110,000 Syrian Refugees Have “Gone Home” in Last 6 Months: No Excuse for any to Stay in Europe

At least 110,000 Syrians who fled their country during the “civil war” have returned home from Jordan and surrounding states within the last six months, a fact which reveals that there is... Read more »

Khashoggi Murder Reveals True Face of US/Israel’s Saudi “Ally”

The brutal murder of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi by a hit team made of up Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman’s bodyguard unit, has revealed the true evil nature of this... Read more »

Russia Arms Syria with “Unbeatable” Missiles to Ward off Further Jewish Attacks

The Russian government has ordered the arming of Syria with new S-300 anti-aircraft missiles—which can shoot down all but the latest US “stealth” planes, and which will be deadly to Israeli F-15... Read more »

Trump Commits America to Extended War in Syria, Reverses Withdrawal Policy

US President Donald Trump—in accordance with instructions from Israel—has reversed his previously declared policy of withdrawal from Syria and committed to an indefinite “military effort” in the country to remove Bashar al-Assad,... Read more »

Israel Armed 12 Syrian “Rebel Groups,” Terrorist Leaders Admit

The Jews-only state of Israel armed at least 12 different “Syrian rebel” groups—most of them who turned out to be ISIS-aligned—since 2013, several leaders of those groups have admitted in an interview... Read more »

Israel Has Bombed Syria more than 200 Times Since 2017, Jews-Only State Admits

Israel has admitting to bombing Syria on more than 200 separate occasions since 2017, all part of the Jews-only state’s efforts to hinder the Syrian government’s campaign to stamp out ISIS and... Read more »

Syrian Media: “Dark Brown Skin French and English Speakers” Rebels Preparing New “Chemical Weapon” Attack

The official Syrian state media has put out an alert warning that “dark brown skinned” English and French-speaking men have been spotted offloading gas cylinders in the last major “rebel” stronghold of... Read more »

John McCain Obituary: Jewish Puppet Warmonger, Responsible for the Death of Millions

The death of US Senator John McCain will not be mourned by the families of millions of innocent Iraqis, Afghans, Yemenis, Syrians, Palestinians—and tens of thousands of Americans—who were killed because of... Read more »

OPCW Says No Nerve Agents used in Syria Attack: Trump and Others Lied to World

The world's chemical weapons watchdog has announced that no nerve agents or other phosphate chemicals were used in an April 7, 2018 incident in Douma, Syria—contrary to claims by US President Donald Trump... Read more »

Huge US Weapons Cache Found in al-Qaeda Base in “Rebel”-Held Syria

A huge US-supplied weapons cache has been found by Syrian army forces in an al-Qaeda base after the “moderate rebel” held northern town of Da’el in Daraa was taken this week, a... Read more »

Putin: If West Wants to Help Syria, it Should Help “Migrants” Go Home

If Europe wants to reduce the flow of “migrants,” including those from Syria and neighboring countries, “It must help people return to their homes and normalize life in their country,” Russian president... Read more »

Full Text of Assad Interview on RT: “Without Americans, Israel and their Puppets, War in Syria over in 12 Months”

The war in Syria would be over within 12 months if the Americans, Israel and their puppets in Europe would stop supplying their mercenaries, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said during an interview... Read more »

US Bombs Syrian Army Units Battling ISIS; American Missiles Discovered in ISIS Cache

US air force bombers have attacked Syrian army forces which were attacking ISIS units in Syria, in what one Syrian MP has called a “clear & direct US protection of ISIS”—while at the... Read more »

Iranians Fire Missiles at Illegal Israeli Occupiers in Golan Heights and Jews Bomb Damascus

The Middle East has inched closer to yet another full-out Jewish-caused war with a direct attack by Iran on illegal Israeli occupation forces in Syria’s Golan Heights in revenge for over 100... Read more »

International Jewish Lobby in Shock as Hezbollah Wins Big in Lebanon Election

Hezbollah—a Lebanese alliance of citizens who first banded together to fight the repeated Israeli invasions of their country, and who as a result were declared a “terrorist” organization by the Jewish lobby-controlled... Read more »

Douma: Doctors, Nurses, Civilian Eyewitnesses, all Deny “Chemical Attack”

Doctors, nurses, and civilian eyewitnesses from the hospital in Douma, Syria, where the pro-terrorist Western allies claim “chemical weapons victims” were recently treated, have all said there was never any such incident... Read more »

Trump has Violated US Constitution with Syria Strike

US President Donald Trump has violated the Constitution by going to war without Congressional approval—just as he warned Obama against doing—and will still pay dearly for allowing the neo-cons to take over... Read more »

US/UK/French Missile Attack on Syria a Failure

The most recent US-led missile strike against Syria was a military failure, with for example only three out of 13 missiles fired at the Homs airfield actually reaching the target, and the... Read more »

“Allied” Attack on Syria Hits Cancer Research Institute

One of the targets destroyed by the Jewish lobby controlled “Allied” attack on Syria was a cancer research institute which had previously served as an operating base for the United Nations chemical... Read more »

Syria: Douma Celebrates “Rebel” Defeat, Trump Threatens New War for Israel

Thousands of ecstatic residents of the Syrian city of Douma have taken to the streets to celebrate the final defeat of the last US-backed “moderate rebels”—even as the “right wing” Jewish lobby-controlled... Read more »

Russia: No Evidence of Chemical Attack in Syria, Dismisses Media’s Lies

There is no evidence that a chemical attack of any sort occurred in Syria on April 7, 2018, and allegations in that regard part of a “dirty confrontation against Russia and Syria,... Read more »

Jews Bomb Syria with Blessing from “Blacks are Monkeys” Chief Rabbi after New “Chemical Attack”

The Israeli air force has bombed the Syrian army once again at the T-4 airport in Homs with the direct blessing of the Jewish state’s Chief Rabbi Yitzhak “blacks are monkeys” Yosef—after... Read more »

Syria Shoots Down Attacking Israeli F-16

Syrian air defences have shot down an American-supplied Israeli F-16 jet fighter during another Jewish attack on anti-ISIS forces, both nations have confirmed. Read more »

Israel Launches New Missile Attack on Syria

The Israeli air force launched a new series of missile attacks on Syrian army bases outside Damascus this week, bringing the total number of stab-in-the-back attacks on the anti-ISIS Syrian government forces... Read more »

“Trump’s Failed Coup in Iran”: Eric Margolis

The so-called “uprising” in Iran was fake news manufactured by the defeated parties in the Syrian proxy war—the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Britain—and emanated from Washington DC, famous American journalist Eric... Read more »

ISIS Crushed as Last Stronghold Falls

The Syrian army has crushed the very last ISIS-held town in that country—an event that should be top of world news, but is not—in a dramatic development which sets the stage for... Read more »