Progressive Policies” or Themselves, Major US Jewish Paper Admits

A new article in the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper titled “The Left is Making Jews Choose: Our Progressive Values or Ourselves” has inadvertently revealed that Jews engage in ethno-nationalism for themselves and... Read more »

Israel Pays Jews to Run All “Refugee Aid Centers” in Greece says Israeli Media

Jews—from Israel and America—are paid by the Israeli government to run almost all the “refugee aid centers” in Greece, directly boosting the nonwhite invasion of Europe, the Israeli media has admitted, while... Read more »

Netanyahu Makes Election Pact with Anti-Gentile Otzma Yehudit (“Jewish Power”) Party which Seeks Expulsion of “Blood-sucking Christians” from Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made a formal electoral pact for the upcoming April election with the Otzma Yehudit (literally, “Jewish Power”) party which has as its policy the expulsion of... Read more »

Jerusalem: Israel Opens New Racially Segregated Road as Part of Palestinian Ethnic Cleansing

Israel has just inaugurated a 5-kilometer double land racially segregated highway outside Jerusalem, with Arabs and Jews divided by a 26 foot central wall, part of the ongoing larger campaign to ethnically... Read more »

Mixing between Jews and Non-Jews is a “Crisis,” says Israeli Government

Racial mixing, or "assimilation" between Jews and non-Jews is a “crisis” which is undermining the link between Diaspora Jews and Israel, that country’s official Diaspora Minister Naftali Bennett has said. Read more »

Israel Rejects UN “Migration Compact”—but Israel-Supporting Jews in America Slam Trump for Doing the Same

Israel has become the latest state to formally reject the United Nations’ Compact on Migration—which effectively legalizes the Third World invasion of white nations by nonwhites—even though Israeli-supporting Jews in America have... Read more »

How Jews Deal with Invaders: Israel Locks up, Prepares to Deport Fake Asylum Seekers from Sri Lanka

At least thirteen fake asylum seeker-invaders who tried to sneak into Israel on tourist visas have been arrested, thrown into jail, and separated from their children while deportation procedures are worked out—exactly... Read more »

New Israeli Government Party Poster Warns Jews of “Danger” of Marrying Non-Jews

An election poster put up by Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home Party—one of Benjamin Netanyahu’s key coalition partners—has warned Jews of the “danger” of their daughters marrying non-Jew Read more »

“Assimilation is Consuming Jews”: Israeli Interior Minister Warns against Jews Marrying Non-Jews

Israeli Interior Minister Arye Dery has warned that racial assimilation between Jews and non-Jews will “consume” the Jewish people, that he is “against such things," while another Likud party lawmaker condemned it as... Read more »

Jerusalem Mayor Candidate Vows to Build Jews-only Housing, “Keep Jerusalem Jewish”

The Likud party candidate for the upcoming mayoral election in Jerusalem has vowed to build thousands more houses for Jews only as part of his plan to “keep Jerusalem Jewish.” Read more »

Israel: Likud Election Campaign Feature anti-African “It’s us or them: Infiltrators versus Hebrew City” Posters

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party is fighting the Tel Aviv local government election campaign with a poster showing blacks waving an Eritrean flag contrasted with a Star of David flag with the words... Read more »

Israel: Jews Set to Pass “Nation State” Bill which Legalizes Race Segregation, Justifies Land Theft

The Israeli government is set to put forward its long-awaited “nation state” bill which legalizes race segregation between Jews and non-Jews, and which promotes “Jewish settlement” [in Palestinian territories] as a “national... Read more »

Israel Locks up 1-Year Old African Invaders—But US Jews Condemn Trump for ‘Unjust’ Immigration Policy

The state of Israel locks up children of African invaders as young as one year-old—at the same time that the Israel-supporting US Jewish lobby has publicly condemned the Trump Administration for its... Read more »

Israel’s Jewish Agency Head: Non-Jews Marrying Jews is an “Actual Plague”

The newly elected head of the Jewish Agency for Israel—the official organization which brings Jews to that ethnostate—Isaac Herzog, has described marriages between Jews and non-Jews as “an actual plague.” Read more »

Albert “Racism is a White Man’s Disease” Einstein Wrote that “Indians Live in Filth and Stench” and Chinese “Filthy and Obtuse”

Albert Einstein—who once said that racism “was a white man’s disease” has been exposed a virulent racist with the publication of his diaries in which he says that Indians “live in great... Read more »

Iran: Israel’s Illegal Nukes a “Threat to the World”

Iran's ambassador to the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog said Thursday that Israel's nuclear program poses threat to the international peace and security, and that the Jewish ethnostate’s clandestine nuclear facilities must be... Read more »

Israel: Another 3,900 Jews-Only Houses to be Built on Occupied Palestinian Land

Israeli defence minister Avigdor Lieberman has announced on Twitter that his government will build another 3,900 houses—reserved for Jews only—in the illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, with the... Read more »